The 11 Best Kevin Durant Shoes to Take to the Court in 2023

What's are the best KDs for guards? For big men?

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Kevin Durant is a man that doesn't need any introduction other than legend and one of the greatest athletes of all time. Throughout the course of his career (which began with the Seattle Supersonics in 2007) we have seen dozens upon dozens of human highlight reel moments, buzzer beaters, and spectacular performances. As is the case with some of his predecessors and contemporaries, we've also seen loads of great sneaker moments. As you already know, Kevin Durant is now a lifelong member of the Nike family, having joined the team in 2007. As of this writing, KD has released 16 signature releases, and we're going to be taking a look the best of the best. So here it is—Kevin Durant's 11 Best Shoes to Take to the Court in 2023. And while you're at it, check out our lists on the best Kobes and LeBrons as well.

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Kevin Durant's Best Shoes:

  • Nike KD 13
  • Nike KD 14
  • Nike KD 9
  • Nike KD 15
  • Nike KD 16
  • Nike KD 10
  • Nike KD 8
  • Nike KD Trey 5
  • Nike KD 11
  • Nike KD 7
  • Nike Zoom KD 12

1. Nike KD 13

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 6.57.32 PM
  • Pros: Great traction and mobility, cool designs
  • Cons: Midsole isn't as firm as KD 12
  • Key features: Forefoot Zoom Unit, Zoom Strobel Board, TPU Shank
  • Notable colorway: Black Grey

Let's tip things off with the KD 13, which considered a fan favorite in the NBA sneaker community. The KD 13 gives you all the tools needed for success on the court in terms of comfort, protection (specifically ankle protection), and the response time is good for shooting, stopping on a dime, etc. We've listed the "Black Grey" as our favorite KD 13, but there's much to be said about some of the others colorways like "Oreo" and "University Blue" to name a couple.


2. Nike KD 14

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 7.06.32 PM
Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Pros: Versatile, comfortable, lightweight
  • Cons: Could run narrow for some players
  • Key features: Full-length Zoom Air cushioning, Cushlon foam
  • Notable colorway: Deep Royal

The KD 14's are also highly-regarded as well as they are known for their versatility and comfort. The shoe comes with full-length zoom air cushioning and cushlon form to help with responsiveness, and feature multi-layer mesh and a mid-foot strap which helps with reducing the foot's movements inside the shoe. In addition to the "Deep Royal" colorway, we're also fans of the Nike KD 14 "Aunt Pearl," which has become something of a sneaker cult-classic.


3. Nike KD 9

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 7.20.21 PM
  • Pros: Good responsiveness, lots of cool colorways, comfortable
  • Cons: Slightly less support than other KD models
  • Key features: Zoom Air cushioning
  • Notable colorway: "Elite Wanda"

Taking it all the way back to the KD 9 iteration, this shoe was built to be easily adaptable with its second-skin fit and re-engineered cushioning. The 9s are/were crafted with full-length Nike Zoom Air unit, meaning it gives you 360 support by being thicker in the heel for hard landings, and thinner towards the front part of the shoe quick pull-ups. Some colorways in the 9s that grab our eye are: "Elite Wanda," "Summer Pack," "Birds of Paradise," and "Hard Work."


4. Nike KD 15

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 7.29.27 PM
  • Pros: Good performance, durable, great traction, nice designs
  • Cons: Slightly lacks heel support
  • Key features: Air Zoom Strobel, Cushlon foam
  • Notable colorway: "Refuge"

Featuring Air Zoom Strobel and cushlon foam, the Nike KD 15 is considered by some to be the best KD release so far as it offers a good performance and response time, durability, and traction. In addition to the shoe's lightweight feel, the midsole is extra comfortable (once again thanks to the cushlon foam), and the actual designs on the shoes are dope.


5. Nike KD 16

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 7.38.28 PM
  • Pros: Good traction, great response, comfortable
  • Cons: Might run narrow for some
  • Key features: Nike Air, Zoom Air
  • Notable colorway: "NY vs NY"

The KD16's are officially locked, loaded, and ready to go. The 16's have Nike Air and Zoom Air which provide speed and stability for all four quarters of the shoe. The 16's also have a lower upper and lighter load compared to previous iterations which make them extra mobile while playing. Another positive about the 16s are their design. "NY vs NY" celebrates the unofficial hoops capital of (NYC), where KD will always be loved and celebrated.


6. Nike KD 10

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 8.40.14 PM
  • Pros: Very firm, good cushioning, good ankle protection
  • Cons: Not as much traction as other models
  • Key features: Zoom Air, Flyknit Uppers
  • Notable colorway: "Multi-color"

Backing it up to the Nike KD 10, the 10's remain a great performance shoe for playing. Featuring a Zoom Air, Flyknit Uppers, and a circular patterned rubber outsole, those are just some of the features that make the 10's such an attractive shoe. Speaking of attractive, the "Multi-color" 10's are one of our favorites, and so is the "Platinum," "City Edition," and "Wolf Grey" colorways for that matter as well.


7. Nike KD 8

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 8.50.33 PM
  • Pros: Full support, great traction, great design, very stable
  • Cons: Have to break them in a little bit
  • Key features: Zoom Air, Flyknit Uppers
  • Notable colorway: "All-Star"

This eighth model of the KD 8's is one of the best out there in terms of basketball shoes as it is lightweight, has flexible support, innovative cushioning and locked-in comfort. The shoe's also boast a FlyWeave upper that is flexible in some parts of the shoe, while being stronger in others. Adding to that comfort is the full-length Zoom Air that gives you even more flexibility and bounce. The 8's might be almost eight years old, but they are still very much a cop-worthy shoe.


8. Nike KD Trey 5

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 8.58.30 PM
  • Pros: Good protection and cushioning, lightweight, responsive, cool designs
  • Cons: Could run too wide
  • Key features: Nike Renew Foam
  • Notable colorway: "Clear Jade"

Going back even further to the Nike KD Trey 5—the 5's are also a worthy shoe in the KD collection. The protection and cushioning is solid, the shoes are lightweight enough for shooting, running, jumping, etc., the response time is awesome—especially in the mid-foot and heel, and there's also a mid-foot for additional protection. Our favorite is the "Clear Jade" colorway, but the "White," "University Red," and "Black Volt" are some other cool options color-wise.


9. Nike KD 11

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 9.08.17 PM
  • Pros: Stable cushioning, great footbed, comfortable sock-like upper
  • Cons: Traction isn't as good as other models
  • Key features: Nike React Foam, Zoom Air cushioning
  • Notable colorway: "Chinese Zodiac"

The 11's are cool too. The support is there with the Flyknit material that gives you breathability, is responsive thanks to the Nike React foam and toe-to-heel Nike Zoom Air combo, is stable thanks to the rubber sole, and is different from other Flyknit models because of the yarn usage, which gives it a lofted effect. You can rock with the "Chinese Zodiac" colorway we have featured, or you could roll with "Aunt Pearl," "Still KD," or "Paranoid." Your choice.


10. Nike KD 7

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 9.21.36 PM
  • Pros: Great technical features, good cushioning, excellent traction
  • Cons: Has some heel slippage
  • Key features: Nike Zoom Air
  • Notable colorway: "What the KD"

The Nike KD 7s are a nifty little sneaker too. The 7's are technically loaded with a mid-foot strap, mesh uppers, a Zoom Air sole unit for cushioning, Flywire Support, and a velcro secured top strap for extra measure (and protection). "What the KD" is one of the most popular colorways in the 7's iteration, but we like "EXT Floral," "Global Game," and "35,000 Degrees" as well.


11. Nike Zoom KD 12

Screen Shot 2023 09 05 at 9.34.26 PM
  • Pros: Full of response and bounce, cushions and protects well
  • Cons: Could run snug
  • Key features: Nike Zoom Air,  Quad Axial Flywire 
  • Notable colorway: "90s Kid"

Built for dominance and loaded with energy, the KD 12's marked the very first time a midsole layer was removed in place of a full-length Nike Air Zoom cushion. The shoe also features an additional Air Zoom unit in the heel, and Quad Axial Flywire cables that help with your movements. The shoe's broken-in feel and comfort also makes this a shoe that you can beyond hooping as they are built to last all day.

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