Bodega's A/W 22 Collection is an Eclectic and Wonderful Ode to Autumn

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For a lot of us, fall is the season where we can really start dressin'. The perfect medium between the restrictive limitations of the heat (no layers?) and the mandatory pragmatism of the winter, autumn is a season that breeds truly endless possibility when it comes to getting dressed. And when it comes to layering up, a lot of people go to Bodega. Today, the streetwear brand announces the Bodega A/W 22 collection for the season ahead, teeming with the very same ethos. The eclectic collection is a swirling concoction of influences, from the GORPy to the more traditionally athletic.

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Overall, the collection is a perfect marriage of a myriad of the most impactful aspects of 2022 fashion. From jerseys and sweats building on the ever-growing marriage of style and utility under the umbrella of athleisure, to hiking-inspired vests and cargos, it's truly a 2022 collection.

BDGA AW22 Lookbook Editorial 20

Standout pieces include this vest, harkening back to a forgotten but quickly revitalizing era of granola-fueled exploration. The quarter-zip represents a similar recognition of a previously utility-focused culture turned hype.

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Additionally, the sportier pieces are a fun invocation of traditional sports fandom without relying on actually supporting a team. But as a Knicks and Mets fan, I'm obviously telling my own story about this specific jersey.

BDGA AW22 Lookbook Editorial 35

There are of course some of the more traditionally expected pieces from the streetwear mainstay, including screen printed tees and embroidered hoodies and crewnecks. The tee shirts, crewnecks and hoodies are some of the most approachable pieces in the collection, easily integrated into anyone's wardrobe.

BDGA AW22 Lookbook Editorial 7

One of the most slept on components of the collection is the socks integrated throughout the lookbook. Coupled with a pair of cropped pants (or sweats bunched up), they can add a little extra pizzazz to an otherwise minimal outfit.

The Bodega A/W 22 Collection launches on a first come, first served basis online this Sunday, October 15th.

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