11 Sustainable Men's Clothing Brands to Keep Your Eye On

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Patagonia, Story Mfg, Ground Cover

In today's fashion landscape, sustainability has become a key word that has been thrown around increasingly the last few years. Often, it is used as a buzzword to catch people's attention with very little substance. Brands will greenwash their audiences with promises of better practices, but offer very little in terms of accountability, making it hard to determine what the best sustainable menswear brands really are. In an effort to make navigating this market easier, we've compiled a list of brands both large and small, that make a dedicated effort to do better for our environment and the producers of the clothing. Here's a list of 10 sustainable men's clothing brands to keep your eye on.

1. Patagonia

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Often seen as the gold standard for sustainable men's clothing brands and sustainable brand practices generally, Patagonia has been leading the charge by pioneering the use of fair trade, alternative materials, and non-toxic dyes in their clothing. The 5" Baggies shorts are an all time classic, and employ the use of inventive materials like post-consumer recycled nylon made from recycled fishing nets.

The brand also commits to a self imposed pledge of 1% of its sales towards the climate crisis, funding environmental non-profits working to combat global warming's negative effects.

Patagonia also has a trade in program, which allows you to drop off old and used garments from the brand for store credit.

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2. Goldwin

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Goldwin is a top tier outdoor brand, often known for its obsession with high performance textiles. Now, the Japanese label is beginning to explore sustainable materials and processes for more of its products each year. Their newest lines incorporate the use of ECOPET, an advanced textile made from recycled water bottles.

One of Goldwin's exploratory capsules includes a jacket, hat, and coat that employ the use of natural dyes to give the garments their color. Some of the most interesting variations use burnt bamboo or onions to create colors like black or yellow.

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3. Story Mfg.

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Story Mfg.

Story Mfg. is easily one of the most exciting brands to come out in the last several years. The U.K. based brand has made a long time commitment to create clothing consciously and authentically. The husband and wife team work with a wide range of artisans and craft people, highlighting their work through playful and mindful clothing.

Every detail is carefully considered, with very little waste going into production as fabric offcuts and waste materials are used in everything from lining and stuffing to hangtags and packaging. The brand also avoids toxic chemicals in any capacity, especially from the dyeing process. The clothes themselves are always playful and unique, even down to the t-shirts. Each one is hand printed, so small differences give each piece a unique feel and quality as it ages.

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4. Ground Cover

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Ground Cover

It can often be hard for content creators or outsiders to enter fashion and break the mold of an "Instagram brand", but if anyone has done so successfully its Avery Ginsberg of Ground Cover. The YouTuber and model turned designer and activist has made the label his primary focus for the majority of the past few years, and the work has paid off.

Ground Cover explores incredible materials like pineapple leather, using agricultural waste to create long lasting and beautifully designed products. From the best-selling Tsuno Bag to the Recycled Peace Ring, each item in the Ground Cover catalog perfectly builds a cohesive aesthetic filled with closet staples.

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5. 18 East

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18 East

18 East is a New York City based brand that is all about a focus on craftspeople. The brand focuses on handmade pieces without the use of machines, and highlights craftspeople from regions in India and Nepal. Their handiwork can be seen on the intricate Rajesthani quilting on the ripstop double knee pants, for example.

Everything at 18 East is also made to be tough and ready for anything you throw at it, with many of the garments fitting snugly into the wardrobe of anybody who loves to spend time in the mountains.

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6. Georgia ic25

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Georgia ic25

Georgia ic25 embodies a post-modern approach to the idea of workwear. Whether you're someone who works a lot or a little, hard or not, these clothes are for you.

Everything at Georgia ic25 is made to be robust enough to handle to the daily wear and tear of an active lifestyle, but also so comfortable that you'd never want to take it off. For artists and by artists, Georgia ic 25 embodies craft through and through. The garments are all made to be gender neutral, and are all made in Los Angeles using reclaimed materials.

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7. Bode


Bode is a brand that doesn't wear sustainability on its sleeve, running around with an alarmist savior complex. Rather, there are qualities to Bode's process and ethos as a brand that are inherently much more sustainable than the standards in modern fashion. Bode's goal is to create clothes for the present that are influenced by codes of the past, and therefore the label creates sustainable work by using vintage textiles rather than virgin materials.

These are woven into incredible pieces, like the 1/1 quilted garments. Ultimately, the most sustainable thing you can do is own things that you'll keep for a lifetime, and it's abundantly clear that Bode invest the time and care required to create heirloom pieces.

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8. Arc'teryx


We aren't shy for our love of Arc'teryx around here, and the brand's sustainability practices are just another reason to love it. Arc'teryx has an extensive secondhand program that it runs itself, and even offers 20% in store credit for items that are traded in.

The ReBird program also offers repairs and alterations for your garments, like a re-up on GORE-TEX sealant.

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9. Armedangels

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Armedangels was founded in 2007 in Germany on the principles of turning the fast fashion market on its head. With a focus on denim, Armedangels has become a go-to for basics that are made in a more ethical fashion.

The jeans are all made of organic cotton, which is free of pesticides, hazardous fertilizers, and toxic bleaches typically used in the plant's cultivation.

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10. No Nasties

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No Nasties

Many of the brand's we've highlighted throughout offer garments with a specific purpose, like an outdoor context, or heirloom pieces that are worth passing on for generations. Often, it can be difficult to find quality basics that aren't from brands that are extremely harmful to the planet.

No Nasties seeks to change that, and manufactures everything from organic cotton with local supply chains. The brand also commits to carbon offsetting, which, while not a perfect practice, is the best that can be done within the current system. No Nasties also offsets three times the amount of carbon that they emit from production, which has resulted in over 29 million liters of water saved and over 55,000 trees planted.

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11. Ocio

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Loungewear brand Ocio sells both men's and women's clothing, all produced sustainably within a five mile radius in Los Angeles. They have really incredible options for when you want to just lounge around the house, but the vibrant colors and high quality materials make a lot of the Ocio pieces a great option for days out on the town as well. In their interview with ONE37pm, co-founder Samantha Meyer. told us: "I’ve always been a fan of shopping sustainably, and getting to really truly deep dive and understand just how extensive it is—and not just slap a label on it and call it day—is something we’re very proud of."

The other co-founder, Tayler Coffin, echoed Sam's sentiments, emphasizing comfort as well: "comfort is definitely here to stay. People are not moving away from their sweatsuits; they’re more incorporating them into their everyday life. So we’re really excited to explore more about how we can bring sustainability and comfort to people’s everyday wardrobes."

Full interview with the brand's co-founders to come this week, stay tuned.

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