Why "One Thing About Me" Matters: TikTok's New Storytelling Trend

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"One thing about me, I'm the baddest alive" said Nicki Minaj on her most recent viral hit, "Super Freaky Girl." As TikTok usually does, it's morphed this hit song into a way for its users to express themselves freely. Now, creators everywhere are making videos with a snippet of the song to tell funny, revealing, and embarrassing stories of themselves.

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You might recognize the beat behind this Nicki Minaj hit; in fact, it's a remix of Rick James' most popular song, "Super Freak." Fun fact: Rick James actually produced the original song, which currently sits at over 250 million streams on Spotify alone, not counting physical record sales and streams on other platforms.

To put the popularity of Nicki Minaj's song in perspective, it is already at over 150 million streams on Spotify, even though it's only been out for two months. The song was dropped on August 12th this year, and has been popping off on every social media platform -- especially TikTok.

So basically, the trend goes something like this: the sound starts off with "one thing about me..." just like it does in the regular song, but then it cuts out to just the instrumental, leaving space for creators to tell their wildest stories over it. Take Rebecca Black, for example, the singer who was responsible for the YouTube viral hit "Friday." On her "One Thing About Me" video, she told a disastrous story of going to Mexico with her mom after being invited by a distant cousin, all in the tune of "Super Freak," just like Nicki did on her verse. Nicki Minaj ended up commenting on the video, saying "I love this song." Rebecca Black's version, that is.

Another shining example of this trend is a video from a user named mixieeeeee, who told a one of a kind hide-and-seek story. While hiding in the bathroom at her friends house, she heard a knock on the door. Not wanting to lose the game, she didn't respond to the knock. This would quickly turn into a nightmare, as she silently laid down holding her breath behind the shower curtain, as her friend's mom went to the bathroom for 45 minutes. One of the top comments said "Yo this available on Spotify?"; we were just wondering the same thing.

There's a certain charm to the "Super Freaky Girls" instrumental which makes super awkward stories much less awkward. Don't believe us? Just search #onethingaboutme on TikTok and see for yourself. The hashtag currently has over 790 million views. The "One Thing About Me" trend is making users everywhere open up about their deepest, darkest secrets, all the while making it fun to create (and watch).

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