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What’s a remix? According to, a musical recording mixed or re-recorded in a different way can be considered a remix. Honestly, the best remixes of all time take a classic song and make it their own. They have come from a variety of genres and eras, from ‘90s pop to modern hip-hop. Although there has been plenty of remixed songs throughout most musical genres, hip-hop has mostly owned the remix market. The first official hip-hop song, the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper's Delight”, could be considered an unofficial remix of Chic's classic track "Good Times." These remixes aren’t just simple reworkings of the original. Instead, these are reimagined interpretations that have often elevated the OG versions. 

Ever wonder what the best remixes of all time are? If you have, then you're in luck. Today, we'll be going through some of the best remixes of all time, and you'll surely discover some new music along the way. It is safe to say that all of these remixes have earned their place on any playlist. Yes, this list spotlights some of the best remixes ever created, however, there are still hundreds of others that deserve your attention. In no particular order, here's our list of 17 of best remixes of all time. Take a deep dive into the world of remixes.

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17. OMI - "Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)"

Let's start with an undeniable remix; one that topped the charts for good reason. First up on our list is Felix Jaehn's remix of "Cheerleader" by OMI.

16. Mariah Carey - "Fantasy (Remix) (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard)

In 1995, Mariah Carey teamed up with Wu-Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard for an edgier version to her hit song, "Fantasy," and edgier was exactly what she got. In case you haven't heard the story of how the song came to be, you absolutely need to watch this TikTok. Seriously.

15. BlaccMass - "Gotye x Wokeuplikethis"

Next up on our list is a remix from BlaccMass - one of five we're featuring on this list. It's no coincidence either, BlaccMass is one of the best out when it comes to mashups and remixes. Don't believe us? Listen to this first example and try to say any different.

14. BlaccMass - "if pop smoke was on a dr dre beat"

At number fourteen is the second BlaccMass song on our list, "if pop smoke was on a dr dre beat." It's pretty self explanatory, but you wouldn't believe just how perfectly the two click.

13. BlaccMass - "Shells x Hollaback Girl"

Up next is the third BlaccMass song on our list, "Shells x Hollaback Girl," a genius mix of some of Lil Uzi Vert and Gwen Stefani's best work. It's honestly insane just how seamlessly the two songs mesh.

12. BlaccMass - "drake and pierre is a deadly duo"

As the song title says, Drake and Pi'erre really are a deadly duo. This remix is the absolute best way to show just how true that really is. Who knew that their sounds were this compatible?

11. BlaccMass - "Earth, Woo, and Fire (prod. Saint Cardona)"

For BlaccMass' final entry on our list of the best remixes of all time, this just might be his very best. As you might expect from the title, "Earth, Woo, and Fire" is a mix of Pop Smoke and Earth, Wind, and Fire's smash-hit, "September."

10. Jay-Z - "In My Lifetime (Remix)"

In 1997, Jay-Z dropped of a very memorable project called 'Streets Is Watching,' and it just so happened to feature arguably his most memorable remix of all time, "In My Lifetime (Remix)." This song is a quintessential Jay-Z banger, and is one of the most crucial songs on that project.

9. Raekwon - "Can It All Be So Simple (Remix) (feat. Ghostface Killah)"

Raekwon and Ghostface Killah went off on this classic remix back in 1995. The song was produced by the RZA, and utilized a timeless sample from "The Way We Were (Try To Remember)" by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

8. DJ Yung Vamp - "IM ON DA BLOCK"

Next up on our list of the best remixes of all time is DJ Yung Vamp with his song "IM ON DA BLOCK." This track from the Belgian star producer is a play on Playboi Carti's hit record, "Magnolia." In a distinctly Vamp-esque way, the producer changes the song completely to fit his aesthetic. Lo and behold, it worked.


At number seven on our list is yet another DJ Yung Vamp song, "MY MUSIC SO LOUD THEY HATIN." This is another perfect example of just how nice Vamp is with it - he really doesn't ever miss, especially on this remix of Chamillionaire's hit song, "Ridin' (Dirty)."

6. Playboi Carti - "TALK (ICYTWAT Remix)"

At the number six spot on our list of the best remixes of all time is ICYTWAT with his remix of Playboi Carti's song, "Talk." If you pay close attention, you'll notice that not only was this super early on the whole Carti wave, but it was even posted on Carti's YouTube. Now ICYTWAT has joined the ranks of Carti and other top-notch creatives on A$AP Rocky's AWGE roster.


We'd be making a huge mistake if we weren't to include ICYTWAT's "SET DAT BITCH OFF" remix on our list of the best remixes of all time. This song is legendary in the underground rap community, and though it's put up numbers, it deserves even more.

4. Tame Impala - "Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix)"

Next up on our list is Lil Yachty's remix of Tame Impala's song, "Breathe Deeper." It's hard to imagine that this collaboration with Tame Impala didn't have a heavy influence on his latest album, 'Let's Start Here." The mix of hip-hop and psychedelic rock is mesmerizing, and the pair of artists surely knew they had something special here.

3. Kaskade - "Never Sleep Alone (Louis The Child Remix)"

At number three is Louis The Child's remix of Kaskade's song "Never Sleep Alone." This remix is arguably Louis The Child's best, and was undoubtedly the best remix of this particular Kaskade song. The duo introduced their sound to the remix of Kaskade's song in such a seamless manner, and it really shows.

2. KEY! and Kenny Beats - "Hater (Remix) (feat. Skepta)"

When KEY! and Kenny Beats dropped their collaborative album, '777,' it was hard to believe that there was any possible way to top it. Well, not too long after, the rapper-producer duo did the impossible and pushed the album even further, and they unveiled a deluxe version with a set of incredible remixes. Of those remixes, Skepta's remix of their song, "Hater" was arguably the most notable. Take a listen for yourself.

1. Public Enemy vs Benny Benassi - "Bring The Noise (Pump-kin Remix)"

At the number one spot on our list of the best remixes of all time is the Pump-kin remix of another remix from Benny Benassi, which took elements from Public Enemy's hit song "Bring The Noise," and took it to another level. Somehow, Pump-kin remixed a remix from Benny Benassi and found a way to make it even better than the original. That's all for our list of the best remixes of all time. Stay tuned for more, and do the deep dive into the rabbit hole of links within this article!

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