The 14 Lil Wayne Albums in Order

Lil Wayne Albums in Order MOBILE II
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Have you ever stopped and wondered about the 14 Lil Wayne albums in order? If so, you're in luck. Lil Wayne, a prolific figure in the hip-hop industry, has graced the world with a series of. Each one, unique in its own right, showcases his evolution as an artist. Here's a deep dive into Lil Wayne's albums in order, exploring the nuances that make each album from the New Orleans, Louisiana legend special.

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14. Tha Block Is Hot

13. Lights Out

12. 500 Degreez

11. Tha Carter

10. Tha Carter II

9. Like Father, Like Son (with Birdman)

8. Tha Carter III

7. Rebirth

6. I Am Not a Human Being

5. Tha Carter IV

4. I Am Not a Human Being II

3. Free Weezy Album

2. Tha Carter V

1. Funeral

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