The 14 Best Rappers from Baltimore, Ranked

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Have you ever wondered who the best rappers from Baltimore are? If so, look no further; we've got you covered. Baltimore, birthplace of legends and home to an eclectic rap scene, has produced some of the most dynamic and innovative artists in the game. From gritty street narratives to introspective lyricism, the city's rappers represent a diverse range of styles and stories. Here's a rundown of the top 14 Baltimore rappers, each bringing their unique flavor to the table.

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14. Butch Dawson

13. Boofboiicy

12. Lil 2 Dow

11. A1Beam

10. Jayy Grams

9. Soduh

8. TheHxliday

7. Bandhunta Izzy

6. YBS Skola

5. A$AP Ant

4. 6lack


2. Lloyd Banks

1. Shordie Shordie

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