AMBUSH® and Terminal Link on an Exclusive NFT and Merch Collab

The NFT was created in collaboration with Gasoline


The symbiosis between fashion and emerging web3 technology has been really interesting to watch. Rather than utilizing NFTs as simply a way to sell digital art, we're starting to see more and more examples of the technology being used as the dynamic contract that it is. In keeping with this ethos, this week iconic Japanese brand AMBUSH linked with the acclaimed retail destination, community hub, and designer incubator co-founded by Ericka del Rosario and Mason Rothschild – for an exclusive tokenized merchandise collaboration produced by Gasoline - Rothschild’s web3 studio.

The Mint

This mint for the digital collectible kicked off on Tuesday and is still live now at The drop coincided with the AMBUSH® Spring-Summer 2023 fashion and accessories collection debut in a month-long pop-up shop at Terminal’s flagship store, 8271 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, from May 25th - June 25th, 2023.

The digital collectible grants the collector access to:

  • One (1) physical, sashiko teddy bear [1/85] by AMBUSH® and TERMINAL™
  • Entry to the AMBUSH®/TERMINAL™ SS23 RAVE "TOKYO CLUB COUTURE" at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles on May 26, 2023 at 9:00 PM PDT.

The teddy bear itself was revealed yesterday, and can be seen below:

Sashiko Teddy Bear by AMBUSH and TERMINAL LOW

*Once the teddy bear has been collected and the event date has passed this digital collectible will only serve as artwork to commemorate your attendance at the event.

Rather than viewing the mint as purely purchasing a digital collectible, it's actually another means through which to purchase a physical collectible: the sashiko teddy bear. Additionally, it grants buyers a ticket to an event on Friday.

Terminal is an exciting partner for this collaboration, as the store provides a tangible space for AMBUSH® to highlight the NFT collaboration and highly-curated shopping experience. Terminal will be outfitted with a wall-to-wall hot pink interior and a larger-than-life metallic pill sculpture that pays homage to AMBUSH®’s signature jewelry collection with a psychedelic twist.

Mason Rothschild, founder of Gasoline and co-founder of TERMINAL, had this to say about the project:

"Our collaborative NFT serves as an innovative and accessible gateway to introduce casual fans to the blockchain world, leveraging the power of the TERMINAL platform. Combining the experience of attending a party with the tangibility of a physical item (the NFT also acts as an instantaneous claim for a physical sashiko teddy bear [1/85] by AMBUSH® and TERMINAL™), we demonstrate to early adopters that there is much more to NFTs. This concept aligns with my vision for the future of NFTs, which centers around granting access. While we're not reinventing the wheel, we are revolutionizing the concept of commemorative tickets and souvenirs, serving as enduring mementos of the incredible events our community shares with us."

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