How the Bovtiqve Fashion Week Team is Paving the Way for Independent Creatives

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Meet Bovtiqve Fashion Week aka BVFW, the place that provides a platform for independent fashion designers, boutique owners, artists, and models through a week of events in major American cities to share their artistry. Co-founded by Franck Mille—who works with creative director Angelo Diaz—BVFW works to share their five pillars of success, integrity, respect, responsibility, inclusion and style.

The event is held twice a year during the months of February and September while rotating cities for every edition to share their voice across the country. For VOL VI, BVFW is excited to take their work to America’s fashion capital, New York City and partner with Pod Hotels, Jiu Jiu Vodka and more. We connected with the team ahead of their big event to learn more about how they breaking new ground in the fashion world.

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ONE37pm: Thanks so much for connecting with us! For those being introduced to Bovtiqve for the first time, could you just give a rundown of who you are and what you guys are doing?

BVFW: BVFW is a direct reflection of risking taking to curate equal opportunities for a group of people who aspire to be successful in the fashion and entertainment industries. We understand in order for there to be an NBA there must also be a NCAA, and we’re creating just that for the fashion and entertainment industry. In a world dominated by social recognition, there needed to be a platform that teaches creatives an alternate way to pursue their dreams.

ONE37pm: BVFW provides a platform for independent fashion designers, boutique owners, artists, and models. What do you look for in selecting creatives? 

BVFW: During our participation interviews we listen for purpose and determination first. Those type of creatives, in my experience, do not possess the entitled gene and understand the effort it takes outside of your skill. BVFW is way more than a unique fashion experience, it’s a living breathing example of connectivity, philanthropy, inclusion, business and more. And we seek designers, brands, models and sponsors who understand the big picture when building a platform of this magnitude. We scale the relationships so the dynamic of your options vary based on your entry point.

Designers have tiered opportunities allowing for us to work with new comers and established entities in the same setting at a fair rate and we employ large activation tactics such as sourcing agencies and forming partnerships with popular brands to increase awareness. 

ONE37pm: What are the kind of opportunities people can get or have gotten from working with Bovtiqve?

BVFW: BVFW has led to many blessings of those who’ve trusted our system and purpose. For example, models have secured legitimate modeling contracts, national campaign placements, and retail in-store placements. Designers have been placed in illustrious boutiques, editorial placements for magazines and more. BVFW’s Creative Director, Franck Mille actually became the first Creative Director of America’s Largest Hat Company, Goorin Bros in the years of 2021-2022.

The number one benefit of working with Bovtiqve Fashion Week is you are learning how to move your business forward. The blueprint is shared as we travel the nation in search of talent for BVFW. The empowerment BVFW distributes by educating talent on how to monetize themselves with or without social media is invaluable. 

ONE37pm: We heard you have some events planned for NYFW. Can you give us a glimpse of what to expect?

BVFW: Absolutely, the line up is amazing. 

02/23 - The Gallery Auction & BVFW Opening Night Party at The Delancey NYC

02/24 - The Penthouse Shows with an amazing performance by Harvard Graduate: Sinah Abloh!

02/25 - The V Gala & Galleria is our finale art and fashion event. A black tie or formal wear evening of couture and avant garde designs. And we close out with the Flyest Brunch Ever Vol II at Negril NYC. 

ONE37pm: Okay so what about 2023 beyond Fashion Week. What’s in store? 

BVFW: We produce a fashion talk show called Beyond The Runway. It’s an introspective and intimate fashion & networking experience. We are looking to enhance the retail side of the platform. We currently feature designers in our online shop and we create photography assets and marketing materials to enhance the profile of our designers overall. We also activate bi-annually for our full five day fashion week experience but we also produce a summer weekend fashion series titled SWIM.

This summer there will be SWIM VOL III, IV & V and they will be held in Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV, and Los Ángeles California. Our finale event of the year will be BVFW Vol II in Los Ángeles, California as well. Get your popcorn!

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