A Guide to All of the Billie Eilish Sneakers So Far

Off the release of the Nike x Billie Eilish AF1 Low, we revisit all of her kicks

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Billie Eilish seems to have the formula all figured out. Create something dope, put her own Billie Eilish magic on it, have it be a smash to the general public, and wash, rinse, repeat. By now you know Billie Eilish, the successful singer with millions of records sold, but do you know Billie Eilish the sneakerhead? An avid wearer of brands such as Converse and Nike, Eilish is a self-admitted sneakerhead, with a closet full of sneakers that can rival some of the best. And now, that closet features some actual Billie Eilish sneakers.

Speaking of Nike, Eilish (who’s a longtime fan of the brand) signed a deal back in 2021 with the company as one of their newest ambassadors. Here’s everything you need to know. First things first, the artist’s sneaker and apparel collection with the brand is vegan and environmentally friendly. Secondly, Eilish’s imprint is all over her deal with Nike, with each release being one hundred percent her style and personality from top to bottom.

Lastly, Eilish has a brand new collection out, which was released on her website yesterday, and is available starting today on We’ll get into that new release in a few, but first let’s take a look at all of the sneakers the starlet has released thus far.

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1. Billie Eilish Jordan 1 Retro AJKO Ghost Green

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Release Date: 9/30/2021

Upon teaming up with Nike, Eilish began working on her two debut colorways, the first of which was the Billie Eilish Jordan 1 Retro AJKO Ghost Green, which originally retailed for $140. This first release was designed to closely resemble of Eilish’s most well known signature looks, which at the time was her green hair. The Retro Jordan 1 is dressed in neon green all the way through as an homage to her bright green locks, and a woven tongue label that features a blohsh, which is a gender neutral stick figure that Eilish has adopted as one of her emblems.

The shoe sold out quickly via Nike, but you can still find it on the secondary market for around the original retail price. A nice solid start for Eilish’s introduction into the sneaker selling game.


2. Billie Eilish Jordan 15 Retro WMNS

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Release Date: 10/28/21

Eilish followed her debut a month later with the Billie Eilish Jordan 15 Retro WMNS sneaker, which was another instant hit.  Designed in a beige colorway, this shoe would mark the second release of her first collection with Nike, and similar to the first, was constructed in vegan material. For those that don’t know, Eilish is a huge fan of Air Jordans, with her favorite sneakers rumored to be the AJ15s.

A cute quirky sneaker, the Billie Eilish edition of the Jordan 15s features a paneled leather upper, complete with exposed stitching, a ribbed heel wrap, and mesh tongues. Similar to the Retro AJKO, this shoe also sports an Eilish Blohsh on the inside of the tongue, and can now be found via websites like StockX and GOAT.


3. Billie Eilish Nike Air Force 1 High ‘07 SP Mushroom

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Release Date: 04/25/2022

Bringing in the spring vibes, Billie Eilish dropped her third signature sneaker with Nike, the Air Force 1 High ‘07 SP Mushroom, in April of this year. Originally retailing for $170, this shoe came with the model “It’s hard to stop once it starts,” and was almost a blend of her first two releases. With the shoe’s drop being close to Earth Day, the AF1 Mushroom 07’s featured a fresh eco-friendly element with a recycled Durabuck upper and Nike Grind midsole, equally balancing high fashion with sustainability.

The Mushroom colorway was tonal cream color similar to that of an actual mushroom, and boasted chunky mid-foot straps that have previously become popularized by the Alpha Force Low and Air Trainer 3s. 


4. Billie Eilish Nike Air Force 1 High ‘07 SP Sequoia

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Release Date: 10/14/2022

While Eilish has only been at this now for a little over a year, she has been pretty consistent thus far with her releases. Seven months after the Mushrooms, the artist dropped another iteration of her Billie Eilish Nike Air Force 1 High ‘07 shoes, this time in a Sequoia black colorway. Upon the original announcement of the sneaker (which came just several weeks after the Mushroom drop), many speculated that the shoe would be more colorful, but Eilish instead went another direction with a standard all black edition.

Aside from the color, nothing else is different from the Mushrooms, with Eilish just simply wanting to give her fans another option to choose from.


Apparel Break

Okay, we know this article is supposed to be solely about Billie Eilish sneaker releases, but we had to recognize some of the apparel that has accompanied these drops because it’s actually been pretty dope.

Nike x Billie Eilish Fleece Hoodie Mushroom

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First up you’ve got the Nike x Billie Eilish fleece hoodie in Mushroom, which was released alongside the shoe. There’s also a set of matching pants to go along with it, giving you the ultimate athletic look.


Nike x Billie Eilish Fleece Hoodie Sequoia

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To that point, there’s also an all-black fleece hoodie to go along with the Sequoia sneakers as well.


Nike x Billie Eilish Fleece Pants Sequoia

Screen Shot 2022 12 13 at 4.35.17 PM

Here’s an example of what the matching pants look like just as a reference. 


Nike x Billie Eilish Tee

Screen Shot 2022 12 13 at 4.36.28 PM

And if t-shirts are your thing, you can also cop some Nike x Billie Eilish tees in both Mushroom and Sequoia for those warmer spring and summer days.


Alright so that leads us to the present. If you haven’t already heard, Eilish is dropping new colorways just in time for X-Mas. Following the previous colorways pattern of being both vegan and eco-friendly, the singer is dropping two editions of the Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1 Low in what’s set to be in the colors Mushroom and Sequoia once more. Here’s what Eilish had to say about the new collaboration:

billieaf1 campaign hero2 2

I want my collaboration with Nike to tell a story that not only highlights the importance of recycling but also reminds us that we need to take better care of our planet

- Billie Eilish

Some of the key features of the Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1 include: use of leftover material waste from the artist’s prior collaborative AF1 High to create a new aesthetic for an iconic silhouette, highlighting Nike and Eilish shared commitment to taking action to create a better world, and the shoes being pieced together with leftover material waste from the prior AF1 High, blending together aesthetic and narrative.

billieaf1 campaign mushroom

Advancing a democratic approach to concerns of sustainability, The Nike x Billie Eilish AF1 Low enters a new chapter, coinciding with the 40th anniversary celebrations for the Air Force 1, while also advancing a democratic approach to concerns of sustainability, serving as another reminder of how the silhouette has become a canvas of creativity for multiple generations. 

Nike x Billie Eilish AF1 Low Release Info

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As we mentioned earlier, the Nike x Billie Eilish AF1 Low is set to be released December 13 on, and December 14 globally through select Nike retail, so be sure to grab them ASAP as all of her releases tend to sell out quickly.

If our calculations are correct, then we should be seeing another Nike x Billie Eilish drop around the springtime. Until then, be sure to keep up with us for more related style news and content. 

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