9 Kenyan Clothing Brands You Should Have on Your Radar

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Courtesy of Akiba Studios / Shot by IG: @kobbywaiyaki

In recent years, streetwear has gone from a niche sub-culture to a global phenomenon—affecting popular fashion trends at the highest levels of the industry. The movement is driven by a rebellious DIY ethos expressed through fashion, art, music, and skateboarding. Youth across the globe are tapping into streetwear’s history of hip-hop and skate culture and infusing it with their localized styles and influences to express their own unique perspectives. Kenya is no exception. With 68% of the population under the age of 34 and a national culture and leadership that under-values youthful perspectives, fashion has become a significant avenue of expression for younger Kenyans. From personal clothing brands to expansive lifestyle collectives, these are some of the Kenyan clothing brands that are leading the streetwear movement in the nation, empowering themselves and their community while expressing their heritage through a modern lens. 

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Kenya hosts brains that can change and shape the world in fashion and style, but our voices are not heard loud enough.

- Phillip Koth, Co-Creative Director of Pesos Nairobi
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Akiba Studios

1. STUDIO 18

2. Akiba Studios

3. Metamorphisized

4. Nairobi Apparel District

5. Smoke the Nemesis

6. At Odds

7. Zamani Skateboards

8. Bonkerz

9. Pesos

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