The 31 Best Men's Jewelry Brands to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

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What's life without a little bling bling? While the fellas rocking jewelry is something that has never gone out of style amongst dedicated jewelry lovers, men's jewelry is experiencing something of a renaissance thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Pete Davidson and Harry Styles. This recent explosion is long overdue, and we're feeling the experimentation from the fellas as of late. From earrings and chains all the way to precious gemstones, there's certainly more men's jewelry brands aimed specifically than let's just say ten years ago.

As jewelry is an accessory that can transform an outfit completely, it's a wise decision to make an investment in a few pieces that can be your automatic tried and true go-to. We'll be taking a look at 31 different men's jewelry brands that we feel are an excellent resource for your jewelry needs.

Check out our selections below.

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FAQs About Men's Jewelry:

If you have some questions about jewelry, we've got you covered.

Is men's jewelry in style?

It indeed is! As we mentioned earlier, there's a bit of a renaissance going on in the popularity of Men's jewelry, and part of that is from the likes of celebrities, who have a way of popularizing and elevating trends.

Should I wear gold or silver jewelry?

That, our friends, is a stylistic choice that is completely up to you. For a long time, people believed that if you have a darker complexion with yellow undertones, you should wear gold. And if you had a lighter complexion with rose undertones, wear silver. But these days, it's more about your personal style and what you wear. Do you like gold or silver better? What goes more with the outfit you are wearing. Only you can determine that.

What kind of jewelry is the most durable?

Our research shows jewelry made with Tungsten to be the most durable as it is the toughest material that is the least scratch-resistant. Pieces with solid gold and sterling silver are also very durable and hypoallergenic.

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