23 Games Like 'The Last of Us' Everyone Needs to Play

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It’s wintertime, ladies and gentlemen. Not only does that mean people have to hunker down inside to avoid the cold (and the virus this year), but it also means millions of people are about to receive and start playing brand-new video games. With Sony’s PlayStation 5 being one of the hottest and rarest commodities in the world right now, it seems that numerous new gamers are about to have access to developer Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. For those who aren’t lucky enough to get a PS5, or potentially not even own a PS4 in some cases, there are a lot of other games out there that scratch similar itches to The Last of Us. Whether it’s other Naughty Dog games or something based on recognizable IPs like the Batman Arkham series, there are a lot of action-adventure options for console and PC gamers alike. Read more to discover 23 games like The Last of Us.

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1. 'Uncharted' series

Buy Now, $18.95

2. 'God of War' (2018)

Buy Now, $19.86

3. 'Resident Evil 2' (2019)

Buy Now, $19.89

4. 'Control'

Buy Now, $26.93

5. 'The Evil Within'

Buy Now, $19.40

6. 'Batman: Arkham' series

Buy Now, $19.97

7. 'Marvel's Spider-Man'

Buy Now, $34.88

8. 'Metro Exodus'

Buy Now, $24.49

9. 'Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order'

Buy Now, $23.49

10. 'A Plague Tale: Innocence'

Buy Now, $29.99

11. 'Telltale’s The Walking Dead'

Buy Now, $17.87

12. 'Alan Wake Remastered'

Buy Now, $25.99

13. 'Ghost of Tsushima'

Buy Now, $51.95

14. 'Dying Light'

Buy Now, $36.99

15. 'Gears of War' series

Buy Now, $36.17

16. 'Tomb Raider' series (Reboot)

Buy Now, $23.54

17. 'Red Dead Redemption' series

Buy Now, $27.93

18. 'Horizon' series

Buy Now, $27.50

19. 'Bioshock Infinite'

Buy Now, $21.45

20. 'The Last of Us Part II'

Buy Now, $26.99

21. 'World War Z: Aftermath'

Buy Now, $22.38

22. 'Days Gone'

Buy Now, $30.99

23. 'State of Decay 2'

Buy Now, $64.99

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