The 11 Best PUMA Sneakers to Cop Right Now

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Do you want to know how long PUMA has been repping the game? Since 1948, that’s how long. We’re talking over seventy years of dominance here, and when you’ve been dominant for well over a half of a century, it’s a tough task to select your finest work. Every major athletic brand has their signature staple, and for PUMA the largely agreed upon answer is the OG Suedes, which are the designated tried and true PUMA sneaks to say the least. That said, there have also been tons of other dope PUMA’s as well, so we’re here to give you the best puma sneakers available.

How We Picked The Best PUMA Sneakers

But first, we have to tell you why we picked the sneakers that we did. Our selections were based on three things: style, durability, and experience with the shoes as we’re longtime fans and now longtime friends with the brand (you can check out a recent article we did with the PUMA team below).

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Let’s get started.

The Best PUMA Sneakers at a Glance

Latest Drop - PUMA x Jeff Staple

The NBA Exclusive - LaMelo Ball MB.02

Best Branding - PUMA x Coca-Cola Suede Sneakers

Best for Women - PUMA Cali Wedge Women’s Sneakers

Most Comfortable - PUMA Kosmo Rider Women’s Sneakers

Best Running Sneaker - PUMA Viz Runner Repeat Running Sneakers

Best Street Shoe - PUMA Suede Classix Fly Sneakers

A Cool Collaboration - PUMA x TMC RS-X Sneakers

Best All White - PUMA Rebound JOY

A Vintage-Inspired Option - PUMA x Dapper Dan

A Classic Option - PUMA Suede Classic XXI

1. PUMA x Jeff Staple

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Latest Drop

Let’s start with one of PUMA’s latest releases, which is a collaboration with the legend Jeff Staple. This latest drop is entitled “Create From Chaos 2,” and is accompanied by the classic black and white colors of the Yin & Yang symbol, along with a mirrored half-black and half-white design on each shoe is accentuated with red accents to pay homage to Staple’s heritage. These sneakers just launched this past Friday, and collaborations are known to go quickly, so you’ll have to move quickly if you want to snag a pair.


2. LaMelo Ball MB.02

inarticle puma2

The NBA Exclusive

LaMelo Ball is one of the many notable figures signed to PUMA as an ambassador, and his latest drop is the MB.02. The MB.02 includes a NITRO foam-infused midsole that mimics LaMelo’s signature wings, which is something that extends onto the engineered woven mesh upper, and a full-coverage engineered, non-slip rubber compound. You also get a hint of metallic accents which really complements the design. The MB.02s are an awesome shoe.


3. PUMA x Coca-Cola Suede Sneakers

inarticle puma 3

Best Branding

Because why not? First of all, let’s not act like Coca-Cola hasn’t been putting out some fire merch over the decades as well, and two iconic brands joining together equals a legendary product. Now it might not look like it, but these are indeed suede shoes, so don’t go wearing these out in the rain or you’ll ruin your investment. 


4. PUMA Cali Wedge Women’s Sneakers

inarticle puma 4

Best For Women

As a woman myself, I’ve always enjoyed the Cali Wedge PUMA’s as I feel they are a tad bit underrated. These are basically PUMA’s in the shape of an Air Force 1 or Nike Dunk, but the design makes them look like they could be couture. So with the Cali Wedge’s, you get a luxury look for the price of a non-luxury sneaker. Don’t know about you guys, but we’ll take the PUMA Cali Wedge’s for $90 Alex.


5. PUMA Kosmo Rider Women’s Sneakers

inarticle puma 5

Most Comfortable

Honestly, the Kosmo Rider’s are up there with some of the comfiest sneakers that we have ever owned. No lie, the cushioning is next level and feels almost like you're gliding instead of walking. There’s three colorways for these bad boys: the PUMA White-Sun Stream, the PUMA White-Sunset Pink, and the PUMA White Glacier-Gray. We’re telling you, this is next level technology here.


6. PUMA Viz Runner Repeat Running Sneaker

inarticle puma 6

Best Running Sneaker

Of course we’ve got to have a running shoe for those that are specifically looking for something to train in, and the Viz Runner’s are among PUMA’s best. The ankle support is top quality, the design looks super futuristic and high tech, and they are slip-resistant, which is critical to performance. There’s a total of six colorways, so definitely browse to see which one best suits your preferences. 


7. PUMA Suede Classix Fly Sneakers

inarticle puma 7

Best Street Shoe

When you’ve already owned every color conceivable of the OG suedes, what’s next? The PUMA suede Classix Fly Sneakers. Look at the green, and the way it perfectly complements the pink. Look at how the off-black is just the perfect contrast to green and pink along with the white stripe. It’s a thing of beauty. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t fall in love with sneakers. It is most certainly possible.


8. PUMA x TMC RS-X Sneakers

inarticle puma 8

A Cool Collaboration

When PUMA said the marathon would always continue in honor of Nipsey Hussle, they certainly meant it. PUMA has continued to honor the West Coast legend with numerous drops since his passing, and this iteration of the TMC RS-X is the latest one. Nipsey sneakers are another one of PUMA’s exclusive sneakers that don’t tend to stay in stock that long. So it would be wise to pick up as soon as possible if you want to cop.


9. PUMA Rebound JOY

inarticle puma 9

Best All-White

While PUMA is widely known and respected for their low-tops, they’ve got some bomb high-tops and mids as well. The Rebound’s actually seem to be right in-between a high-top and mid, but it really doesn’t matter because the sneakers are dope. You can pair an all-white high-top/mid with just about anything if you ask us whether it’s jeans, shorts, skirts, joggers, a dress. Anything. 


10. PUMA x Dapper Dan

inarticle puma 10

A Vintage-Inspired Option

PUMA and Dapper Dan recently linked up for their very first collaboration, and one of the awesome things they are doing is celebrating 40 years of the PUMA Clyde with a new drop. The PUMA x DAPPER DAN Clydes offer a bold take on the iconic sneaker with refined details, like premium leather and jacquard, a molded metal plaque on the heel tab with an embossed co-branded logo, and a leather formstripe embellished with crystal finishings.

Now these sneakers are available only at KITH, so you’ll have to pay KITH a visit either online or in person if you want to snag these.


11. PUMA Suede Classic XXI

inarticle puma 11

A Classic Option

And like we said earlier, the Suede classics are tried and true. The one and only. If you don’t ever own any other pair of PUMA’s, you have to own the suedes at least once in your life. There’s just something about them that automatically enhances your look. Hey, there's a reason why they are called the classics. 


Obviously there’s loads more PUMA sneakers available on their website, and they are always coming out with new releases, so make sure you are keeping up with them to stay updated. 

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