Louie Ray Is A Top-Tier Midwestern Rap Talent

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Louie Ray has gracefully emerged from Flint, Michigan as one of the city’s premier rap talents. He’s continued to rep his city on his viral raps, and moves like a music veteran. Who would’ve known that he’s blood brothers with fellow midwestern rap phenom Rio Da Yung Og?

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After Louie Ray’s debut on Lil Yachty’s Michigan Boy Boat album which put on several similar midwestern acts, the stage was set for him to build something special. This project did a lot for this particular region’s rap prominence; it spotlighted a group of creatives who were more than ready for it. Louie Ray is easily regarded as one of those creatives. Here's a brand new heater he dropped off with his frequent collaborator, YN Jay.

This past summer, Louie Ray went up with his #TooLoudChallenge, and has made a habit of catching attention at the right time alongside releases well worthy of the praise they receive. This challenge was in tandem with his song “Cash App,” which proved to be a true success.

My city know what's up with me, why would I change now?
Hell nah, I can't stop rappin', look what I made now.

- Louie Ray on "Cash App"

At the moment, Louie Ray has slightly more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify, especially thanks to his heavy hitting songs with fellow top-tier acts like YN Jay and Rio Da Yung Og, his brother. With his solo releases, he’s made it clear what he’s capable of. “Too Smooth” is impossible to turn off once you press play, and his September album, My Signature, sends the same signal.

If you’re new to Louie Ray, take this chance to get even more familiar with his array of bangers.

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