Peacock's 'Bel-Air' Drops New Merchandise

And it's fire

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Season 1 of Bel-Air just concluded with its heavily talked about finale that had viewers getting the conversation going on Twitter, and now as we all begin to look forward to Season 2, the Bel-Air team is hooking up with some exclusive merchandise. Peacock is partnering with live stream app NTWRK to drop an exclusive collection of Bel-Air-inspired sneakers, set-used props and wardrobe, and fan collectibles, with all proceeds going towards Coded by Kids—a Philadelphia based tech education nonprofit that focuses on tech startup-focused entrepreneurship programs for underrepresented groups.

Some of the items included in this collection are:

ONE37pm spoke with NTWRK president Moksha Fitzgibbons about how this cool collection came to be, and what else we can expect from the NTWRK team in the future.

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ONE37pm: Thanks for speaking with us Moksha! For those that are just now being introduced to NTWRK, could you walk us through what we can expect from this collection?

Moksha: No problem! For those that don’t know, NTWRK is a live streaming entertainment platform where you can get the chance to win, in this case, official Bel Air merchandise, which are highly coveted and desirable products. For example, we have the highly coveted sneaker collection Bel Air Kicks. Getting access to those collectibles are top priority, and it's a mix of products. We also have another set that is all about the show and you can see what people are wearing. It’s all about meaningful engagement and brand love.

ONE37pm: How did this partnership with Bel Air come to be and what can we expect?

Moksha: We looked at the passion point of audience programming and what they are interested in and figured it made sense. Once we identified those things in terms of what was meaningful to the audience, we were able to create a collection with items directly from the set while also providing an access level of engagement. We also have promotional packs for increased fan love and engagement which represent iconic pop culture. 

ONE37pm: Last but not least, what else has NTWRK been up to lately?

Moksha: We are working on so many things here at NTWRK! We have a continued commitment to creators that have consumer desirability. We are also helping to build up a pool of creators like Mr. Flower Fantastic. Additionally, we are working on events that surround passion points such as basketball for example that have collectives all around that are made for specific moments.

We have some festival stuff coming too! We are forever trying to innovate and enhance the experience for our consumers. We recently launched creator pages where creators can develop their own specific community and consumers can follow them. Things are developing really fast for us, and we’re getting into the trading card market too! We want to continue to build!

You can keep up with both NTWRK and the Bel Air series on Instagram.

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