The Key to Success for Big Boss Vette? Turning Affirmations into Hits

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One of the weakest narratives in hip-hop is that females don’t show each other enough love. It’s especially weird at a time when there are so many examples of fire female link ups. One of those leading ladies that’s not afraid to show love is Big Boss Vette. “I just feel like everybody needs some uplifting here and there,” says the 25-year-old rapper behind the Bad B*tch Energy anthem, “Pretty Girls Walk.” “People love music, so why not throw in a little affirmation in my art to just help people get that extra oomph that they need and that they wouldn't get from the people that are around them.”

It hasn’t always been good vibes only for the self-described “head-whooper-oner.” However, once the St. Louis rapper figured out how to redirect her energy in more positive and creative ways, like making anthems, she never looked back. She first popped off while still in high school after sharing her freestyles to tracks like Dej Loaf’s “Try Me.” And kept building her buzz with her own tracks like “Why You So Mad,” “Bad Bitch,” “Outside” and “Dog Ass N*gga." But she really flexed her knack for creating viral moments in 2022 with the records “Snatched” and “Pretty Girls Walk.” 

Big Boss Vette pretty much had Tiktok in a chokehold as the two records fueled millions of sounds and trends on the app. The hit songs also inspired the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Madonna, Halle Bailey, Reba McEntire, Madonna, Kate Beckinsale, Paris Hilton, Nicole Scherzinger and so many others to tap in with her movement. And while Saucy Santana and Flo Milli hopped on the “Snatched” remix, Coi Leray pulled up for the remix to “Pretty Girls Walk.” “Pretty Girls Walk” peaked in the top 40 on Billboard’s Rhythmic radio chart, becoming Vette’s first song to do so. 

The “No Fakin” rapper has been showing out on Tiktok and in IRL with attention grabbing performances during the 2022 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher, at Rolling Loud and on tour for Nick Cannon’s Future Superstar Tour. Big Boss Vette — who appears on the Metro Boomin-produced Spider-Man™: Across the Spider-Verse Soundtrack —plans on extending her hot streak with her forthcoming EP.

"It's gonna be fun. It is going to show my versatility. It is going to have anthems, of course," promises the Republic Records artists. Featuring the recently released singles “Ion Need” and “Karma,” expect the project to offer an authentic glimpse at who she is as a person and artist. Her as-of-yet untitled first full length project is expected to hit DSPs sometime soon.

Big Boss Vette pulled up to the ONE37pm offices and we chatted about touring with Nick Cannon, turning affirmations into hits like “Pretty Girls Walk” and what to expect from her first EP. Check out the highlights from our convo below ⬇️ 

Advice For Her Younger Self…

Drop more music. Get you a lawyer. Relax— everything takes time. Everything does not happen when you want it to. Watch the people you have around you, because you never know. Workout, train your body, because this is gonna get harder. Spend more time with your family because you're not gonna be able to. Also, love yourself a little bit more. Nobody thinks about the things that you think about. You're in your head too much. That's it. 

What inspired "Pretty Girls Walk"...

I wanted a record that can make women feel good globally. Like when that song comes on, I just wanted people to know you are that girl, like you are loved, you know? You are needed. You are you, you know? And after I put that affirmation down, I was like this shit gonna be lit. I knew for a fact women needed something to like jam to— all shades of women.

What to Expect from Her First EP…

It's gonna be fun. It is going to show my versatility. It is going to be anthems, of course. And it's just going to be me being me, living my truth. You know? The whole rollout is gonna be amazing.

Title of EP...

The word is like, no matter what, you're gonna come back. You can bend, you might fold, you might stumble, you might even fucking trip— but you’re coming back like nothing can break you. Like nothing can take away from you actually becoming who you're supposed to be. No matter what happens you are going to keep coming. You're gonna keep trying, you're going to keep doing it. You are going to keep bettering yourself. You're going to keep elevating, like nothing that someone throws at you is ever in life going to stop you ever.

Being on Nick Cannon’s 'Future Superstar Tour'…

Shout out to ​​Nick Cannon. It's a very, very big opportunity for me. Coming into this tour, I was nervous. I was scared, because I did not know what to expect. This is my first tour. Working with other artists that are in different genres than I am is different. So I was like, what do I expect?

I've been real humbled on this tour, because I've been in markets that I've never been in, you know? Some of them crowds was like, yay! and then some was like, who is this bitch?

Toughest City To Perform in…

Philly! Philly ate my ass up. Oh Jesus! Philly, y'all will never live this down, but we still cousins. Philly is one tough ass crowd.

Getting Over Stage Fright…

When I hit that stage, Big Boss Vette comes out and just takes over. It's like no matter what's going on, she's going to eat that stage up. Every time. And, um, also, you know, like two shots of Patron helps.

Creating Anthems for Women…

I just feel like everybody needs some uplifting here and there. People love music, so why not throw in a little affirmation in my art to just help people get that extra oomph that they need and that they wouldn't get from the people that are around them.

Coi Leray Being An Inspiration...

I love how strong of a person she is. She's strong and she's walking her truth and it's like, I don't give a fuck what you say and that shit is lit. Like that's inspiring as fuck. Cause it's like you know who you are and I love that shit about you. 

Why She Launched 'The Big Boss Vette Show'…

I wanted to kind of give my cousins a look inside of my everyday life, you know? It's just like a lot has happened. I would like to keep them on my journey. And it is like to just make memories too, you know? Like when I'm on Beyoncé's status, it's like, look at these videos.

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