Introducing Up-and-Coming NYC Rapper Kay Anthony

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Kay Anthony

Recently, we linked with NYC rapper Kay Anthony at the ONE37pm office to discuss his artistic background, the current state of his career, and his bright future. Kay Anthony just announced a distribution deal with Create Music Group, and shared his uncontainable excitement about working with them.

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One thing's safe to say: artist development is far from an easy task. That goes for artists, managers, and anybody else in the mix. It's not a simple endeavor. However, it seems like Kay Anthony and his team, The Intro Experience, are figuring things out properly - taking it all one well-thought-out step at a time.

In our interview, Kay Anthony shared his passion for films:

I'm super interested in film... I think it plays a huge role in my music as well. I'm always looking at the inner workings of film.

- Kay Anthony

Here's a look at Kay Anthony's "On The Radar" freestyle, which shows off exactly why you should be paying attention to him right now:

In fact, Kay Anthony just dropped a brand new song today, called "Float." It's a heater, and is a great place to start for new listeners looking to familiarize themselves with his ever-growing catalog of music.

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