A Dose of Addams Family Style Inspiration for Halloween

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Creepy. Kooky. Mysterious. Spooky. The Addams Family (cue the music and claps). It’s Halloween season folks, and no Halloween is complete without The Addams Family. With a new live series based on Wednesday Addams premiering on November 23rd, and a scary thrilling couple of weeks full of haunted houses, cornfield mazes, trick-or-treating, and costumes, we figured that we would do an Addams Family-themed character style breakdown.

No Addams Family member is like the other, and each one has their own signature style based on their kooky personalities and characteristics. Let’s have a little fun with this eccentric wealthy family shall we?

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Gomez Addams

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The patriarch of The Addams. First of all, any and every Gomez character needs a super thin mustache. This has accompanied every iteration of Gomez from the 1940s to present day. The mustache is pertinent. Gomez is also always in a purplish/black suit (sometimes with stripes, sometimes not), and usually has a purple tie or bowtie. Also, nobody can rock a pair of penny loafers like Gomez. Nobody.

Morticia Addams

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The matriarch of The Addams. Her look is very subtle, but it stands out. A black gown accompanied with long straight black hair and red lipstick. Almost like the vampire that she may or may not be.

Wednesday Addams

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Oddly shaped pigtails, a black polka dot dress with a white collar, and black stockings with black dress shoes gives you Wednesday Addams. The little girl with a dark humor and an equally dark outlook on life to say the least. She also regularly tries to kill her brother making her somewhat of an attempted murderer. She’s kind of evil.

Pugsley Addams

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Have you ever seen Pugsley in anything other than a striped shirt, matching shorts, and sneakers? We haven’t either. Guess this is just who Pugsley is.


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Honestly, we were just looking for a reason to slide Thing in here. It doesn’t fit into anything we’re talking about, but The Addams aren’t complete without it.


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Grandmama’s look is so chaotic that you almost can’t even tell what she’s wearing. Grandmama wears a black dress, black and white tights, black boots, and sometimes a black hat to along with her grayish white matted hair, and a necklace that we don’t have the slightest clue where it may have come from.

Uncle Fester

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Oh boy! Uncle Fester. Bald, shaped like a barrel, and always wears a full-length brown coat/jacket. Not the most fashionable in the family, but we digress.

Cousin Itt

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Cousin Itt doesn’t wear clothes, it wears its hair. On top of its hair, it wears a bowler hat and round sunglasses. Why? We don’t know, but it’s kind of a vibe (literally and figuratively).


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Lurch aka the wannabe Frankenstein. Lurch’s look comes with powder (lots of it), and a black suit/work uniform as he is the butler that can do everything and little bit of nothing at the same time, which is an unusual skill to have. Lurch can either save the day or mess it up, but that’s why we love him.

Too bad The Addams family wasn’t kooky enough to dress their pets, otherwise we could have included them in here as well. Who’s your favorite character, and do you plan on being any of them for Halloween? There’s a chance we might. Stay tuned…(Vincent Price laugh).

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