Heavy Hitters: The 16 Best Drummers of All Time

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Drumming is an art form, and the best drummers of all time are true masters of the craft. When you watch a great drummer perform, it’s like watching a master painter at work. A great drummer can take a simple beat and turn it into something magical.

Have you ever witnessed a drum solo? It can be one of the most exciting moments in a performance. It’s when a drummer gets to show off their skills in an extended performance that often includes improvisation, complex rhythms and dynamic changes in tempo and volume. 

When we talk about the best drummers of all time, it's impossible not to feel the rhythmic beats reverberate in our hearts. These percussion prodigies have provided the backbone to countless melodies, introducing innovative styles and groundbreaking techniques along the way. 

From jazz legends like Buddy Rich to more contemporary icons like Travis Barker and Questlove, these legendary musicians have left an indelible mark on music culture with their creativity, technical skill and ability to push boundaries. 

The best drummers of all time have highkey become some of the most influential musicians in history. Not only have they helped to create a unique soundscape, but they’ve also inspired and influenced generations to come.

It’s impossible to talk about great drumming without mentioning certain names. Let’s embark on a rhythmic journey, rediscovering some of the most revered drummers who have graced our ears with their extraordinary talent. These are the 16 best drummers of all time.

16. Questlove

15. Travis Barker

14. John Bonham

13. Buddy Rich

12. Neil Peart

11. Keith Moon

10. Gene Krupa

9. Ringo Starr

8. Stewart Copeland

7. Mitch Mitchell

6. Ginger Baker

5. Clyde Stubblefield

4. Billy Cobham

3. Elvin Jones

2. Phil Collins

1. Dave Grohl

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