ONE37pm Speaks To The Athlete’s Foot, HBCU Elite 100, and Prospect Tyrese Elliot

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Tyrese Elliot

Georgia hoops continues to be one of the leaders in producing top basketball talent on a national level. Top prospect Tyrese Elliott is the most recent example of that, who participated in Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League (AEBL)’s HBCU Elite 100 Prospect Basketball Camp, which led to his signing with North Carolina A&T.

Tyrese Elliot signs National Letter of Intent with North Carolina AT at The Athletes Foot in Atlanta 1
Tyrese Elliott and Family / HBCU Elite 100

Elliott is one of the first HBCU Elite 100 scholarship recipients, presented by The Athlete’s Foot, whom the HBCU Elite 100 just recently announced a partnership with, and Elliott himself has captured the attention of many as a combo guard and three-star player from Grayson Highschool in Loganville, Georgia. 

ONE37pm spoke to Darius Billings,  Sr Director, Product & Marketing for The Athlete's Foot, Jahi Rawlings, CEO, New Business Dev. & Partnerships of HBCU Elite 100, and Tyrese Elliot about this exciting opportunity.

Tyrese Elliot signs National Letter of Intent with North Carolina AT at The Athletes Foot in Atlanta 5
Tyrese Elliott / HBCU Elite 100

Darius Billings

ONE37pm:  Congratulations on this partnership with HBCU Elite 100 Prospect Camp. What is the thing that has stood out to you the most about the league that has dominated Atlanta summers for many years now?

Billings: What really attracted me was the focus on HBCU schools as I’m a product of Howard University. We need more kids and athletes exposed to the wonderful things that HBCUs offer, and being able to talk to these kids and expose them to HBCUs is a great thing with this national camp.

Tyrese Elliot

ONE37pm: First of all, congratulations on your signing with North Carolina A&T! What made you choose that school specifically?

Elliot: Well the coaching staff is great, and the school really feels like another home to me. Also, the school has mechanical engineering which is definitely something I’m interested in doing in the future!

ONE37pm: How do you plan to use this time between now and the season starting?

Elliot: I’ll probably be the first one in the gym and the last one to leave! I plan on getting a trainer as well to help keep me in shape during the off-season.

Jahi Rawlings

ONE37pm: I’ve had the pleasure of attending the AEBL before, and one thing that has always stood out is your commitment to youth sports. What does this HBCU Elite 100 Prospect Camp partnership with The Athletes Foot mean to you?

Rawlings: This partnership is huge! We have the use of our HBCU programs with students alongside community platforms, and I feel like it will only continue to grow. This partnership with Athletes Foot is important and impactful to really help showcase athletes.

ONE37pm: How important is this for HBCUs moving forward?

Rawlings: The purpose of the HBCU Elite 100 over the years has always been to elevate the ecosystem in Atlanta amongst the top high school players. We have been at the forefront and leading the way for years, and it’s only getting bigger. This is definitely going to be huge for HBCUs in the future. 

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