The 21 Best Arcades in the US You Need to Go To

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Don't let anybody fool you into thinking arcades are nothing more than a childish endeavor. That same joy you experienced while screaming "I GOT NEXT!" at your fated Street Fighter II rival can still be felt if you're on the lookout for thriving arcades in the good old US of A. Across our great nation is a host of lively indoor game hubs that focus on delivering thrills via digital blasts from the past. The following destinations we're about to make you aware of are great for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Plus some of these places provide plenty of grub and booze for you and the homies to snack on while you try to beat each other's high scores. Now let's have a chat about the best arcades in the US.

Best Arcades in the US

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19. Silverball Retro Arcade: Asbury Park, NJ

Pinball aficionados will find everything they love and more within this arcade/museum housed in New Jersey. The Silverball Retro Arcade is described as the "coolest place on Earth" for a very good reason - it features damn near 600 classic and modern pinball machines to enjoy, which are all on free play mode once you head inside. The massive collection of pinball tables available at this amazing establishment includes Guns N' Roses, Space Mission, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and a whole lot more. The food's pretty good at this spot too, just in case you were wondering.

20. Boxcar Bar + Arcade: Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, and Greensboro, NC

This North Carolina hotspot is spread out across three North Carolina locations. We made sure to highlight it here since all three of the gaming havens attached to Boxcar Bar + Arcade are worth burning the midnight oil at. What's contained within this adult arcade chain are dozens of great arcade/console games, beer, Skeeball, air hockey, and good-ass pizza. The live DJ sets and patio bar are just two extra reasons why you need to pop up here with the gang on a Friday night. This notable "down south" selection is well deserving of its placement here as one of the best arcades in the US.

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