Pas Une Marque is Bringing a Philosophy-Driven Approach to Fashion

And they are making a mark in the industry

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Pas Une Marque

Word to the wise—don't call Pas Une Marque a "brand." Instead refer to them as a fashion label—one intent on carving out their own path and creating their own legacy. Created by Sean Coutts, Pas Une Marque separates themselves from the pack by epitomizing a philosophy-driven approach to luxury streetwear—one that appeals to the modern-day philosopher. A fashion label that has begun catching the eye of many fashion lovers around the world, one of Pas Une Marque's latest ventures is their Spring-Summer 2024 collection, "Threads of Dissonance," which was done in collaboration with the celebrated surrealist artist Lennin Vásquez. Conceptualized and created using a range of innovative fabrics and artistic techniques, this capsule is just one of many that captures the distinctive ingenious approach led by Coutts and his team.

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Pas Une Marque

We intend to explore design, techniques, and craft that evoke questioning.

- Sean Coutts

"Pas Une Marque bridges the gap between philosophy and fashion," Coutts tells ONE37pm. Continuing, he adds: "We intend to explore design, techniques, and craft that evoke questioning." Hearing that sentiment from Coutts isn't a surprise once you've become familiar with the ethos of the label. With each new collection, it is the goal of Pas Une Marque to "create a lasting impact, championing the principles of "slow fashion" and creative self-discovery." So where exactly does this principle come from? To understand that, you have to take it back to the inception of the brand, and learn a little bit more about Coutts himself.

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Pas Une Marque

Pas Une Marque is heavily invested in its ‘why’ - driven by philosophy and seeking to promote a deeper sense of meaning.

- Sean Coutts

"The brand started as a hobby," Coutts recalls when we ask him about how Pas Une Marque came to be. "It was a place to blend what I was seeing in my studies with fashion." Those studies you ask? None other than philosophysomething that still consistently fuels the inspiration and direction of the label. "As an outsider in fashion, I felt that this "why" was lacking in a lot of brands and I wanted to somehow change it," Coutts adds as he continues to reminisce about the early days of his company. Pas Une Marque is heavily invested in this concept of "why"- which as we just mentioned is driven by philosophy and seeking to promote a deeper sense of meaning.

This, however, is where the reminiscing ends as Coutts is very much an artist rooted in the present while also zeroing in on the future. Noting that it takes roughly a year-and-a-half from inception to the actual unveiling of a collection, Pas Une Marque's latest initiative is their AW24 collection, "Seams of Dissent," which was done in collaboration with sculptor Johnson Tsang, and shown this week at their showroom during Paris Fashion Week. "Everything from our sourcing, design and manufacturing process is intricate and unique. We manufacture our entire collection in Peru and spend quite some time developing techniques that we can incorporate within our collections," Coutts tells me.

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Pas Une Marque

Our ideation process begins very early on, since we have to spend time investigating the collections theme and then begin our R&D with the creation of new techniques.

- Sean Coutts

"Our ideation process begins very early on, since we have to spend time investigating the collections theme and then begin our R&D with the creation of new techniques," the designer adds as he recounts putting the label's latest two collections together.  The "Seams of Dissent" collection, in particular, "is a testament to the power of individual expression and the breaking of conventions. A bold reimagining of luxury ready-to-wear fashion, "Seams of Dissent" draws inspiration from the spirit of rebellion and the art of deconstruction.

Speaking of Paris Fashion Week, we had to get a question in about Pas Une Marque's showroom experience this past week. Coutt's tells us this showing was indeed a full-circle moment. "Paris is where it all began, and I can’t think of a better place where it all connects, especially during fashion week," he says, stating that they will also be making a presentation in early February at New York Fashion Week. "We will be presenting our latest collection AW24 'Seams of Dissent' during Fashion Week in New York on February 9th 2024," Coutts notes.

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Pas Une Marque

The beginning of 2024 is certainly bringing some great things for this ascending fashion label, so what else is on the horizon? "2024 has a lot in store. As you mentioned, we have collaborated with a Hong Kong sculptor: Johnson Tsang, an incredibly unique artist that explores surrealist motifs which align very well with our messaging. We have also introduced accessories such as leather goods, side bags, duffel bags and sunglasses to our collection for the first time."

That's two new collections (each of which had a dope collaboration with an equally dope artist), showings at Paris and New York Fashion Week, and a new expansion to their label offerings. We reckon that's a pretty darn good start to the year 2024 don't you think?

You can continue to keep up with Pas Une Marque via their official website and Instagram.

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