The Best 2022 NBA Draft Outfits

Who was the best of the evening?

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Drip drop the drip was droppin at this year’s NBA Draft. By now the draftees know the drill. You either show up photoshoot fresh in your Sunday (Thursday) best, or you risk having your outfit clowned…forever. Plenty of all-time NBA greats have their spots secured on that list, and it’s safe to say that the newer generation has collectively decided that isn’t going to happen to them by any means necessary.

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These youngins are planning their Draft outfits with the same tenacity as their pre-draft workouts, and it’s been paying off. The 2022 NBA Draft was full of fashionable moments, and we are looking at some of the night’s best. Before we do that, however, we’ve got a special behind the scenes feature with our friends at New Era. 

In the run-up to Thursday’s main event at Barclays Center, the soon-to-be draft class spent some time with New Era Cap, LLC, the official on-stage cap of the 2022 NBA Draft. The time in the New Era Fitting Suite made sure their on-stage moment was truly fit for glory. The Fitting Suite used NBA-themed caps in the same style as the team draft cap.

NEC x AJ Griffin Fitting Suite 7
AJ Griffin / New Era
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Jalen Williams / New Era
NEC x Jaden Ivey Fitting Suite 3
Jaden Ivey / New Era
NEC x Jalen Duren Fitting Suite 5
Jalen Duren / New Era

Nice right?! Now let’s get to the list of some of the best outfits from the night.

1. Benn Mathurin

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Benn is going to the Indiana Pacers in style. Benn was outfitted in a custom red Dior suit and power boosted by AXE Apollo fragrance by the way.

2. Paolo Banchero

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The number one Draft pick is heading to the Orlando Magic, and made sure to pull up to the draft in what we’ll call the Prince “Purple Rain” suit. Much deserved. 

3. Chet Holmgren

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Someone tweeted last night that Chet looks like a combination of Tyler Herro and the food critic from Ratatouille, but that doesn't mean he wasn't able to put together a pretty great look for the biggest night of his career.

4. Jaden Ivey

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Jaden Ivey is heading to Detroit, and gets bonus points for the glitter/sparkle drip on his blazer. Also, this was one of the New Era signees that we saw in the fitting pictures above.

5. Dyson Daniels

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One time for the G-League standout! That silver suit was among the best of the night for sure.

6. Jeremy Sochan

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Prince must be proud with all of the purple that was on display last night. Pair that with the blonde hair, and the Baylor star is poised for a bright future. 

7. Johnny Davis

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Washington is getting a great young player in Johnny Davis, who made his mark in an all-red suit.

8. Jalen Williams

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Another New Era ambassador with a great fit. Jalen will make his way to Oklahoma City as well.

9 Jalen Duren

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How about we give you another New Era talent named Jalen? As his name was called to the Charlotte Hornets, Jalen came clean with the all-red. We see you Jalen!

10. Mark Williams

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Mark Williams represented both Duke and the Charlotte Hornets well with that all-blue suit.

11. AJ Griffin

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Atlanta baby! New Era signee AJ Griffin is heading to ATL, and he looked great!

That was fun wasn't it? Who were your favorites? Let us know if we got it right!

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