Who Has Won The Most National Championships in College Football?

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Are you wondering who has won the most national championships in college football? Let's get in to it!

The college football national championship is one of the most prestigious sporting events in America. The big game has been held annually since before the first Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and World Series. It's crazy to think that the collegiate level is where the idea of national championship game came from, but it makes sense when you factor in that universities were established before sporting leagues.

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Although the game has undergone various changes over the years, a national championship in college football has been held annually since the first meeting between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869. Now over 150+ years later the game is still held, and is watched by millions.

Here are the eight teams who have won the most national championships in college football.

9. Oklahoma: 7 Championships

8. Harvard: 12 Championships

7. Michigan: 16 Championships

6. USC: 17 Championships

5. Ohio State: 17 Championships

4. Notre Dame: 22 Championships

3. Alabama: 23 Championships

2. Yale: 27 Championships

1. Princeton: 28 Championships

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