Durex Unveils a Sex Positive Anthem With Rapper That Kid CG

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Durex USA

Durex has been primarily known for one thing through the years: quality condoms. Now, with the help of That Kid CG, they've apparently added music videos to their repertoire, and we're not mad about it.

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Durex USA

When you see "FYP" in 2022, the first thing that comes to your mind is likely the "for you page" from TikTok. However, this is quite different. The brand encourages men to know that all sizes suffice for great sex, and have sought to deliver that message in music video form.

This atypical campaign might not have played out as well had it not been for the rapper behind the cunning tune, That Kid CG. He effortlessly delivers bar after bar, all the while lacing together positivity throughout.

This drop tells us a lot about Durex, especially the brand's keen ear for their consumers. We've seen plenty of tweets, comments, and so forth about how size doesn't matter, but until we saw it in a music video, it's like we'd never heard it at all.

In the brand's 107-year history, it's pretty safe to assume that they've never done this type of marketing before. Well, as we all know, there's a first for everything.

Additionally, for those unfamiliar with That Kid CG, this "FYP" drop tells you a lot about him. It flaunts his lyrical ability, charisma, and his king-like nature. This particular king wins through empowering other kings.

Here's a look at the chorus:

This for your penis
You gettin freaky style figured that you need this
Probably thinkin’ that there’s
nothin in between us
This for your penis
I said this one for your penis
When I say FYP really know that’s for your penis

- That Kid CG

It's not every day that you get to hear a condom brand drop a banger. Well, apparently, today is one of those days that you do.

This campaign was created in partnership with VaynerX, which ONE37pm is a subsidiary of.

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