Allen Iverson's Best Teammates, Ranked

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So, you're wondering who Allen Iverson's best teammates were? Let's get in to it!

It's commonplace today when talking about the legacy of basketball players to not only mention on-court achievements, but how that specific player changed the game. More recently we talk about how Stephen Curry revolutionized the three point line and how that will outlast any accomplishment of this decade. Before Curry, there was Allen Iverson.

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"The Answer" was a controversial figure before he even stepped onto an NBA court. After a brawl in college, his eligibility to play in the NBA came into question. Once in the league, he constantly fought the NBA's stringent dress code policy amongst other various things, bringing his own culture to the forefront. Even being an individual trailblazer, Iverson had some incredible teammates throughout his career. Here are the five best teammates that Allen Iverson had, ranked.

1. Dikembe Mutombo

2. Aaron McKie

3. Eric Snow

4. Derrick Coleman

5. Keith Van Horn

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