The 30 Best Men's Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow for a Dose of Style Inspiration

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Fashion inspiration (and how we keep track of it) has evolved a lot over the decades. It started with magazines and cutting out/marking the various different outfits we liked. Then as the internet evolved, style enthusiasts began saving pictures of their favorite outfits/fashion icons into folders that they would keep in their files—an early form of Pinterest if you will. Then as social media became a thing, platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest came around, and before you knew it, Instagram was also a place to follow and keep track of style accounts and influencers. Sneakerhead Instagram accounts are everywhere these days, exploring basketball shoes, skate shoes and more. If you are heavily into fashion, then you probably already have your select accounts that you follow, but it doesn't hurt to add more to your list now does it. We've rounded up the best men's fashion accounts to follow right now.

Be sure to check them out and give these folks your support.

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How we made our selections:

Instagram has become quite diverse in terms of how we consume content. In addition to the accounts we've followed for a while that we think are worthy of your time and attention, we also researched and made selections for those of you that are into lifestyle, luxury, mood boards, grids, and more. We also know that some like the element of content creation, and prefer to see a creator making videos of the looks they put together and the fashion events they attend, so we made sure to highlight a few of those accounts as well. In short, we tried our best to make this list as varied as possible, broken down into a few major categories: Lifestyle, Moodboard, Designer, Fit pics, Educational, Stylist, or a more general Content Creator.

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