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Loveleen Kaur / ONE37pm

Chances are you've bragged to everyone within earshot of your live mic that all you do is "cook" everyone that tries to test you. In the case of Drunkn_Buddha, he chooses to indulge in that activity in a more realistic manner. As the man that proudly describes himself as "5'10" of cute deliciousness," this variety streamer indulges in playing whatever tickles his fancy and presenting his top-of-the-line chef skills to anyone that cares to watch. Drunkn_Buddha is sick on the sticks whenever he plays Apex Legends and he's just as masterful when it comes time to create something delicious onscreen. Join us as we chop it up with Drunkn_Buddah as he delves into the origins behind his nickname, his chef skills, and so much more.

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