ONE37pm’s 2018 from A to Z

A full, alphabetical breakdown of the best content we brought you this year. A is for Amazon and Z is for Gen Z.

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When we launched ONE37pm in 2018, we set out to create content at the intersection of culture, style, music and sports, all through the lens of entrepreneurship. We've reported on the biggest cultural movements, the street-stealing style stars, rounded up the sickest playlists and covered sports highlights for five months. Our @ONE37pm Instagram account has grown to more than 107,000 followers, our @137pm Twitter account just surpassed 10,000 followers, and our editors utilize every minute of every day to keep you in-the-know.

Thanks for joining us on the journey.

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A is for Amazon

Here’s Why Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint Presentations

Amazon may be the highest-covered topic at ONE37pm, but can you blame us? Jeff Bezos has an estimated net worth of $138 billion. 

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Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

B is for BAH's Bangers

BAH’s Bangers Music Playlist

Brian Anthony Hernandez, better known as BAH, is ONE37pm's music maestro. He releases a bangin' weekly playlist of music you should know. You can listen and subscribe to BAH's Bangers on Spotify or Apple Music

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C is for Chris Brickley

How Chris Brickley Made Waves in Basketball and Streetwear

With a streetwear brand called Color Blind, ONE37pm's Corban Goble predicts, "Brickley is one of the biggest names to watch as basketball culture continues to seep into pop culture at large."

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D is for Dog Documentaries

Netflix’s Documentary on Dogs Will Make You Adopt a Pooch

There is a new, six-part documentary on Netflix. It's aptly titled Dogs, and follows the much-improved lives of dog owners around the world whose struggles are improved by the presence of a pup. The series is a telegenic anti-depressant, a cerebral palate cleanser. It will make you forget your woes and sign up for a bunch of dog adoption newsletters and meme accounts.

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Anthony Geathers for ONE37pm

E is for Esports

Esports IRL: Why 20,000 People Went Wild Watching Gamers Play for $1 Million

Like avid music fans flowing into a stadium for a concert, tens of thousands of video game lovers walked into Brooklyn’s Barclays Center this summer for the final leg of the Overwatch League, a global professional eSports league with a top prize of $1 million. The Overwatch League Grand Finals attracted an astonishing 22,434 people over the two day competition in late July, with countless more watching the first-ever live primetime broadcast of an eSports event on ESPN in addition to live domestic showings on ESPN2, Disney XD and Twitch, as well as other international platforms.

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F is for Fortnite

What the Heck Is Fortnite Creator Epic Games Going to Do With Its New $1.25 Billion Investment?

Remember when global phenomenon Fortnite made more than $1 billion from in-app purchases alone in less than a year of existence? Yup, and on top of that gigantic windfall, Fortnite developer Epic Games announced it received $1.25 billion in funding from several venture capital firms.

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Courtesy of Port Products

G is for Grooming

How to Start Your Own Grooming Brand, According to Four Recent Founders

The grooming market is absolutely booming right now. To help you collect some practical advice on what it takes to launch a business in this exciting but ever-crowded industry, we asked a few recent founders to share some words of wisdom.

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las vegas golden knights

H is for Hockey Jerseys

Hockey’s Hottest Jerseys, Ranked

When watching a sporting event, the first thing you notice is the jerseys. Whether it’s the signature Lakers purple and gold or the pinstripe Yankees uniforms, a franchise’s jersey induces a nostalgic feeling. And few leagues have the history of the National Hockey League.

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I is for Instagram's Best Dad

Proof Pierce Brosnan Is Instagram’s Most Supportive Dad

“The name’s Bond, James Bond, but you can call me… ‘Daddy.’” I presume that is a line that Pierce Brosnan—Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies Bond, arguably the most shook, least stirred Bond—employs earnestly when he talks to his children Paris, 17, and Dylan, 21. He has given up his former position as the granddaddiest of James Bonds post–Sean Connery. Now, in his sunset years, the 65-year-old actor has really leaned into his latest role: Supportive father, especially on Instagram, @piercebrosnanofficial.

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Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

J is for JHart

JHart Breaks Down Writing Lyrics for Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, TLC, Keith Urban & Usher

Before JHart became the Grammy-nominated songwriter for chart-topping pop stars that he is today, he once dressed up as serial entrepreneur Richard Branson for his elementary school’s annual career day. He used a marker on his face to mimic Branson’s beard. After that day in fifth grade, JHart mailed Branson a photo of his costume with a short letter, to which the billionaire wrote back, “Nice stubble!”

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K is for Kendrick Lamar

A Mid-Year Rewind for Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is killing it. The 31-year-old won Best Album of the Year and Best Male Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards, continuing what has been a historic and just downright dope winning streak for the artist this year. From sell-out sneakers to that little thing called the Pulitzer Prize, K-Dot could take the rest of the year off and still call 2018 a success.

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Edward Berthelot/GettyImages

L is for Leather Backpacks

In Defense of Leather Backpacks

In today's ever-evolving work culture that prizes jeans over slacks, the definition of "business casual" is changing. Starched button-downs and three-piece suits have been traded for comfort, and rightfully so. There is no longer a need to overdress for the workplace. But there is one facet of the modern man's wardrobe worth elevating: The leather backpack, a contemporary's briefcase. 

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Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

M is for Modern Masculinity

What Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles Can Teach Us About Modern Masculinity

Two of the biggest names in teendom, who wield a following of 26.6 million on Instagram combined, talked over the phone this year. Pop star Harry Styles and actor Timothée Chalamet—tethered to the line like mutual admirers genuinely curious about how the other navigates fame and attention—discussed a topic that essentially never comes up in conversation between two cis men: masculinity.

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N is for Nas

#LowKeyInvestor: Nas

Nas was suspended in the seventh grade for stabbing a kid in the neck with a pencil. A yellow No. 2 pencil, to be exact. By the eighth grade, he dropped out of school.  But, now he's quietly acting as a founding member of a venture capital firm called Queensbridge Venture Partners. The number of investments to date is 127, according to Crunchbase

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Lego/Blizzard Entertainment

O is for ‘Overwatch’ Legos

‘Overwatch’ Lego Joins Short List of Video Games That Have Inspired Official Lego Sets

“Look out, world, Lego Tracer’s here!” Yup, Lego sets inspired by the popular Overwatch video game are coming soon. In a very vague video teaser, Lego and game developer Blizzard Entertainment just confirmed Tracer will be the first Overwatch character to be transformed into a Lego mini-figure. With esports exploding in popularity (22,000-plus people recently attended the sold-out Overwatch League Grand Finals), it’s no surprise Lego wanted in on the Overwatch frenzy.

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Rich Fury/Getty Images for Bud Light

P is for Post Malone’s Postmates

How Post Malone Spent $40,000 on Postmates

Imagine spending $8,000 on 10,000 biscuits. Hitmaker Post Malone did just that, using delivery service app Postmates to get those Popeyes biscuits to his Coachella party.

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Amanda Lanzone for ONE37pm

Q is for Quality Products

10 Products You Shouldn’t Cheap Out On (And 5 You Should)

We took the time to assess some essential everyday items, weighing out how much value they bring in comparison to their price point using state of the art equations and technology (not really). Here are the results.

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Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

R is for Rap Beef

The Evolution of the Rap Beef

As rap has ascended to the forefront of pop music, prominent rap beefs have taken on increased stature in pop culture. The war of words has elevated their battlegrounds from the early days of playground sound-offs to leaving it all in the booth. And lately, beef has been served up extra rare on the social media timeline.

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S is for Sushi

Just How Presidential Are The Rock’s Sushi Sunday Meals?

Sandwiched between Instagram snaps of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson high-finning a beluga whale and bench-pressing a scrapyard's worth of iron sits an innocuous photo of some sushi in front of a laptop. The screen is open to a streaming service. He's about to sit down and soak in a documentary with a buffet of sushi. It's probably one of the most familiar images for workaday millennials everywhere: What to order on Seamless and what to queue up on Netflix?

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Jace Lumley

T is for Track Pants

NBA Stylist Courtney Mays Is Here to Help You Pull Off Track Pants

Line up all the famous men shaping fashion trends today and chances are the majority of them are going to stand well over six feet tall and have action-figure abs. NBA pros haven’t always dominated the style conversation, but they certainly are in 2018. Courtney Mays is one of the stylists responsible for that shift. With her clients Chris Paul, Kevin Love and DeAndre Jordan, Mays has helped turn the arena tunnel into a new kind of runway—a place where you can spot the hottest sneakers, flyest suits and best bags in the game.

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asari mens grooming

U is for Unisex Skincare

Unisex Skin Care Is Here to Give You Skin as Nice as Hers

The days of stealing your girlfriend’s, roommate’s or roommate’s girlfriend’s fancy skincare products are coming to a glorious end. We’ve arrived at the bountiful, stressless era of unisex skincare.

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V is for ‘Venom’

Why Is ‘Venom’ a Hit in China? Thank This Video Depicting Venom as a Socialist Hero

Sony’s eponymous anti-hero film Venom continues to make waves overseas, despite attracting lukewarm reviews from many critics and some viewers upon its initial U.S. release on Oct. 5. But, the film has been on a recent surge at the Chinese box office, partly due to a viral fan-made video.

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Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

W is for Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean Reminisces About His Surprising First Job in the '80s and His Collabs With Avicii

Before Wyclef Jean formed legendary hip-hop trio The Fugees, won three Grammys and went down in history with one of the top-selling songs ever for his "Hips Don't Lie" collaboration with Shakira, he had a first job just like anybody else. Wyclef visited ONE37pm's Live From the Bar Cart podcast and revealed his humble beginnings as a worker in a Korean beauty salon, where he first learned to hustle. 

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X is for X Games

#Face2FaceTime with Paul Rodriguez

We sat down with pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez for some #Face2FaceTime. The theme? Gratitude and what it can do for your business—and state of mind. Rodriguez is an X Games gold medalist and is still winning titles, two decades into his career. He is the first Mexican-American athlete to have a signature shoe with Nike. He also owns the skateboard brand, Primitive Skateboarding, coconut water brand Villager Goods, and sold his brewing company Saint Archer Brew to MillerCoors in 2015. 

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Y is for Young Style Leaders

10 Young Style Leaders Who Launched Their Careers on Instagram

The days of rolling your eyes at Instagram influencers are over. In 2018, leaders on the platform offer so much more than photos of cappuccinos—and do more with their careers, too. Meet ten young creatives who are guaranteed to make you rethink what it means to be famous on Instagram, and possibly inspire you to up your own photo-sharing game.

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Z is for Gen Z

Gen Z TV Guys We Want to Dress Like

We gave you seven super stylish dudes, all born 1995 and later, to watch on and off screen. Can you recognize them all?

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