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Steve Natto

Meet Steve Natto. A TikTok and YouTube sneaker creator with quite a bit of experience in the sneaker industry both in front and behind the camera. A quick look at Steve’s TikTok page will show reviews of some of the latest sneaker drops and collaborations such as the Stranger Things x Nike collaboration from earlier this year, the MSCHF x Jimmy Fallon shoe collab, the CPFM x McDonalds new release that dropped yesterday (which you can check out here), the Australian Dunks, the new J Balvin’s, and plenty more.

A sneaker is not official until Steve gets his hands on it, and we caught up with him yesterday to learn more about his growing sneaker success in content creation.

ONE37pm: Hey Steve! Thanks for chatting with us! How did you get your start in creating sneaker content?

Natto: I’ve been in the sneaker game for a long time, but sneaker content creation is something I have taken up relatively recently. I review all-around popular new releases, and sometimes I will style them up a little bit, but nothing too crazy! Mostly reviews!

ONE37pm: How do you go about selecting the sneakers you choose to review?

Natto: It’s a mixture of things. What we do may differ from other creators, but I’m just mostly interested in seeing what could do well and what cool stories we can share with our viewers.

ONE37pm: You have already achieved so much success already. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Natto: That’s a good question! There’s so many sneaker releases already. I just want to keep showing as many sneakers as I can, and make sure I’m having a good time while making the best content possible. 

You can continue to keep up with Steve on TikTok.

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