The 31 Best Sweatpants For Men To Keep You Comfortable

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Death Traitors

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Approximately one year ago it became imminently apparent that we’d all be working from home way more than we were used to. Now, as we approach what we all pray is the final stretch of the pandemic, our cheap loungewear impulse buys from last March are starting to look a little drab. It’s high time to spice up your work-from-home wardrobe while still staying on-trend.

We’ve curated an (unranked) list of the best men’s sweatpants we could find, ranging from high-end designer goods to comfy essentials that won’t break the bank.

31. Hanes Men's Jogger Sweatpant with Pockets

Screen Shot 2021 07 07 at 12.33.28 PM

Midweight with a pull-on closure and partially made from recycled bottles, these sweats are warm without too much weight. They come with an adjustable drawcord, side pockets, and a roomy back pocket.

These sweatpants sit comfortably at the waist and won't lose shape in the wash, but unfortunately run a bit small, so you're better off sizing up.

Buy now $25

30. Southpole Men's Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants

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Available in big and tall sizes, these sweatpants are great for any guy, big or small. The drawstring on the waistband keeps them upright and offers an adjustable fit, remaining comfortable and durable enough to wear while performing physical activity.

They are also not too baggy or tight, remaining comfortably in the middle, but regrettably, the fabric can start to pill over time.

Buy now, $27

29. Fruit of the Loom Men's Sofspun Fleece Open Bottom Sweatpants

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Fruit of the Loom

The Fruit of the Loom Men's Sofspun sweats are available in six color shades and have a loose but form-fitting design, with the side pockets staying extra roomy and can keep the hands warm.

These sweatpants don't double over on the waist and also hit right at the ankle for a near-perfect fit. Don't dry these too long, as they have the potential to shrink if left in the dryer.

Buy now $28

28. ZENGVEE Men's Sweatpants with Zipper Pockets Open Bottom Athletic Pants

Screen Shot 2021 07 07 at 12.25.08 PM

The ZENGVEE Men's Sweatpants have a loose fit for more mobility and range of motion, so they are perfect for lounging and working out. The mesh fabric keeps the air circulating and doesn’t allow the pants to retain heat, so you'll stay cool all the time.

The pants aren't too tight, allowing for low resistance when moving and lifting your legs, but the length may be a little long for certain styles.

Buy now $25

27. Amazon Essentials Men's Fleece Jogger Pant

Screen Shot 2021 07 07 at 12.26.59 PM

Classic casual pants with elastic cuffs on the ankles, these fleece joggers look great with sneakers or when you're just lounging as well. They're loose without being too baggy and the pants offer plenty of insulation, making them perfect for chilly days or nights.

Buy now $20

26. LUWELL PRO Men's Sweatpants

Screen Shot 2021 07 07 at 12.32.00 PM

These sweatpants from Luwell have deep pockets for storing multiple items, making them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear while being active and will stay sturdy, even after repeated washing.

Buy now $22

25. Death Traitors P.E.A.C.E. Joggers

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 9.53.02 AM
Death Traitors

Brooklyn-based artist Alexander Heir’s apocalyptic art is brought to life on his ultra-fashionable line of inexpensive streetwear. His baggy joggers utilize anti-fascist imagery in embroidered details. Both comfortable and stylish, the P.E.A.C.E. joggers are also reasonably priced at just $55 and come in black or camo.

Buy now, $25

24. Y-3 Classic Light Ripstop Utility Pant

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 9.54.25 AM

Eternally minimalist avant-garde designer Yohji Yamamoto has produced some impeccably styled athleisure in his ongoing collaboration with Adidas. The Classic Light Ripstop Utility pant is an impeccably arrogant statement piece. The relaxed fit and smooth taffeta interior mean they’re pretty luxurious, too.

Buy now, $330

23. Roland TR-808 Joggers

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 9.56.01 AM

Roland’s drum machines and synthesizers have been the backbone of the best techno and electronica for decades. They’ve recently launched a comprehensive lifestyle brand including smartly designed sweatsuits and loungewear. Extremely cozy but also winkingly smart. Be aware, the sizes run slightly large.

Buy now, $60

22. DUMBGOOD Evangelion Sweatpants

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.01.25 AM

Just in time for the release of Evangelion 3.0+1.0, the Instagram-infamous pop culture purveyors at DUMBGOOD have prepared a Unit 01 inspired look for upscale otaku. If Eva isn’t your thing, DUMBGOOD’s got Seinfeld, Jurassic Park, and The Shining-inspired outfits as well. But even if you’re not familiar with avant-garde Japanese animation, the slick late 90’s color palette on these look great.

buy now, $80

21. Fashion Nova Russ Jogger Yellow

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.03.18 AM
Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova’s menswear has really found its way since its launch a few years ago. Although trendy minimalism is a mark of sophistication, there’s nothing wrong with something slightly louder. Live out your Kill Bill dreams with these bright, Bruce Lee-inspired joggers that can bring a pop of color to any outfit. Besides, who can argue with that price tag?

Buy now, $17

20. Soto Angel Devil Black Sweatpant

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.05.51 AM

Manuela Soto Sosa, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, has become one of the trendiest illustrators and designers on the West Coast. Her anime-inspired drawings of buxom women are both flirtatious and empowering. She’s more recently begun emblazoning her iconic girls on comfy streetwear — these black sweatpants show off her unique and beloved art style.

Buy now, $110

19. Champion Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.08.54 AM

90s kids will remember the ubiquity of Champion sportswear in middle school hallways around the world. The brand has more recently become an emblem of normcore style. Show off your anti-fashionable smarts with these affordable and totally retro sweats.

Buy now, $18.31 - $51.75

18. Scurderia Ferrari Race MCS Men’s Sweatpants

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.10.24 AM

You might not have the purchasing power to cop your own Ferrari quite yet, but Puma’s put the sports car's logo on these unique cross-branded joggers. Based on a retro design from 1987 that took hold in hip-hop scenes, these pants are a smartly-done throwback and are currently on sale.

Buy now, $45

17. Nike Sportswear Swoosh

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.11.47 AM

There’s something subtly genius about simply doubling Nike’s signature swoosh to make an impactful statement, alongside the text of the onomatopoeic logo. The crisp white/orange/periwinkle color palette is strong, juxtaposed against the pants’ relaxed style. The mid-weight fleece is designed for city living and apartment lounging.

Buy now, $66

16. Cross Colours BLM Tie Dye Sweatpant via Karmaloop

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.59.39 AM
Cross Colours

Whether you like it not, the tie-dye trend isn’t going anywhere for now. If bright hippie color palettes aren’t your thing, these slightly more drab black and grey tones could work. The BLM messaging on the logo is, of course, always righteous. Beware: these pants run a bit small, so maybe order a size up from your normal fit.

Buy now, $92

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 10.58.22 AM
Brain Dead

Brain Dead describes their aesthetic as “disruptive [and] graphic-led ... the brand takes its cues from post punk, underground comics, skateboarding, and the spirit of subculture as a whole.” The violent iconography on these sweatpants certainly is representative of those ideas, and there’s something delightfully goth about the look. This piece from their Spring/Summer ‘21 collection is both utilitarian and “otherworldly.”

Buy now, $140

14. C. By Loredena Pinasco Repoison Code Joggers

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 12.24.49 PM
Loredena Pinasco

At the intersection of black metal and cyberpunk is C. by Loredena Pinasco’s exciting clothes for dystopian times. Both edgy and comfy, these joggers from the notorious Italian label let you live your full Neuromancer fantasy and match just about any other athleisure wear you’ve got in your closet. 

Buy now, £80

13. Vans 66 Supply Fleece Pants

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 12.27.51 PM

Vans have become experts at hitting the sweet spot between stylish, affordable, and durable. These fleece pants are no exception, and the zip utility side pocket is a lifesaver for both skaters and stoners.

Buy now, $60

12. Thom Browne Striped Joggers via Flannels

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 12.34.08 PM

Flannels, a UK-based luxury retailer, seems to always have impressive deals on impossible-to-find designer exclusives. These Thom Browne joggers, featuring the label’s signature four thick stripes, are finely tailored for a skinny fit. Think uptight British mod, but then make it cozy.

Buy now, £450

11. Allie Kat Pussy Piledriver Sweatpants

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 12.36.19 PM
Meowdy Yall

Deathmatch fighter Allie Kat has won over the hardened hearts of pro-wrestling’s most ravenous fanbase with her toughness, grit, and perpetual desire for belly rubs. Her uniquely feminist and playfully lascivious branding is both empowering and nasty. Be sure to stay thirst trapping and wear these to the next Grey Sweatpants Battle Royale.

Buy now, $35

10. Trio 21 Adidas Sweatpants

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 12.39.36 PM

Not everyone can afford the brand’s more upscale collabs (like the aforementioned Y3 label), but Adidas still has plenty of classics — at much more attainable prices — to choose from. These simple sweats are a soft cotton-blend meant for stretching before you get sporty.

buy now, $50

9. Hanes Sport Ultimate Cotton Men’s Fleece Sweatpants


At less than $20, these are the cheapest sweatpants on the list. You get what you pay for: no graphics, no ornamentation, no interesting styling. Just extremely snuggly fleece from a brand we’ve all come to trust. 

Buy now, $13.50

8. Alife Generic Logo Sweat Pant

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 12.58.42 PM

New York-based streetwear brand Alife has become a local symbol of cool in Manhattan and beyond. Their simple sweatpants in bold red have their logo screen printed on the pocket for a subtle proclamation of cultural clout.

Buy now, $120

7. Fila Rhys Jogger

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 12.58.42 PM

Another iconic 90’s brand resurrected as retro-chic, Fila’s recent collabs with a plethora of underground artists and designers have reinvigorated the label. These French terry joggers are part of the company’s celebration of Black History, with some proceeds going towards UNCF.

buy now, $78

6. Ice Cream Men’s I Scream Sweatpants via Nordstrom

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 1.09.06 PM

Icecream has quite suddenly become one of the buzziest streetwear brands around. The brainchild of Pharrell Williams and Japanese DJ Nigo, their graphic design aesthetic and deceptively playful name belies a serious cool-factor. No surprise their sweatpants have become a hot commodity.

Buy now, $130

5. Kikillo Poisson 887 Joggers

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 1.12.04 PM

Kikillo’s anime-influenced designs are surrealistically fashionable and hypnotically glitchy. This psychedelic, Yu-Gi-Oh-inspired look is far from quiet or work-appropriate, but will definitely leave a strong first impression. With a brushed fleece fabric inside, they’re as soft as they are aesthetic.

buy now, $53

4. Reigning Champ

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 1.14.03 PM
Reigning Champ

Sportswear brand Reigning Champ has become known for their almost frighteningly well-constructed garments and their midweight terry sweatpants are no exception. No frills and nothing fancy, but the perfectly made and sturdy sewing and fabrics easily justify the high price point.

buy now, $120

3. Junji Ito Red and White Panel Sweatpants via Hot Topic

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 1.17.11 PM
Junji Ito

Horror master Junji Ito’s designs have been embraced as masterpieces by both haute couture designers and streetwear enthusiasts alike. Mall goth mainstay, Hot Topic, somehow got ahold of his imagery and slapped some iconically grotesque manga panels onto unexpectedly fashionable sweatpants — at a totally affordable price.

buy now, $24

2. Converse Dagger Pant

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 1.32.20 PM

Converse is best known for their legendary footwear but their clothes are eternally on-trend as well. There’s nothing too flashy about these sweatpants, but the brand’s name still carries weight and ensures a degree of durability.

buy now, $85

1. Neighborhood OOTD / C-PT

Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 1.33.40 PM

Few brands are trendier than Japanese streetwear line Neighborhood. Their finely constructed garments and clever graphic looks have become high-end essentials for smart hypebeasts. This garment was designed in collaboration with ONE OF THESE DAYS, an apparel line by the LA-based visual and tattoo artist Matt McCormick. 

Buy now, $283

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