35 Gifts For LEGO Lovers: The Best Sets and Accessories To Buy Right Now!

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The holidays are here, and we all know we’ll be shopping for gifts for LEGO lovers in the coming weeks! Whether it's Indiana Jones, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman, or a fun Dr. Strange set, the one thing you can be sure of is that LEGO has a set for everyone!

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With hundreds of sets and accessories to choose from, I’ve narrowed down some of my holiday picks for the season to make your shopping as easy as it’s ever been. Below, you will find my top gifts for LEGO lovers, for all levels of builders!

Gifts for Advanced Builders

1. Disney Castle

disney castle

First up on our list of gifts for LEGO lovers is the Disney Castle. This is a revamp of the previous castle, but a major improvement in nearly every way. The Minifigure selection is unmatched, and the colors on this will pop as the centerpiece of whatever room you place it in!

buy now at lego, $399.99

2. Indiana Jones Temple of the Golden Idol

77015 Temple of the Golden Idol

At $150, I think this is in the running for the best LEGO set of the year. The play value, display options, and complexity of the build are all among some of the best I’ve ever built, and trust me, you’re gonna love this one! 

buy now at lego, $149.99

3. Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

Lord of the Rings Rivendell 10316

This was one of my favorite sets of the entire year to build; from the tranquil gazebo to Bilbo’s private writing room, this set is jam packed with Middle Earth awesomeness that is a must have for any Lord of the Rings fanatics on your holiday list.  

buy now at lego, $499.99

4. Gringotts Wizarding Bank - Collectors’ Edition

Gringotts Wizarding Bank Collectors Edition

The tallest, and perhaps most impressive, LEGO Harry Potter set to date! Gringotts Bank includes a massive brick-built display stand with a mine cart track, a giant Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon, and a detailed interior to make for awesome play or display capabilities. 

buy now at lego, $429.99

5. Eiffel Tower

eiffel tower

Not a build for the faint of heart, this massive Lego architecture beauty has 10,001 pieces making it the tallest Lego set ever and one of the most intensive piece counts in history. It’s a beautiful model, and if you’ve got space for it, a worthy addition to any collection.

buy now at lego, $629.99

6. Star Wars Venator - Class Republic Attack Cruiser


This Clone Wars-era behemoth was one of my favorite builds of 2023. It was daunting, yes, but never too challenging. It was the perfect balance of complex yet soothing, not to mention how wonderful the final model displays. It requires more shelf space than usual since the majority of the ship will hang over 

buy now at lego, $649.99

7. Concorde


New for 2023, the LEGO Concorde is a massive jet build that comes on a balanced stand so this icon of the skies can soar over your office or bedroom. The build experience is so innovative from start to finish, and it even has a workable “droop snoot” cockpit, just like the real Concorde did back in the day!

buy now at lego, $199.99

8. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

This 4,014 piece modular building was just released by LEGO in time for the holidays, and it’s a real showstopper! This is the first-ever modular museum, complete with tons of references and easter eggs to past LEGO themes, storylines, and characters that any longtime LEGO fan will recognize and enjoy. 

buy now at lego, $299.99

9. Avengers Tower

Avengers Tower

The biggest, tallest, and most epic LEGO Marvel set of all-time is finally here, and fans of all ages are loving it! Get ready, though, because there are over 200 window pieces that will need to be assembled individually, but hopefully the assortment of 30+ Avengers minifigures will help reel you back in. This set is a behemoth, and a must-have for superhero fans!

buy now at lego, $499.99

10. The Titanic

The Titanic

One of the largest LEGO sets ever in both piece count and length, this over 9,000 piece ship is going to take some serious building power to accomplish. It’s broken up into sections so that multiple builders can collaborate on it at once, and the final model is a true masterpiece once assembled and displayed. 

buy now at lego, $679.99

Gifts for Intermediate Builders:

11. Spider-Man Final Battle

Spider Man Final Battle

No worries... gifts for LEGO lovers guide includes suggestions for intermediate builders! First up, this was the Spider-Man: No Way Home set we were all waiting for, and the end result is glorious! It depicts the final battle from the latest Spider-Man adventure and comes with Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire Spider-Man minifigs - what’s not to love?

buy now at lego, $109.99

12. Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet

Truly any of the Botanical Collection sets from LEGO will make that flower enthusiast happy, but this one is the best of all worlds offering a wide array of flower shapes and colors that are simple, fun builds for any skill set. 

buy now at lego, $59.99

13. Chevrolet Corvette 1961

Chevrolet Corvette 1961

A true American classic, nothing revs up quite like little red corvette! Take this one across the finish line and enjoy a build of an icon in automotive history, and one of the better LEGO car models of recent years. 

buy now at lego, $149.99

14. Alpine Lodge

alpine lodge

The latest addition to LEGO’s annual Winter Village Collection, the Alpine Lodge is a homey set that embodies the cozy feelings of wintertime. It’s a great value for the price, and the only downside is most people who get one Winter Village set end up wanting them all…

buy now at lego, $99.99

15. The Insect Collection

The Insect Collection

This is one of the latest LEGO Ideas products to launch, which means it was designed by a LEGO fan and garnered over 10,000 supporters online. At this point, LEGO explores making the idea into a real LEGO set, and for this lucky fan, his project was selected and is now available! As if that’s not cool enough, the bug models look great and this will be a fun, innovative build experience. 

buy now at lego, $79.99

16. Viking Village

Viking Village

Another LEGO Ideas creation, this 2,103 piece diorama is the perfect blend of playability for kids and display value for adults. Sadly, we don’t get a ton of Castle or Viking sets in the modern landscape of LEGO, but this beautiful set sort of makes up for it with a g rest build, fun minifigures, and an impressive use of pieces. 

buy now at lego, $129.99

17. Tranquil Garden

Tranquil Garden

To me, this is the perfect set to get a more mature builder who might just be getting back into the hobby, or perhaps is entering the LEGO world for the first time. The final model can be displayed perfectly anywhere, but more importantly, the build uses a lot of unique techniques that will help pave the way for future builds using the same skills and techniques. Win-win!

buy now at lego, $109.99

18. Hokusai - The Great Wave

Hokusai The Great Wave

This one is a bit of a tricky build, but a good challenge for builders of any level. This one may not be as exciting for kids, but for builders of all other age groups this provides a great experience and a beautiful piece of LEGO artwork once completed. 

buy now at lego, $99.99

19. The Office

The Office

Dunder Mifflin has been LEGO-ized, and it’s literally perfect. This includes almost the entire staff of the Scranton branch and includes dozens of easter eggs from the show that die hard fans will love to build (and show their friends!) This was also a LEGO Ideas project, and perhaps my favorite of the ones released in the 2020s so far.

buy now at lego, $119.99

20. Back to the Future Delorean

Back to the Future Time Machine

When this baby hits 88-miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious BRICK! This build is an absolute blast, and it includes spare parts (and instructions!) to transform it to match the Delorean’s look from all three Back to the Future movies. No matter which version is your favorite, this innovative set offers it all!

buy now at lego, $199.99

Gifts for Young Builders

21. Birdhouse


You know we couldn't leave our young builders off of our "Gifts for LEGO Lovers" guide! This comes from the always-innovative Creator 3-in-1 line, and truthfully it was one of my favorite “simple” builds of the year. The little birds are adorable, and I love how well it fits into my LEGO display shelves, too!

buy now at lego, $29.99

22. Wall-e and Eve

Wall e and Eve

This is a fun, small build that includes 155 pieces and is split up into two separate builds, making it perfect for couples, siblings, friends, or family to each have a building experience of their own.

buy now at lego, $14.99

23. Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

There’s a GIANT Hogwarts Castle available in LEGO form, but for those of us that are struggling with LEGO space as it is, this offers the perfect solution; 2,660 pieces of mini Hogwarts awesomeness, and a great display piece to boot!

buy now at lego, $169.99

24. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

From the LEGO Friends line of sets, this botanical garden is a beautiful model that will fit on your LEGO shelf perfectly, or can be played with and added right into a LEGO city with ease. It’s not every day that these sets aimed at kids work so well for adults, too, but when it does, it deserves a spot on the list!

buy now at lego, $79.99

25. The Fox Lodge

The Fox Lodge

For the Minecraft fans, this is a great inexpensive set that offers a lot of unique colors and brick sizes to add to your collection. Is it the most innovative set ever? Certainly not, but not ever set needs to be big or expensive to be awesome! 

buy now at lego, $19.99

26. LEGO Marvel Minifigures Series 2 (6-pack)

LEGO Marvel Minifigures Series 2

LEGO offers a line called Collectible Minifigures, where 12 brand new minifigures are introduced into blind packaging so you don’t know who you’re going to get. The current series is based on the Marvel Studios Disney+ shows, but the CMF series are always top notch and great choices for gifts (or stocking stuffers!)

buy now at lego, $4.99

27. Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter

Yodas Jedi Starfighter 1

Everyone loves Yoda. Everyone loves R2-D2. Everyone loves a sub $40 LEGO Star Wars set that can be swooshed around. Need I say more?

buy now at lego, $34.99

28. Walt Disney Tribute Camera

Walt Disney Tribute Camera

This is a bit more complex than the other sets in this section, but it’s a great set to honor the legacy of Walt Disney and to obtain some great, exclusive minifigures along the way!

buy now at lego, $99.99

29. Land Rover Classic Defender

Land Rover Classic Defender

This set may not look like much at only 150 pieces, but believe me, this is one of the most fun, compact builds you can have in the $15 range. I was blown away with this, and cannot recommend it enough as a first set (or 1,000th set in my case.)

buy now at lego, $14.99

30. Beach Camper Van

Beach Camper Van

This set is great because you get two minifigs, a sweet camper van, some cabanas and chairs to chill out with, and an open road full of adventure. Not a fan of the camper van? No worries! This is a Creator 3-in-1 set that can be rebuilt into an ice cream stand with a convertible car, or even an oceanfront beach house!

buy now at lego, $49.99

Accessories for All Builders

31. LEGO Backpacks

lego backpacks

LEGO has gotten into the accessory game and offers some amazing brick-shaped backpacks that are perfect for taking bricks to friends’ houses, school books, or even office and travel use. There are tons of size and color options to choose from depending on your (or your loved one’s) needs, which makes these even more versatile.

buy now at lego, $14.99 - 80

32. LEGO Plushies

lego plushies

Where were these when I was a kid?! LEGO offers so many variations, themes, and styles of these minifigure plushes, it’s hard not to give into temptation and want to collect them all. The Star Wars and Ninjago ones are the most popular, but there are so many options you’re sure to find a few that fit your collection perfectly.

buy now at lego, $26.99 - 38.99

33. Minifigure Display Case

minifigure display case

This is a must-have for the avid LEGO minifig collector. It’s the perfect way to show off your best minifigs in style, and keep them safe from siblings, vacuums, and even dust!

buy now at lego, $34.99

34. 3-Piece Organizer Cubes

3 Piece Organizer Cubes

When I was a kid, traveling with LEGO was always a hassle. I never wanted to leave home without it, yet, there wasn’t really a way to do so without losing pieces or getting them all jumbled up. LEGO has evolved, and that’s no longer a problem with these awesome, stylish organize cubes! 

buy now at lego, $19.99

35. 4-Stud Desk Drawer

4 Stud Blue Desk Drawer

These handy dest drawers are available in tons of color variations and make for a great, stylish way to display your fandom in an office setting, or even on your nightstand. You could organize your belongings by color if you got multiple drawers, or it could be a great place to keep your emergency stash of LEGO on your desk at work. Endless options! 

buy now at lego, $15.99

36. Iconic 4-piece Organizer Tote and Playmat

Iconic 4 Piece Organizer Tote and Playmat

The main selling point here is the playmat, where you can dump all your loose LEGO bricks, and when it’s time to go, simply close up the playmat and all your bricks will be scooped up inside this one bag. This is literally genius, and again, it makes me question where a product like this was when I was a kid...

buy now at lego, $49.99

37. Keychains


The LEGO minifigure is an iconic piece of history, and thanks to LEGO introducing keychains, you can now take your favorite Minifigure(s) on the go with you! They offer selections from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and just about every other LEGO theme imaginable, so while your options may be overwhelming, at least you’ll be able to find something for anyone on your list, no matter what their favorite theme is!

buy now at lego, $4.79 - 14.99

No matter which set(s) you choose from our "Gifts for LEGO Lovers" guide, I hope you have a great time making memories with those you love most around the hobby that we all love.

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