Homme + Femme Drops 90s-Inspired Collaboration With Eddie Bauer

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Homme + Femme is back at again with a brand new collection, this time with Eddie Bauer. The two brands are teaming up to launch their unisex Hyper Hike collection, which, brings together classic outdoor clothing with the influence of 90’s hip hop culture. Through the collaboration the two brands are bridging cultural gaps between that of the outdoor world and black history and culture of streetwear. Tastemaker Bloody Osiris was brought in as the face of the campaign bringing the collection to his Harlem roots. The collection is genderless and features puffer jackets, fleeces, hats, tees, bib snow pants, snow jacket, and more.

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Homme + Femme

This collection represents an elevated nostalgia that combines Eddie Bauer’s rich heritage with a fresh look forward incorporating the raw style of streetwear with the classic craftsmanship of heritage designs.

We spoke with founder Drew Evans to learn more about Homme and Femme’s background and the collection.

Homme + Femme

ONE37pm:  How did you first develop the concept for Homme and Femme?

Evans: I had a vision of owning my own brand since I was a kid. Growing up in the generation of hip hop entrepreneurs I wanted to have a brand like Jay Z’s Rocawear and Diddy at Sean Jean. When I got a chance to intern at the brand TISA I just worked and observed and more and more I believed I could do it. Originally I wanted to call my brand “Homme Boy” to be a more high end version of streetwear for young men but my collaborator at the time suggested we call it Homme Femme to be more inclusive and I thought it was perfect. 

ONE37pm: There’s a lot of 90s inspiration behind the brand. Is 1990s style in general something you have been inspired by?

Evans: Of course!! Growing up in the 90s the style as well as the music and sports inspired me. To me, the 90s will always be the most iconic time period in America. It was the golden age of hip hop and pop happening simultaneously with the end of the Jordan Era and the start of the Kobe and Allen Iverson era. A lot happened in the 90s that shaped the world for the better.

Homme + Femme

ONE37pm: Let’s talk more about this collaboration with Eddie Bauer. How did that come to be?

Evans: This year we did the Kentucky Derby in May, and that was our largest collaboration to date. We don’t really do a lot of collaborations. In the past we’ve only done like two or three with our friends. As far as clothing, this is probably the biggest one for sure. I feel very grateful to be working with Eddie Bauer because I grew up in the 90s and the early 2000s, and all of my classmates wore Eddie Bauer. It’s called Hyper Hike, and it’s targeted towards Gen Z because they are always on the move. The ethos of Homme & Femme is nostalgia, it’s what we live by everyday.

Our lookbook for this was shot in Harlem to go along with Wu-Tang, Notorious B.I.G., etc. The parkers, puffers, tactical vests, were things that were reflective of that. We wanted an old school Ford Expedition, but we couldn’t get it in time. Being from the West Coast, you couldn’t really wear stuff like that. So I wanted a blend of East and West Coast. Also, getting to shoot at Rucker Park was a childhood dream come true.

Sometimes I don’t really pay attention to what I’m doing, but shooting this campaign was like “Wow I’m at the Rucker, working with Eddie Bauer, and it’s for my brand!” The speaker element of the shoot was from our creative Sarah who is from New York. She was like it would be dope if we included speakers in the shoot. 

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Homme + Femme
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Homme + Femme
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Homme + Femme

ONE37pm: How has Homme & Femme evolved with time?

Evans: It will be our tenth year this year. Ten years ago, I was wrapping up a Halloween party with Trindad James, I was working with one of Kanye West’s closest creatives. I was just a kid that was blessed to have an opportunity working as a creative, and when I got done with my internship I was hoping I could get put on salary, but they couldn’t afford to keep me.

So I went off on my own, and my friend and I created a hockey sweater with a Chanel logo that we started selling at the mall. It said Coco on the back with a number 5, and kids loved it. I put it on IG, and Teyana Taylor’s people saw it and she wore it online, and then a bunch of kids started hitting me up to pre-order them. 

That was summer 2013, and my brand started growing online, but I didn’t expect it to be what it is now with a warehouse, staff, and pr team. One of my friends took me overseas to get manufacturing, and major brands were hitting us up. We were selling out online in two minutes. It was crazy! Year after year I would have huge wins and take huge losses. I’ve been doing this myself this whole time, I never had a mentor that could show me the way. It’s been nine years of ups and downs.

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Homme + Femme

ONE37pm: What Inspires You?

Evans: I’m inspired by everything that I see today and everything that I was able to live through like the 90s and early 2000s. Hip-Hop and African-American culture going viral around the world inspired me to set a standard for myself and my company. I want everybody to love this collection with Eddie Bauer, be inspired by it, and set the tone for Q1.

You can keep up with all things Homme + Femme via their official website.

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