All the Looks in Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' Era So Far

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We didn’t even know that we were getting a new Taylor Swift album before the 2022 VMAs. Yet here we are, not even a full two months later, and we’re streaming a brand new Taylor Swift album. Entitled Midnights, the new project is Swift’s tenth studio album, and is a chronicle of “13 sleepless nights” in what’s described as being “a journey through terror and sweet dreams.” Every T. Swift album era includes great music that always seems to be representative of exactly what we’ve been feeling, clever marketing strategies, and signature looks.

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Episode 1: “MasterMind”

Revealing track number 13 on the album is called “Mastermind,” Taylor wore a soft brown blazer paired with a white shirt underneath and red lipstick. “Mastermind” already sounds like it’s going to be hit just from the title.

Episode 2: “Vigilante Shit”

Letting us know that track 8 is “Vigilante Shit,” Taylor wears a green knit button-up sweater with patched flowers on the sleeves, and denim shorts. Swift is going to be cussing in this, so we’ll assume this is the “F U Too” song on the album.

Episode 3: “Question…?”

To reveal track number 7, “Question…?, Taylor wore white off-the-shoulder button-up top, and green slacks. The only question we have now is what question she’s going to be asking in the song.

Episode 4: “Midnight Rain

Wearing a white t-shirt tucked into brown corduroy jeans, Taylor let us know that track six on the album is “Midnight Rain.”

Episode 5: “Maroon”

“Maroon” sounds like it’s going to be an awesome track 2 for the album, and to reveal the song, Taylor wore a striped long sleeve blouse with brown slacks. It seems like Taylor is definitely going for an old school 60s/70s vibe style wise for this album.

Episode 6: “Anti-Hero”

Track 3 is called “Anti-Hero,” and to announce the song, Taylor wore a gray sleeveless blouse tucked into a brown leather skirt. Sounds like Supervillain Tay is going to be in effect here.

Episode 7: “Bejeweled”

Really feeling this brown cashmere sweater and dark gray combo worn to announce track 9, which is called “Bejeweled.”

Episode 8: “Karma”

Ooh how about this red and gray sleeveless tank and those embroidered jeans?! What a way to reveal that track 11 is called “Karma.” Hmm, is this “Bad Blood” part two? We’ll have to see.

Episode 9: “Lavender Haze”

Track 1 is called…”Lavender Haze,” and Tay wore a simple blue t-shirt and gray boy jeans to announce the track. “Lavender Haze” is an interesting song title, wonder what it’s about?

Episode 10: “Your On Your Own Kid”

Track 5 is “Your On Your Own Kid,” and while Taylor didn’t elaborate much on what the song might be about, she did catch our eye with a green sweater tucked into dark green crushed velvet shorts.

Episode 11: “Labyrinth”

The cream blouse and plaid skirt was definitely a look to reveal the album’s tenth track “Labyrinth.”

Episode 12: “Sweet Nothing”

And then there were two. Track 12 on the album is called “Sweet Nothing,” and the plaid sweater vest and matching pants that Taylor wore to announce it was very 70s chic.

Episode 13: “Snow on the Beach”

Featuring Lana Del Ray, “Snow on the Beach” sounds like an epic collaboration that will have social media talking. Oh, and Taylor wore a red turtleneck and high waisted jeans, which was a really cute look.

And we can't forget this!

That’s all the looks for the Midnights era so far, but we’re sure there’s plenty more along the way as Taylor embarks on the promotional campaign for this album. Make sure you stay tuned with us for more style content. 

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