Oakland-Based Brand 5000 is an Exploration of Existentialism

We chatted with their founder Taylor to learn more

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You know you're onto something good when you can claim Vogue Italia, V Magazine, and Marine Serre to your credits. 5000, an Oakland-based brand launched by Taylor Thompson, is determined to establish themselves as one of the biggest names in fashion. 5000 just launched their Fall/Winter collection, an ode to how much human technology has developed, while maintaining an understanding of how disconnected we are from where we'd like to eventually be. This new collection is a continuation of themes from previous collections, incorporating fine tailoring, along with modernity and a level of brutalism.

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5000 is a brand developed for the future, while remaining conscientious about its past and growth. We chatted with Taylor to learn more about the brand's history, along with this new collection.

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ONE37pm: Hi Taylor. It’s great to connect! Can you start by introducing yourself and 5000?

Thompson: I'm Taylor Thompson, Director of 5000, born and raised in Oakland California. I have worked in design for quite some time in both New York and Paris. 5000 is a study in the perspective of design, with a strong focus on education within the landscape.

ONE37pm: Tell us more about 5000. How did you come up with the idea to start the brand, and how have you guys evolved?

Thompson: I just wanted to have a voice within design, and being able to develop a brand was the best way to communicate these ideas. I had worked in fashion for quite some time before I started 5000. I think the evolution of the brand has come from not only developing my own aesthetic through art direction and creative direction, I've also been able to develop culture around the brand. This has led to a main focus of educating myself and giving me the tools to design outside of fashion.

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ONE37pm: This new collection has a lot of inspirations humanity, technology, and even film correct? What inspired this?

Thompson: They all relate to human existentialism: what we are going through within our lives and how we react to the world around us. I'm really inspired by my landscape around me and the trials and tribulations of life, how we question it, and what we do to adapt throughout this process. I use it to question the work, how it will be worn, and how to apply good design theory to the clothing. I try to force people to think when it comes to clothes.

ONE37pm: If you had to choose one favorite from this collection, what would it be?

Thompson: I think the cape has been the most fun at the moment. The weight of the garment is really fun and has many abilities to be multi-styled.

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ONE37pm: What separates 5000 from the pack?

Thompson: The creative work speaks for itself. Being from Oakland, California and having spent some time in New York and Paris have given me a very strong and unique perspective as an artist and as a designer.

Jean Philippe Studio
Jean Philippe Studio

ONE37pm: What’s the next chapter for you and the brand?

Thompson: Just continuing to create and build culture, make strong products for people to enjoy. We want to make good clothes. We want to imply good design into all of our products.

You can check out the new collection via 5000's official website

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