'Stylin' and 'Profilin' With Homme + Femme Founder Drew Evans

We caught up with Evans to talk about the brand's journey

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Homme + Femme

While it’s been thirty-plus years since the start of the 1990s, there are certain elements from that decade that have consistently remained relevant. One of those is, of course, the style and fashion trends from that era. One could very well make the argument that 90s fashion has never gone out of fashion, and it would certainly be a hard point to counter-debate. For those that got to experience the 1990s first hand, certain revived trends are a sweet nostalgic reminder, and for those that didn’t, it’s a chance to get a small taste of what things were like back then.

Homme + Femme also has celeb fans including Fivio Foreign, G Herbo, Justin Bieber, Young Thug, and Jake Paul to name a few, and just recently released its spring collection.

ONE37pm spoke with founder Drew Evans to learn more about the brand’s journey, and what the future looks like.

ONE37pm:  How did you first develop the concept for Homme and Femme?

Evans: I had a vision of owning my own brand since I was a kid. Growing up in the generation of hip hop entrepreneurs I wanted to have a brand like Jay-Z's Rocawear and Diddy at Sean Jean. When I got a chance to intern at the brand TISA I just worked and observed and more and more I believed I could do it. Originally I wanted to call my brand “Homme Boy” to be a more high-end version of streetwear for young men but my collaborator at the time suggested we call it Homme Femme to be more inclusive and I thought it was perfect. 

ONE37pm: There’s a lot of 90s inspiration behind the brand. Is 1990s style in general something you have been inspired by?

Evans: Of course! Growing up in the 90s the style, as well as the music and sports, inspired me. To me, the 90s will always be the most iconic time period in America. It was the golden age of hip hop and pop happening simultaneously with the end of the Jordan era and the start of the Kobe and Allen Iverson era. A lot happened in the 90s that shaped the world for the better.

ONE37pm: The new spring collection is out. Can you tell us more?

Evans: Spring is one of our proudest achievements. Growing the brand over the past 9 years has seen many hurdles. With this collection, we are at full strength creatively and with our core team intact in all areas of business. From the design team to the guys working in logistics we really have evolved into what we believe is the best brand in LA.

We wanted to show the best parts of our team culture and the best of LA while paying homage to landmarks and creatives that inspired us with subtitle verbiage and illustrations. 

You can keep up with all things Homme + Femme via their official website and Instagram.

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