The Biggest Margins of Victory at The Masters

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To die-hard and even casual fans of golf, there are few phrases that rival "From the Augusta national golf club in Augusta, Georgia, CBS Sports presents: The Masters." Four days of unfiltered golf at the most iconic course in the world is... well golf heaven. Not only is Augusta National one of the toughest courses on the PGA tour, it's one of the most iconic tournaments that golf has to offer. To some, the Masters is the epitome of their career and for others it's a painful reminder of what could have been. Every decade or so we see a golfer come around that completely dominates the field. Here are the nine players with the biggest margins of victory at the masters, who all either hit or eclipsed a margin of five.

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The 9 Biggest Margins of Victory at The Masters

The margin of victory has been five or higher at the Masters nine times. Below are the years they occurred and what the margin was:

  • 1997: Tiger Woods - 12
  • 1965: Jack Nicklaus - 9
  • 1976: Raymond Floyd - 8
  • 1955: Cary Middlecoff - 7
  • 1964: Arnold Palmer - 6
  • 1948: Claude Harmon - 5
  • 1953: Ben Hogan - 5
  • 1996: Nick Faldo - 5
  • 2020: Dustin Johnson - 5

Below, some more information about the four most impressive performances.

1. Tiger Woods: 12 Stroke Lead

2. Jack Nicklaus: 9 Stroke Lead

3. Raymond Floyd: 8 Stroke Lead

4. Cary Middlecoff: 7 Stroke Lead

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