Reebok and Mountain Research Officially Announce Leather Beatnik

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The recent revival of the Reebok Beatnik is an incredible example of the cyclical nature of fashion. A shoe initially released in the 80s has come back in 21st century as a go-to casual option for outdoor enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike, providing an amazing canvas for collaboration for Reebok and its ambitious partnerships in recent years. The latest such collaboration is the Reebok x Mountain Research Leather Beatnik, invoking the design ethos of the latter Japanese designer embossed on a timeless silhouette from the sportswear giant.

The Reebok x Mountain Research Leather Beatnik

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This collab marks the third such partnership between Reebok and Mountain Research, coming off their previous Club C II Mid release earlier this year.

Setsumasa Kobayashi, who founded Mountain Research back in 1993, worked with the Reebok team to bring his
craftsmanship and love of the outdoors to the cult-followed Beatnik silhouette.

“Reebok’s Beatnik has an eye-catching center seam and functional strap that, in my view, presents a new generation of sandals,” said Kobayashi. “I am honored to have worked with the Reebok team and have the ability to apply Mountain Research designs to the silhouette.”

When we ask Kobayashi about the design of the shoe, he tells ONE37pm: "The collection is inspired by the crossover, or 'encounter', of hand-crafted stitchwork and the traditional industrial manufacturing method that is typically used to create sneakers."

Reebok x Mountain Research Beatnik 6

As with all of the Beatnik models, this sandal features the iconic center seam and adjustable strap at the midfoot to allow the wearer to take the shoes into rugged conditions.

Reebok x Mountain Research Beatnik 3

What sets this iteration apart from previous models is the stitchwork component, an embroidered artwork that gives the sandals a more homey feel than their outdoors-centric counterparts. The foam footbed and soft leather of the sandals make for a shoe that is just as comfortable and appropriate in the home as it is on the trail.

You can get your hands on the Reebok x Mountain Research Leather Beatnik at the Mountain Research store on September 23rd before they go live globally on on September 27th.

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