Meet Stevie Skytel: Store Manager, Artist Manager, and More

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Stevie Skytel

When I met Stevie Skytel in the summer of 2021, he left a great impression on me. After all, Stevie's the manager of LAAMS, which is one of the coolest storefronts in New York City, he has a vast knowledge about culture and all of its components, and is eager to collaborate with creators of all kinds. Did I mention he manages Da$H? Yes, the same Da$H who was on "New Faces v2" with Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt on the iconic project, Faces.

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Stevie Skytel has a clear passion and respect for art, as well as the people who make it. In a way, he's an artist of his own. To begin to understand Stevie, you should understand his current creative endeavor alongside Scott Selvin and Joe Ro, LAAMS.

At its core, LAAMS is a storefront that's built for those who have an ongoing curiosity about culture in all of its forms. Inside, you'll find carefully curated collections of clothes, sneakers, vinyl records, books, paintings, jewelry, and much more.

As LAAMS continues to grow, it's impossible for store-goers to ignore the blatant evolution going on right in front of their eyes. The store and its team are in a state of constant motion, which is somehow done gracefully. From collaborations with up-and-coming artists and brands to collaborations with household-name artists and brands alike, LAAMS has proven to be a worthy ally to creatives of all kinds. The store has quite a powerful presence in the creative scene of New York City. Ask around, you'll hear the same from others.

I'm curious about what the next 5 years is looking like. I'm super excited. I wake up everyday ready to go tackle the day. I feel motivated to go outside and leave my house, and I feel blessed when I'm able to make it back home - because not everybody makes it back home.

- Stevie Skytel

In our interview, you could tell Stevie is both humble and confident about his progress. He knows how special the work he does is, yet he treats everyone with respect. It sounds like that should be standard, but as we all know, it's not necessarily the norm. Stevie's notably knowledgeable and wise, yet equally enthusiastic about continuing his journey of learning and growing.

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Stevie Skytel

Stevie was born and raised in New Jersey, but has grown to call the Lower East Side of New York City his home as well. In many ways, this area of NYC has been a mecca for culture in its countless forms, which makes it a no-brainer as to why Stevie is so in love with it.

At this point, it's clear that LES loves him back. If you see Stevie standing outside of LAAMS, it's common to notice the frequent daps and greetings he exchanges with his neighbors: store owners, locals, and creatives of all kinds. "Showing love" is as straightforward as it gets with this creative manager.

Check out the LAAMS store at 74 Orchard St in New York City, and say what's up to Stevie for us!

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