The 63 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him (From Under $25 to Over $500)

For the guy who claims he doesn't want anything

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The subject of Valentine's Day always provokes an interesting discussion. Some love the occasion of celebrating love, while others (even those that are in relationships can't stand it). Sometimes it's the couples with the healthiest relationships that ignore the occasion, and other times it's the most toxic couple you know front and center celebrating the hardest (but we aren't going there). Nonetheless, if you are partaking in the "semi-holiday" this year, you may be slightly stuck on what to get the important fella in your life. Unlike Christmas, for example, where gifting your boyfriends and girlfriends is the tradition amongst many cultures, Valentine's Day isn't always viewed as a required "gift giving occasion." Not only that, but as much as men complain about women being picky *whispers*—guys can be just as if not more pickier than us gals. That's exactly why we've put together this guide on the best Valentine's Day gifts for him at all price points as suggestions to get you started.

Factor in the dynamics of your relationship (the question of whether or not you should buy a gift for somebody you just started seeing for example), and shopping for the event can be made even more of a difficult task. Also, let us not forget that Valentine's Day isn't always about shopping for your partner as people also get Valentine's Day gifts for their best friends, parents, and kids as well, so we're taking that into consideration too. From affordable under $25 options like Nautica's Grooming Cleanse ($13.99), to a super cool pair of stylish shoes such as the PF. Flyers' Grounder ($100), or a new epic bluetooth pickup like the Decizbulz SAFE + SOUND Custom Molded Bluetooth Wireless Earplug Headphones ($99), these are all potential gifts that have caught our eye this season. And not saying you have to go all out and spend over $500, but should you want to, perhaps a Modular Closets Closet Kit ($539.99) is a suggestion for a much-needed closet renovation.

Whatever the case may be, we've included just about every type of gift you can think of to get him for Valentine's Day, and we believe these will do a good job of making your guy quite happy this year.

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The Best Valentine's Gifts at Every Price Point:

Best Under $25

If you don't know where to start, sometimes it's the very simple and affordable gifts that are the biggest winners. Here are some suggestions:

1. Nautica Grooming Cleanse

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 10.09.22 AM
  • Genre: Grooming

The Nautica Grooming Cleanse is a 3-in-1 formula that cleanses your hair, face, and body in just one go round, which in turn leaves your skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and revitalized. The formula is a clean one that's also vegan and dermatologically-tested, while also being affordably priced a under $15. Pair this with the Nautica Grooming Shave ($13.99) and the Nautica Grooming Hydrate ($13.99) and you're all fresh and clean like Outkast.


2. Plants for Pet Parents Hoya Sweetheart

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 10.19.40 AM
Plants for Pet Parents
  • Genre: Pets

His fur baby is his other baby, so how about getting him this Hoya Sweetheart from Plants for Pet Parents? All of their gorgeous greenery is non-toxic to dogs and cats so you can leave the house confident in your pets’ safety, this can be attached to driftwood or hung from the ceiling using one of their many beautiful displays for instant art, and it also provides an adding touch elegance to your living room. What's there to not love about it?


3. I Heart Friday Jason Enamel Pin

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 10.25.50 AM
Little Shop of Pins
  • Genre: Accessories

You've undoubtedly been seeing these all over TikTok, so now it's time to make his dreams become a reality. Wearable art that’s sure to spark conversation based on the nostalgic factor, all Little Shop pins are crafted based on memorabilia, and their meticulous craftsmanship and premium quality make them sought after collectibles. Little Shop of Pins has a wide range of fun and unique pins, so make sure to check out their full selection here.


4. Bombas Men's Merino Wool Blend Calf Socks

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 10.34.48 AM
  • Genre: Clothing

A cozy gift makes for a great gift. Bombas has a selection of the warmest sock styles, and that includes their Men's Merino Wool Blend Calf Socks which are plushy, comfortable, and affordable. These will keep you warm and cozy regardless of the temps outside, and there's plenty of cool colors to choose from.


5. Pull Start Fire 5 Second Fire Starter

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 11.38.36 AM
  • Genre: Outdoors

The must-have for fireplace season, if you struggle with getting the wood to light, it’s time to think again with a little help from Pull Start Firethe fire starter that gives you a cozy fire in less than five seconds. It requires no matches or lighters, is windproof and rainproof, and can even light on wet wood. All you do is pull the string to start the fire and you're good to go!


Best Under $50

Now it's time to take a look at some under $50 options that we think are worthwhile purchases:

6. PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 11.58.43 AM
  • Genre: Accessories

Freshen up your ride with the minimalistic and all-natural PURGGO car air eco-purifier & freshener. Made with pure and sustainable natural bamboo charcoal, which absorbs & eliminates odor instead of masking it, PURGGO perfectly combines nature, science, and love. All the product contains is pure all-natural moso bamboo charcoal, one of the most renewable natural resources in the world and Mother Nature's purifier, which has been carbonized and activated at 1110°F - 1300°F (600°C - 700°C). Bamboo charcoal is a tried and tested air cleanser that's been used in Asian countries for thousands of years. On top of this, it lasts for 365+ days, all while working beautifully in the background.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $29.99, Now $25.99)

7. Delúvia Miracle Aloe Cream

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 12.13.45 PM
  • Genre: Grooming

Getting the skincare routine motion is the major move for the new year. A bestseller, this Miracle Aloe Cream is enriched with Aloe Vera, and effectively hydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin while also calming Eczema, Psoriasis, burns, and more, while offering targeted solutions for various skin concerns. Uniquely penetrating the skin to provide hydration, this Miracle Aloe Cream is suitable for skin types, including sensitive skin.

SHOP NOW AT DELUVIA, (Was $40, Now $36)

8. Who is Elijah "Ocean Eyes"

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 12.24.46 PM
Who is Elijah
  • Genre: Grooming

Unveiling a harmonious fusion of grapefruit and mandarin orange, Ocean Eyes is a unisex fragrance designed to captivate the senses and transport individuals to the depths of the crisp, blue ocean. Available in four convenient sizes – 2ml, 10ml, 50ml, and 100ml – this is a fragrance that will have you embarking on a sensory journey like never before.


9. Bruno Marc Men's Mesh Oxford Sneakers Casual Shoes

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 12.31.29 PM
Bruno Marc
  • Genre: Shoes

The Oxford Sneakers are the dream shoes for gentlemen as they blend classic refinement with laid-back vibes, feature trendy perforations for a cool and chic look, a lace-up closure for customizable fit, and a durable TPR outsole providing stability whether navigating busy days or dancing on off-duty nights. The shoes are enhanced by cushioned insoles and soft lining for optimal comfort and support, making them perfect for dressing up or down with pants or jeans.


10. Troubadour Messenger Compact Vegan Leather

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 12.40.21 PM
  • Genre: Accessories

Troubadour makes bags from recycled and low-impact materials that combine the performance and comfort of outdoor bags with the elegance and functionality of high-end professional bags. Crafted from a proprietary recycled fabric that’s woven from a mix of post-consumer plastic bottles and repurposed textile waste (approximately 44 plastic bottles go into each bag), Troubadour's bags are simultaneously luxurious and hard wearing, as well as fully waterproof, lightweight, and durable. We love the Messenger Bag, but do check out their full collection.

SHOP NOW AT TROUBADOR, (Was $95, Now $28)

Best Under $100

Here some under $100 winners we found:

11. Obagi Mineral Broad Spectrum

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 12.50.37 PM
  • Genre: Grooming

Don't neglect your SPF 50! As the second line of defense from environmental assailants the Obagi Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Moisturizer, when paired with the Obagi Professional-C 15% Serum ($115) this combination provides comprehensive protection against UVA/UVB rays which can cause premature skin aging making them a great one-two punch.


12. HungovrAF - Headache Cooling Cap

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 1.18.59 PM
  • Genre: Self-care

TikTok brought us here, and if the name alone isn't enough to sell you, then perhaps this description is. This cap is a cooling application that sits snug on places where pain radiates. The gel can be cooled or heated, and helps with reliving puffy eyes, cluster headaches, and photosensitivity. Oh, and it blocks out a high percentage of surrounding noises as well.


13. Vitapod Go Starter Bundle

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 1.31.35 PM
  • Genre: Food/Beverage

Vitapod Hydra+ blends health with hydration like never before, offering a comprehensive range of essential vitamins, nutrients, polyphenols, and antioxidants. The pods also give you five different tailored solutions depending on your needs, and they are expertly formulated to support hydration, beauty, immunity, sports performance, and more.

SHOP NOW AT VITAPOD, (Was $84.98, Now $50.99)

14. Pocket Tripod Universal Kit

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 1.38.35 PM
Pocket Tripod
  • Genre: Tech

The Pocket Tripod by GEOMETRICAL is practical and delivers all of the essential features you'd expect from a full-size tripod. Aside from photos, the Pocket Tripod is great for watching videos, Facetime and more, and is compatible with any phone or case. The kit also comes with a Bluetooth Shutter remote that is also compatible with any phone, and is easy to connect.


15. NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Non-Slip Snow Boots

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 1.47.38 PM
  • Genre: Shoes

Perfect for couple's outdoor adventures or traveling, these NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Non-Slip Snow Boots provide exceptional energy-return and stability through its insulating properties, waterproof shell, anti-slip textured rubber outsole that delivers outstanding grip on slippery surfaces, and relative ease when it comes to sliding on and off. Plus, these boots are also quite versatile and stylish if we must say ourselves.

SHOP NOW AT NORTIV 8, (Was $78.99, Now $51.99)

16. Decibullz SAFE + SOUND Custom Molded Bluetooth Headphones

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 1.55.12 PM
  • Genre: Tech

The Safe + Sound wireless earphones combines Decibullz’ custom-molded secure fit and high noise isolation with high-definition Bluetooth audio. Not only do these stay in your ears at all times, they also sound great. You can also get up to 15 hours of continuous playback with USB fast charging, and the headphones are waterproof. For under $100, these headphones are very tech-savvy and quite durable making them a great Valentine's Day gift.


17. AVI Shorts 7"

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.02.24 PM
  • Genre: Clothing

Pioneering pickleball brand AVI makes clothing built from the ground-up specifically for pickleball, using an exclusive tri-blend fabric that wicks sweat away like magic and holds up during even the most intense games. That includes these Liner Shorts, are made using high-end materials and finishes for next-level performance and an elevated look. There's plenty of stretch room in these shorts, and the breathability is awesome!


18. AVI Pickleball Short Sleeve

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.09.41 PM
  • Genre: Clothing

Since we did a bottom how about a matching top? Elevate your pickleball game with AVI's Men's Pickleball Short Sleeve Top. AVI's custom court art pays homage to the sport while maintaining a sleek design. With a special garment-dyed finish that stands up to was after wash, you can confidently wear this top both on and off the courts again and again. The AVI signature sleeve design, featuring an inset front seam, raglan back seam, and dropped armholes allows for unrestricted movement and a relaxed look and feel.


19. Body Smoosh

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.13.05 PM
  • Genre: Grooming

Smoosh is the end to mushy soap bars, musty sopping washcloths, bacteria-harboring loofahs, and single-use plastics in the shower. Introduced by the makers of Leaf Shave, the eco-driven lifetime razor company, Smoosh is a re-imagined lathering tool with over one thousand silicone exfoliating fingers. Its engineered design holds the Smoosh Bar Soap secure for an endless lather - single handedly. A game changer for your showering experience.


20. PATH Raspberry Orange Flavored Sparkling Water

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.18.37 PM
  • Genre: Food/Beverage

PATH's Sparkling Flavored Water lineup includes Raspberry Orange, Lemon Lime, and Grapefruit Mango. With zero calories, no added sugar, and a commitment to natural ingredients, PATH ensures a guilt-free and crisp taste in every sip. These are absolutely delicious and healthy, making them a great pickup for Valentine's Day.


21. Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Screen Shot 2023 12 15 at 8.22.07 PM

  • Genre: Tech

Roku boasts access to great apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and many, many more. If the guy in your life only has cable or even if they have subscriptions to a bunch of the aforementioned streaming platforms, Roku is a nice way of tying them all together.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $44.99, Now $39)

22. Sony Portable Speaker

  • Genre: Tech

Made to travel easily with and offering 16 hours of battery life, the Sony SRS is perfect to take with you on vacation, or just simply place around your house if that's all you're looking to use it for. Sony is also great for actual sound quality, so this is a steal. Again, the battery life is awesome on this


23. VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow

  • Genre: Tech

We all suffer from aches and pains, so perhaps if the man you’re buying a gift for works out a lot or has a lot of stress, this neck massage pillow from VIKTOR JURGEN is a great idea. The massager sits behind the neck like a regular pillow and gives a thorough massage while it heats you up as well. It’s incredibly relaxing.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $59.99, now $39.99)

24. MANSCAPED Ball Deodorant

  • Genre: Grooming

If you’ve are heavily into the grooming and self care, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of MANSCAPED and its range of men’s grooming products. These two packs of those will only set you back a little over $20, which considering the quality (and popularity) of anything MANSCAPED related is a heck of a steal.


25. Playstation Store Gift Card

Screen Shot 2023 12 15 at 8.10.53 PM

  • Genre: Gaming

Duh right? However just to cover all bases, if the man you’re buying a gift for has the PlayStation 5 or is still on the PlayStation 4, a gift card for the PSN Store is incredibly thoughtful for a PS gamer. $50 could buy them a new game, a year of PlayStation Plus, or enough battle passes to last them years (and you won't have to hear their mouth anymore).


Best Under $500

Let's take a look at some under $500 standouts shall we?

26. PF. Flyers Grounder

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.39.39 PM
PF. Flyers
  • Genre: Shoes

The updated Grounder combines heritage design elements that give the sneaker a rugged, worn-in look, with modern features that keep it feeling elevated and premium. Poised to become a basic necessity in your wardrobe, the Grounder is comfortable, practical, and stylish, the shoe features PF. Flyers’ signature cushioning with an eco-sockliner that is molded to offer optimal under-foot comfort and arch support along with a canvas upper and leather detailing. The shoe is also available in black and olive green, so have at it!


27. Buck Mason Perfect Oxford Pocket Shirt

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.45.53 PM
Buck Mason
  • Genre: Clothing

Buck Mason makes many classics in the Americana fashion realm, including this Perfect Oxford Pocket Shirt which is made with 4 oz. brushed cotton oxford cloth, has a slim-fit, and is inspired by Buck Mason's favorite vintage references. Should you want another color other than black there's plenty of options, and the brand itself has a great catalog worth browsing through.


28. REEF Swellsole Cruiser

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.50.51 PM
  • Genre: Shoes

The beach-inspired family footwear brand, REEF, makes ridiculously comfortable footwear that makes every step feel like you're walking along the shoreline. REEF’s love and reverence for the ocean is also reflected in the company’s myriad sustainability initiatives, which include using recycled polyester, eco-friendly foam, and low-impact leather, as well as hosting beach-cleaning events (the company has helped to remove over 1,000,000 lbs of garbage to date), supporting various coral reef conservation projects, and sponsoring programs that help at-risk kids experience the positive and healing effects of time spent by - and in - the water. Check out REEF's full line here.


29. Porter Road Butcher's Choice Box

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 2.56.19 PM
Porter Road
  • Genre: Food/Beverage

Porter Road delivers life-changing delicious beef, pork and chicken right to your door. Founded by chefs and butchers Chris Carter and James Peisker, the Nashville-based company sources 100% of its meat from small American farms where the animals are humanely pasture-raised without hormones or antibiotics. And every piece is individually hand cut by the company’s skilled team of whole-animal butchers. Available for purchase a la carte, in curated bundles, or via subscription, Porter Road is great for gifting, as well as stocking your own fridge. 


30. Jordan 1 Low

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 3.56.03 PM
Foot Locker
  • Genre: Shoes

If your guy is a sneaker enthusiast, how about getting these Jordan 1 Lows? They come in three different colors, are well-made, and very comfortable. Or as one reviewer says: "I bought these shoes for general wear; I'm going to purchase some Free 5.0's for running down the road. The Jordan's have been great so far, they were not the most comfortable when I first wore them but I broke them in and they've been great ever since. I get many good looks around campus and I love the red/white/black color combo; it really stands out and looks great with practically everything. I will primarialy be wearing these shoes in the fall, winter (when boots are not good), spring. Thanks!"

Anything Jordan Brand is always a winner.


31. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 10.29.58 AM

  • Genre: Tech

Give the gift of the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones which will be both a gift to the guy in your life, so that way you don't have to listen to his music. You get up to 40 hours of listening time before having to re-charge, and the sound is crystal clear. There's a reason why Beats is regarded as one of the top headphone makers in the world. And they are relatively inexpensive compared to how pricey headphones can get. You won't go wrong with this one.


32. Theragun Sense Percussion Massage Gun

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 12.17.00 PM

  • Genre: Tech

Sometimes life brings on the aches and pains. When that happens, there's nothing better to have in your arsenal than the Theragun Sense Percussion Massage Gun, which is a deep tissue massager that targets pain relief in your most problematic areas (back, neck, legs, etc.). The reviews on Theragun are quite good with one reviewer saying: "This percussion massager is like every other percussion massager I've ever owned - except for 2 things! It is much lighter than other massagers and it is so ergonomic! The ergonomic design allows the user to hold the unit in multiple positions which makes it much easier and much more enjoyable to use. For these two reasons alone, I highly recommend this percussion massager if you are in the market for one."

Needless to say, the Theragun is a good investment.


33. Beastmode by Beast Health Blender

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 1.35.05 PM

  • Genre: Food/health

Now you can go ultimate beast mode with this Beastmode by Beast Health Blender from Beast Health x Marshawn Lynch. The blender features a new and improved 1200-watt motor along with a blade that spins at 18,000 RPM. Trust us when we say the this Beast Health Blender is a one that's going to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and just in time for your next workout.


34. Hyperice Venom 2 Back Wrap

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 1.40.39 PM
  • What's it for: Pain relief

Another device that will make pain go way, the Hyperice Venom 2 Back Wrap portable back wrap that massages as you work, walk, and go about your day sounds like a dream doesn't it? The Venom 2 brings you a heated massage that is a great alternative when you're unable to book a professional massage, which is about all you can ask for with a massager.


35. MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon

  • Genre: Kitchen/food

Go from pepperless to fully seasoned in 7 cranks instead of 70 with this MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon which boasts n 8-60+ mesh range for complete control of your spice level, a push-button top that makes it easy to remove and replace without changing the grind setting, great overall production and plenty more neat features that make it worth the investment. Definitely consider the MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon if the guy you are shopping for loves to cook.


36. KEEN Utility Work Shoe

  • Genre: Shoes

KEEN Utility has a new retro-inspired work shoe reinvented with lightweight protection for all-day workflow. Whether you are at the warehouse, the shop, or the jobsite, the Kenton is a work sneaker for the modern tradesman who wants to be stylish and comfortable, while still having foot protection. Product highlights include KEEN.ReGEN cushioning that provides up to 50% energy return, to help keep your feet and legs fresh, carbon-fiber safety toes 15% lighter than steel, and a slip-resistant rubber outsole to help you move through the day. You can purchase for $115.


37. Manmade Boxer Brief

Screen Shot 2023 11 09 at 10.14.53 AM

  • Genre: Clothing and apparel

When's the last time the man/men in your life bought new underwear? Exactly. If you don't do it the job may never get done, so snag these functional boxer briefs from Manmade that are made with premium material, and offer a comfortable fit. Plus, they are under $25.


38. Manta Sleep Mask

Screen Shot 2023 11 09 at 12.27.11 PM

  • Genre: Wellness

It is vital for everyone to get proper sleep in order to maintain a healthy life balance. This is the only mask designed, constructed and optimized for deepest-possible sleep in any environment.  Great for naps, it provides 100% blackout for maximized sleep quality — so users feel 100%, all the time. Just a pinprick of light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leading to post-sleep tiredness. That’s why Manta perfectly covers and conforms to the eyes to block 100% of light, even in broad daylight— so users always get deep, uninterrupted sleep.


39. TAB 10 Gen 2 Tablet

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 4.34.06 PM
  • Genre: Tech

With a large 10.4” display with NXTVISION, the TAB 10 Gen 2 is built to go with you, offering a more comfortable viewing experience with its built-in eye comfort mode and blue light-reduction display. Definitely a must for anybody who doesn't like using standard laptops and prefers tablets instead.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $189.99, Now $169.99)

40. Medical Scrubs Collection Infinity Footwear BOLT

0766382 infinity footwear athletic footwear bolt
Medical Scrubs Collection

  • Genre: Clothing and apparel

These chic shoes have a breathable, flexible knit upper for all-day comfort, especially if they're prone to swollen feet. Underneath, an ultra-cushiony midsole with airbag adds even more comfort. Also features an oil- and slip-resistant sole and a removable, shock absorbing latex-free polyurethane insole with arch support and heel cupping for stability and all-day comfort. The interior lining and insole are also treated with Certainty® antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of microbes that cause odor.  From breezy joggers and comfy athletic shoes to khaki scrubsmaternity scrubs, and Dickies scrubs, Medical Scrubs Collections offers a vast array of chic fashions for all kinds of occasions.


41. TCapri Tequila Blanco

Screen Shot 2023 11 09 at 3.52.32 PM
Global Alliance Distribution

This additive free tequila is made purely from 100% Blue Weber Agave slowly cooked in traditional brick ovens, well water from the distillery's estate and citrus fruits grown on the distillery. If it sounds delicious that's because it is. A nice gift for the tequila lover best friend.


42. West Bend Air Fryer

West Bend
  • Genre: Kitchen

What guy wouldn't love the gift of air fryer this Valentine's Day? Available in 5 QT, 7 QT, 10 QT, 12.6 QT, 15 QT, and XL 26 capacities with black ergonomic designs and a stainless steel option, this air fryer provides a quick and easy way to cook healthy, delicious food. A touchscreen LED digital interface is available for easy access while in use on the countertop, and this fryer is user-friendly, compact to fit on most kitchen counters or in cabinets.


43. Omorovicza: Firming Body Oil

Firming body oil
  • Genre: Grooming

Aromatic and invigorating, this Firming Body Oil promotes the appearance of youthful elasticity. This luxurious oil also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and leaves skin hydrated, soft and silky-smooth. An automatic under $40 option for ultimate self-care.


44. adidas TERREX Free Hiker 2 Hiking Shoe

Screen Shot 2023 10 26 at 9.02.34 AM

  • Genre: Shoes

Made from recycled materials, the adidas TERREX Free Hiker 2.0 is a great gift for anybody who loves the outdoors and hiking. The shoes are made with a high performance yarn containing at least 50% Parley Ocean Plastic and 50% recycled polyester, and features a BOOST midsole that delivers incredible energy return and cushioning with each step. Plus, it feels like you're wearing a sock which is amazing.


45. FRIED RICE Iridescent Cargo Pants

Untitled 4
  • Genre: Clothing

From vibrant streetwear to distinctive essentials and elevated basics, FRIED RICE has your fashion cravings covered. The brand puts a spin on the traditional cargo pant, adding details that are uniquely FRIED RICE. Our favorite at the moment from the brand are the Iridescent Cargo Pants, but do browse their entire collection to see if it's a fit.


46. ZoomBroom

Screen Shot 2023 11 09 at 7.28.19 PM

For the best friend who likes to clean

  • Genre: Tech

The ZoomBroom is a cutting-edge device that seamlessly combines the power of a vacuum cleaner and a broom, while ffering users an efficient, effortless, and eco-friendly solution to maintain cleanliness in their homes and workplaces. The broom is is a lightweight, powerful cordless stick blower that will can also quickly clean your outdoor living spaces. It recharges fast and stores easily, so it’s always ready to blow away leaves, debris, light snow and much more.


47. LUCYD Audio Eyewear Voyager

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 5.01.45 PM
  • Genre: Accessories

The first smart glasses with instant voice access to ChatGPT, LUCYD Eyewear produces distinct glasses that feature proprietary four-speaker array and two crisp microphones, along with the ability to enjoy music and phone calls anywhere you are. No more earbuds, just the convenience of headphones and glasses in one, and the sound you receive is a high quality one.


48. STIHL HSA 26

Screen Shot 2023 11 09 at 7.43.30 PM

A perfect gardening tool

  • Genre: Tools

Help your guy achieve the ultimate precision and power from these battery-powered garden shears. Pro tip: The proven blade geometry and cutting speed at over 2,200 strokes per minute deliver more precise, cleaner cuts that help improve plant appearance. A tool this powerful and priced at $149 is another great deal.


49. Hisense - 43" Class A4 Series LED

Screen Shot 2023 11 09 at 8.02.56 PM
Best Buy

  • Genre: Tech

Is your boyfriend (or any male in your life you're shopping for) in desperate need of a new television? How about the Hisense - 43" Class A4 Series LED as a suggestion as it's super affordable and on sale during the holiday season. The 43" is a solid mid-size option that's nice for smaller rooms. Surely they'll appreciate the gesture (and the new television of course).


50. Stephen Curry’s Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 5.12.20 PM
Gentleman's Cut Bourbon
  • Genre: Food/Beverage

This rich, complex and bold bourbon from Gentleman's Bourbon Cut is the perfect offering to commemorate life’s great occasions, and should be part of a raised-glass toasting moments throughout the year.  Gentleman’s Cut is balanced, polished, smooth and complex with a long finish, and there are aromas of honey, butterscotch, dried orange peel, hazelnut, toffee and spice box. A little bourbon goes a long way.


51. One of These Days Suede Puffer Vest

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 5.20.18 PM
One of These Days
  • Genre: Clothing

One of These Days was founded by multidisciplinary artist Matt McCormick. Best known for his depictions of the American West that juxtapose the region’s historic splendor and contemporary squalor, McCormick launched One of These Days as a way to share his art with people outside of traditional viewing spaces. Produced in small batches, One of These Days combines the timeless, utility-first designs of classic work and hunting apparel with McCormick’s Western-inspired iconography. Check out their full catalog here.


52. EcoLeafy Dot Nightstand Organizer

Screen Shot 2023 10 11 at 4.46.52 PM

  • Genre: Home

The EcoLeafy Dot Nightstand Organizer is a bedside table organizer that has a place for cellphone, watch, headphones, keys, and more of your smaller items. Highly reviewed, this appears to be an organizer worth its salt with one buyer saying: "I adore the way this was packaged! It all fit compact into the box, into the drawstring bag. Not to mention that the bag is cute. There was cardboard between the two larger pieces to prevent them from beating each other up in shipping and the small piece was packaged in its own box." Sounds like a good deal to us!

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $49.50, Now $46.50)

53. Telescope for Adults

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 4.27.30 PM
  • Genre: Science

If your loved one is on their Bill Nye The Science Guy kick as of late, perhaps a telescope will help him to see the world differently. Not to mention, telescopes are pretty darn cool and really interesting in terms of what you can spot. With this telescope you also get a tripod phone adapter, a carrying bag, and wireless control. Pretty cool huh?

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $199.99, Now $109.98)

54. CINCOM Hand Massager

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 4.31.20 PM
  • Genre: Self-care

A hand massager is definitely needed if you do a lot of work with your hands, and this one helps with addressing pain, hand cramps, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and more. Can we just say it feels amazing? Cause it does. We might just buy another one for ourselves because the three different modes make this an elite massager. Factor that in with the under $60 price tag, and this is a true winner.

SHOP NOW AT AMAZON, (Was $78.98, Now $55.28)

55. Quince Mongolian Cashmere Cable Turtleneck Sweater

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 5.29.53 PM
  • Genre: Clothing

The San Francisco based affordable luxury brand, Quince, partners directly with the world’s leading manufacturers - the same ones used by top luxury brands - to eliminate overheard like sourcing agents, warehouses, and physical stores. This radical manufacturer-to-consumer (M2C) business model allows Quince to deliver true luxury at a fraction of the cost, with most goods priced 50% - 85% less than nearly identical ones from competing brands. Check out their full catalog via their website.


56. Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 5.34.33 PM
  • Genre: Tech

Mujjo makes simple products, perfectly. Best known for its iPhone cases, the company designs and builds protective leather goods that will stay looking, feeling, and performing great, no matter how long or hard they’re used. The company also strives to reduce its environmental impact wherever possible, sourcing from sustainable tanneries, using only recyclable and plastic-free packaging, and carbon-offsetting 100% of its shipping emissions. 


57. Xbox Digital Gift Card

Screen Shot 2023 12 15 at 8.14.26 PM

  • Genre: Gaming

Another duh moment right? Of course, if your guy is an Xbox player, this gift card does the same for them as the Playstation one. The lucky fellow in your life will get emailed a digital code that they can use on the Microsoft Store to buy whatever they please online. Also, you don't have to worry about potentially getting a game they don't like which is a win for you.


58. Google Pixel Tablet

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 12.31.10 PM

  • Genre: Tech

Tablets are the perfect balance for those who don't necessarily want a laptop, and the Google Pixel Tablet is one of the best you can get. In addition to its stunning appearance, the tablet has an 11-inch screen, smart home controls, and a long lasting battery. The tablet also comes with a charging speaker dock, which absolutely makes tablet life more convenient. You aren't going wrong here. Plus, it's right under the $500 mark at Amazon. You'll definitely want to take advantage if you have a Prime account.


Best Over $500

This is the big spending right here! Here's our over $500 selections.

59. PlayStation5 Console – Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Bundle

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 12.11.25 PM

  • Genre: Gaming

Any gamer guy will certainly love getting a new gaming console that they don't already have. So if a PS5 isn't currently in the rotation for your loved one, make their gift this year a new Playstation. What's more, Amazon also gives you Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III as a bonus gift with the purchase, so you won't have to worry about scrambling to find a game to go along with it.


60. Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Screen Shot 2023 12 07 at 12.21.50 PM

  • What's it for: Cleaning

You probably can't stop hearing about Dyson, and rightfully so considering the popularity and effectiveness of the brand. There's tons of Dyson vacuums, but the V15 is one of the company's newer model. You want to talk about a technical vacuum—the V15 has an LCD screen that shows you exactly how many dust particles you've picked up. There's also the Fluffy Optic cleaner head that shows hidden dust on hardwood floors, and the ability to convert to a handheld vacuum. Make no mistake—this is not your run-of-the-mill $30 vacuum—the Dyson v15 is the real deal.


61. Modular Closets Closet Kit

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 5.50.53 PM
  • Genre: Home

Made in the USA, Modular Closets are DIY organizational units that you can order online and custom mix and match to meet your exact organizational needs for a space, room or closet. A Modular Closet System by Modular Closets will help you keep your closet well-organized and decluttered! Modular Closets's high-quality closet systems will help transform your living space and lifestyle by helping you maximize your storage capabilities. Retails for $249.99+ and on Amazon.


62. Portola Ride1UP Compact Folding Electric Bike

Screen Shot 2024 02 01 at 5.57.40 PM
  • Genre: Fitness

Looking for the next best way to run your errands? Get around town? These e-bikes are a no-brainer to become your daily driver. Make no mistake, the Portola Ride1UP Compact Folding Electric Bike will get you where you need to go while allowing you to have more fun than you planned for.


63. Ring Bear Flat

Screen Shot 2024 02 02 at 9.11.53 AM
Ring Bear
  • Genre: Accessories

Whether you want to reciprocate and give your fiance his own engagement ring, or take the lead and pop the question yourself, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do it. Men’s engagement rings have been a growing trend in the last few years with Ed Sheeran and Brooklyn Beckham famously adopting them. The Flat is our favorite, but do take a look at Ring Bear's entire catalog for more suggestions.

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