The ONE37pm Monthly Music Roundup: September 2023's Top Sounds

Monthly Music Roundup September MOBILE II
Sugar Milk / Haley Scott

Once again, we're back with our recurring Monthly Music Roundup series here at ONE37pm - and this month, we've got plenty of top sounds to highlight.

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FEATURED: Producers Who Drop on DSPs

In the modern age of music, we've seen plenty of exciting changes. One of the most notable changes is the strategic positioning that producers have begun to take. The creative role that was once in the shadows (with barely any credit to go around) is now at the forefront, right alongside the recording artists. This is all thanks to the newfound access to DSPs that producers have experienced in recent years.

While it's not a brand-new concept for producers to drop, it's becoming widely popular at this very moment. You've seen this take hold with prominent acts like Metro Boomin, but now the effect is becoming all the more widespread. Producers have always had the most up-close-and-personal relationships with artists, and now, the time has come for them to capitalize on that - in a way that still allows the artists to shine.

A perfect example of a creative beatmaker who's making something of these serendipitous circumstances is MVW, a classically-trained producer who's directed his focus and talent to hip-hop.

Today, MVW released a collaborative single with Valee - which came at no surprise to his core fanbase, who've been avidly streaming prior releases from the duo. The newly released song is called "Tailor Swift," and it represents exactly what we've come to love about both MVW and Valee. It's the first song off of their upcoming collaborative project, VALEEDATION, which is set to be released on October 20th. Take a listen, and hear the incredible display of producer-artist chemistry for yourself.

September 2023: Top Sounds of the Month

Now onto the best part - exploring the top sounds of the month from our favorite creatives around the world.

Lil Yachty - "THE SECRET RECIPE" (with J. Cole) [Video]

Huey Briss - "SIGN RIGHT HERE" [Video]

Cash Cobain - 'Pretty Girls Love Slizzy' [Album]

Da$H - 'SKREWFACE 2' [Album]

Taz Money, Cash Cobain - "Oochie Wally" [Single]

38 Spesh, Conway the Machine - 'Speshal Machinery' [Album]


Brill 4 The Thrill - 'Stayin' Down For It' [Album]

Real Boston Richey - 'Welcome to Bubba Land' [Album]

Hefna380 - "F*ck Em" [Video]

Rome Streetz - 'Noise Kandy 5' [Album]

Christian LaNeve, JGreen - "3 AM" [Single]

Lil Tecca - 'TEC' [Album]

916Frosty, Zubin - 'MIRABELLA' [EP]

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