10 Underrated Music Artists You Absolutely Need to Know

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Finding the best underrated music artists is our bread and butter here at ONE37pm - our music team has got you covered. In the digital age, where virality can catapult an emerging artist to mainstream success overnight, we often find ourselves listening to the same chart-topping hits on loop. While there's nothing wrong with jamming to popular tunes, it's easy to overlook the treasure trove of musical gems that lie just beneath the surface of mainstream acclaim. These are the artists who produce heart-rending lyrics, innovative melodies, and soul-stirring vocals, yet remain curiously under the radar. Whether it's due to a lack of marketing power or simply being overshadowed by big-name stars, these underrated artists deserve a moment in the limelight - or at least a spot on your playlist.

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10. BabyJake

Hometown: Key West, FL

9. Das Kope

Hometown: Sao Paolo, Brazil

8. Jordan Ward

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

7. Lunchbox

Hometown: Harlem, NY

6. Mariah the Scientist

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

5. Greek

Hometown: Martinsville, Virginia

4. ayrtn

Hometown: London, England

3. Durand Jones and the Indications

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

2. Anycia

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

1. Strandz

Hometown: Germany / Nigeria / London

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