Let's Look at the Prince Albums in Order

Prince Albums in Order MOBILE II
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Embarking on a journey through Prince's albums in order reveals not just a discography, but a vivid tapestry of musical innovation. Music enthusiasts always been captivated by Prince's enigmatic presence and his groundbreaking fusion of genres. From his early forays into the industry to his later releases, each album unfolds a new chapter in his artistic evolution. This exploration isn't just about listing albums; it's about delving into the soul of a musical genius who redefined the landscape of pop, rock, and R&B. Let's embark on this auditory adventure, celebrating the legend of Prince and the timeless art he bestowed upon the world of music.

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33. For You

32. Prince

31. Dirty Mind

30. Controversy

29. 1999

28. Purple Rain

27. Around the World in a Day

26. Parade

25. Sign o' the Times

24. Lovesexy

23. Batman

22. Graffiti Bridge

21. Diamonds and Pearls

20. Love Symbol

19. Come

18. The Black Album

17. The Gold Experience

16. Chaos and Disorder

15. Emancipation

14. Crystal Ball

13. Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic

12. The Rainbow Children

11. One Nite Alone...

10. Xpectation

9. Musicology

8. 3121

7. Planet Earth

6. Lotusflow3r / MPLSound

5. 20Ten

4. Plectrumelectrum

3. Art Official Age

2. Hit n Run Phase One

1. Hit n Run Phase Two

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