Bronx Streetwear Brand "FAMOUS NOBODYS" Is One To Watch

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Christian Vazquez and Gary Gonzalez are unveiling the next chapter to the storied FAMOUS NOBODYS brand. FAMOUS NOBODYS is a Bronx, NY-based streetwear brand that speaks to the anti-celebrity in the digital age, with gear that serves as a complementary cloak to the viral anonymity of the brand’s consumers. Their latest release, an apparel line that is exclusive to New York and being released through Foot Locker, is out today, and similar to the previous drops, embodies the brand’s goal of empowering one another and the world around us through thought and action.


An advocate for sociopolitical change and economic growth in lower income communities, FAMOUS NOBODYS has a mission of being for the people while giving the "nobodys" of society a flag of their own to wave, which includes victims of injustices across society today. Known for their style and flair, FAMOUS NOBODYS has a long list of famous clientele including NBA superstar and 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Carmelo Anthony who is a brand ambassador for the company, Kevin Durant, DJ Khaled, Megan Thee Stallion, French Montana, and more.

FAMOUS NOBODYS is part of Foot Locker’s Home Grown platform, which was launched in 2019 as a platform to connect Foot Locker with its communities and introduce local designers from across the nation to consumers. Through the program, Foot Locker aims to introduce consumers to local brands and designers that are influencing the streetwear space. Brands are able to submit their designs directly to Foot Locker to potentially be featured on the brand’s Home Grown platform online and in select stores across the U.S.

ONE37pm caught up with Vazquez this week to talk about the brand.

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ONE37pm: Thanks for chatting with us Christian! Could you first start by diving into the ethos of FAMOUS NOBODYs, and what the brand represents

Vazquez: FAMOUS NOBODYS was founded in 2015, and our flagship store is based in the Bronx. As a brand, we represent the “nobodies,” and make it empowering by turning a negative into a positive. With FAMOUS NOBODYS, you are your own celebrity. It’s kind of like social media.

ONE37pm: How has the brand evolved since 2015?

Vazquez: Oh we’ve evolved tremendously! I remember I was walking with a friend who owned a hat line called TWNTY TWO, and we saw somebody walking around with a pigeon design on their hat. The idea of FAMOUS NOBODYS was born, and it was something that had always been in my head. My friend called me that night, and we designed the first hat and placed an order overseas.

At first, we were only doing one hat a month, and they were instantly selling out. Then we added t-shirts, and it snowballed from there. Now we have the store, we’re working with Foot Locker, and product wise we’ve grown as well. We are actually cutting and sewing now as opposed to just printing designs.

ONE37pm: Okay, let’s talk more about this partnership with Foot Locker. How has it been working with the Foot Locker team?

Vazquez: Foot Locker is amazing. We’ve been working with them for about a year and a half, and it’s been great. We are growing into more stores, and we’re on monthly calls with the Foot Locker team. It’s amazing because to this day Foot Locker is a store that I get excited to walk into, so to now see our products in the store is an incredible feeling.

ONE37pm: Did we get everything? Anything else you want to add?

Vazquez: Buy my shit!

You heard him loud and clear. In the meantime, you can follow FAMOUS NOBODYS on Instagram and via their official website.

HUF x Marvel / HUF

Fashion Spotlight: As usual we have a fashion spotlight for you guys. HUF is digging deep into their Marvel archives for a 90s-inspired collaboration.

HUF dug deep into the archives to present the new Marvel x HUF collection - a range of apparel and accessories that pulls from the pages of the most iconic era of Marvel's storied history. A period that produced some of the most well-known and celebrated figures in the Marvel universe, HUF references their personal favorite era to create a collection for true OG Marvel fans worldwide. 

The Marvel x HUF collection explores Marvel artwork produced in the ‘90s when fan-favorite artists created the dark cityscapes with rawness and grit that still makes them powerful images today. The Marvel x HUF collection blends the style of those original works with the brand’s signature aesthetic, which was born in the same period twenty years ago. 

Key pieces from the collection mix workwear and classic skate silhouettes with iconic Marvel imagery and include the Ghost Rider Work Jacket and Painter Pants, the X-MEN Resort Shirt with artwork inspired by comic book panel layouts, the Venom Football Jersey, and the limited-edition Spider-Man Variant Skate decks. 

You can check out the collection via HUF's website.

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