The 15 Best Isley Brothers Songs Ever Released

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It's time to talk about the best Isley Brothers songs to ever be released. Get ready, there are plenty to discuss. Few bands in the history of music have shown the kind of longevity and dynamism that the Isley Brothers have. Their incredible journey through various genres, from R&B to rock to soul, has solidified their place in musical history. This list celebrates the 15 most unforgettable Isley Brothers songs that have left their mark on fans and music lovers around the world.

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15. "Fight the Power"

Year Released: 1975

14. "Spend the Night (Ce Soir)"

Year Released: 1989

13. "Between the Sheets"

Year Released: 1983

12. "Summer Breeze"

Year Released: 1973

11. "Harvest for the World"

Year Released: 1976

10. "Voyage to Atlantis"

Year Released: 1977

9. "That Lady"

Year Released: 1973

8. "Footsteps in the Dark"

Year Released: 1977

7. "For the Love of You"

Year Released: 1975

6. "Shout"

Year Released: 1959

5. "Busted" (feat. JS)

Year Released: 2003

4. "It's Your Thing"

Year Released: 1969

3. "Twist and Shout"

Year Released: 1962

2. "This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)"

Year Released: 1966

1. "Contagious"

Year Released: 2001

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