The 20 Best Golf Accessories to Have in 2023

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So, you're wondering what the best golf accessories are? No worries... we have you covered!

Ah, golf: The sport that we love…and love to hate. While it's a fun and a seemingly healthy way to blow off some steam while spending time outside, its addictiveness can often lead to becoming obsessed with getting better. Like anything in life, you have to start somewhere but as human nature will have it, eventually the inevitable competitiveness starts creeping in. 

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You probably won't be an Open Championship winner like these players, but the right accessories might have you feeling like one! If you want to be that person that’s prepared for anything, here are all the golf accessories you're going to want to have stocked up in your golf bag.

What to consider when buying golf accessories


Let’s face it, golf is already an expensive hobby. Clubs aren’t cheap, and course memberships and booking fees add up quickly, so the last thing you want is to have to add on more and more costs with expensive accessories. So, finding quality items at reasonable prices is key. We have you covered there.


Speaking of quality, if you’re going to invest in a product that is supposed to help your game, then it's important that it works the way it's supposed to. This might be particularly important if, say, you’re one of those people who may find yourself taking your anger out on your equipment when you miss a put. Which of course you aren’t. 

What you’ll use it for

It's important to make sure that you aren’t just buying products for the sake of buying. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that one product isn't going to be the difference-maker that will have you ready to join the Tour next year, and you certainly won't be making our list of who had the biggest margin of victory at the Masters anytime soon.

Instead, what may be helpful is determining what it is that you want to improve on in your game, and think about all of the factors that could be standing in your way toward such a goal. Then, you can begin to think about the products that will help take your game to the next level.

Okay, now onto the best golf accessories that will have you prepared for anything that comes up on the course.

1. A Cost Effective Laser Rangefinder

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Gogogo Sport

As one review mentions, most rangefinders do the same thing, no matter how much they cost. With that in mind, with its competitive price and satisfactory reviews, this Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder is the best bang for your buck.

Buy Now, $89.99

2. A Quality Pair of Gloves

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Okay, so if there’s one thing that we’d argue that you can’t do without, it's a good pair of golf gloves. Luckily there are plenty of affordable, yet top-tier quality gloves on the market that will save your hands from calluses and ensure a strong grip on your club from start to finish.

Buy Now, $25.99

3. The Ultimate Club Maintence Kit

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Big Crazy

What’s better than a set of microfiber golf towels and a cleaning set?

Answer: a kit that comes with both sets in one!

This kit has everything you need to keep your clubs in the best shape possible, which is important because as we mentioned, clubs are expensive, so you want to do everything you can to avoid needing a new set anytime soon.

4. Portable Putting Mat

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PGA SuperStore

The best way to avoid “the yips” is to get consistent reps in to cement your motion to muscle memory. This portable putting map will help by allowing for extra reps any time, any place.

Buy Now, $179.99

5. At-Home Practice Range

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PGA SuperStore

Just like with the portable putting map, having this compact home practice range is the best way to get stronger on your tee shots and to impress your golf friends the next time you go out and play with them.

Buy Now, $199.99

6. Golf Cart Seat Blanket

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PGA SuperStore

Is there a worse feeling than unexpectedly sitting down on a cold and wet seat? The answer is no, and this is the perfect solution to make sure that never happens to you.

Buy Now, $34.99

7. Hand Warmers

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PGA SuperStore

Though many courses close up shop in the winter time, those early fall weekends can get sneaky cold, so having hand warmers accessible in your bag is never a bad idea.

8. An Umbrella...For Your Golf Cart!

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PGA SuperStore

This is one of those things that seems unnecessary, until it isn’t. When it's golf season, you can't let a little rain deter you from showing up and getting in the reps. With that said, this golf cart cover is the best way to prepare to be outside in the rain all day by providing a little haven to escape the rain.

Buy Now, $199.99

9. An Umbrella...For Your Golf Bag!

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PGA SuperStore

Another product that you’ll want for those rainy days. By keeping your clubs out of the rain, you’ll be able to preserve them and ensure that they last as long as they should.

Buy Now, $44.99

10. Ray-Blocking Sunglasses

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Because, yes, it's totally the sun in your eyes that made you miss that putt. Totally.

Buy Now, $217

11. Cooling Blankets

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At least when it's cold, you can add on layers and bundle up to try and get warm. When it's hot, and I mean really hot, there’s not as much you can do to cool down in the beating sun. That’s where these cooling towels come in handy. Put one on the back of  your neck, and you're guaranteed to cool down a couple of degrees.

Buy Now, $16.99

12. A Portable Charger

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The best thing about golf is that its a great excuse to be off your phone and disconnected from everything else going on in life. Still, there is something about being outside all day that makes your phone decide it's going to lose battery at the speed of light. Having a portable charger on hand all day could become critical for a moment when you really need to use your phone that’s surviving on 2% battery.

Buy Now, $16.98

13. Unique Ball Marker

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PGA SuperStore

This is the perfect ball-marker that is unique without being too over the top. And, its cheap!

Buy Now, $14.99

14. Incredible Can Insulator

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The best thing about these Yeti Colster Can Coolers is that they can be used on and off the golf course. But since it's golf accessories we’re talking about here, then let's talk about the reasons that they are great for golf.

For one, it’s an easy way to distinguish your can from your fellow golfers. Plus, its perfect for the person who puts their beer down to focus and then forgets about it for a few holes. It will still be cold when you come back to it!

Buy Now, $25

15. A Sleek Drink Cooler Bag

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Sunday Golf

18 holes takes a long time.The only thing that takes longer? Two rounds of 18 holes.

When you're out that long in the sun, your beers stand no chance to stay cool. That is, without an insulated cooler bag that actually works. This Sunday Golf cooler bag is tried and true and very easy to transport. You’ll be shocked how cold it keeps your beer, and its cheaper then buying beers at the club!

Buy Now, $34.99

16. An Insulated Water Bottle

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Hyrdro Flask

It's not only the beer that you need to keep cold. When you're out in the sun all day (or even when you’re not), water is crucial. There are tons of water bottles on the market, but these Hydro Flasks are one of the most popular, and for a reason. They keep your water unbelievably cold and are durable beyond comprehension.

Buy Now, $32.95

17. Golf Sleeves

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Dick's Sporting Goods

Though it may seem counter-intuitive that putting on golf sleeves is best on hot days, here’s why it is. First of all, these moisture wicking sleeves help your body regulate temperature by keeping the moisture off your skin. When your body temperature is regulated, you can maintain endurance, and enhance your performance.

Long story short, wearing sleeves makes you better at golf. Who knew, it's as simple as that!

Buy Now, $30

18. Sunscreen

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Protecting your skin from the sun is no joke, people. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “its barely even sunny today, I don’t need to put on sunscreen even though I’ll be outside all day,” THINK AGAIN. Not only will you end up with a ridiculous and painful farmers tan (read: burn), sun exposure with no SPF protection is not good for your overall health.

Buy Now, $34

19. Rangefinder/Valuables Bag

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Your golf bag only has so many extra pockets for things other than your clubs. This compact bag for your valuables has easy access to so many pockets and will be a huge game changer for your golf outing days.

Buy Now, $29.99

20. Massage Gun

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Golf season is bound to make you tight and achy. This massage gun is sure to help with that.

Buy Now, $329
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