The 21 Most Fashionable Video Game Characters of All Time

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Let’s admit it right here and right now. Video game can definitely rock some crazy outfits. Some are based on television/movie characters, while others are characters developed specifically for certain video games. They often only have one outfit (perhaps two and maybe three), and yet that one outfit is forever memorable. Whenever you think about said video game character, you subconsciously think about their outfit too, whether you realize it or not. The outfits are literally attached to them, and are representative of their personality.

By now you probably see where we’re going with this. Last week we did the top 25 most stylish television characters, and this week we’re doing the most stylish video game characters. We hope you have just as much fun reading this article as what we did writing it. Check it out and let us know what you think.

21. Agent 47

Agent 47 in Hitman Absolution
IO Interactive


Agent 47. The protagonist of the Hitman series. Most of the time you will see him in a black suit with a white suit shirt and red tie. Once every blue moon he will switch it up, but that is his signature look.

20. Inkling

Screen Shot 2022 09 28 at 10.02.55 AM


Inklings are a major part of the Splatoon series, and they are mostly dressed in pretty cool athletic wear. Their sneaker game is on point as well. Plus they can kick butt. Added bonus.

19. Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible

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The Incredibles

Yes, The Incredibles had a video game for those that don’t remember. Elastigirl’s costume was dope (you need to be a little more flexible will forever be an iconic line), and we reckon that her Mrs. Incredible was great too.

18. Sydney Bristow

10 1
Acclaim Studios


You may or may not remember Alias, the show Jennifer Garner starred in the mid-2000s. You also may not have known that the show had an accompanying video game that is by far my favorite video game of all-time. Sydney had her signature CIA outfit that helped her kick butt, but because the game requires her to go undercover, she also had to rock disguises (my favorite is the one she wore to the museum in Saudi Arabia), which were also pretty epic.

17. Chun-Li

maxresdefault 1

Street Fighter

One of the Street Fighter franchise's most memorable (and fashionable) characters. Chun-Li has been everybody’s video game crush since 1991 when she first appeared in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. That’s over thirty years of dominance folks.

16. Iori Yagami

iori kof 15

Speaking of Street Fighter characters with great style, Iori Yagami has been at it since 1995. His haircut has been a trendsetter as well. 

15. Mary Kate and Ashley

Screen Shot 2022 09 28 at 10.25.46 AM


We’re going to get girly here for a second. There’s no denying the fact that Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are two of the most fashionable people to walk the face of this planet in the 21st century thus far. And since they modeled the outfits they wore in their video games after what they were wearing in real life, that makes their video game characters among the most fashionable of all-time. See how that works?

14. Vice

maxresdefault 2
SNK Playmore

King of Fighters

Since first appearing in The King of Fighters '95 as one of Rugal Bernstein's secretaries, Vice has been known for her fashion. Sexy yet subtle, and always fierce. Always.

13. Nina Williams

Nina Williams Tekken header
Bandai Namco


Tekken has so many characters with memorable costumes that it feels unfair to narrow it down to just one. We ultimately went with Nina Williams because she was an assassin that got the job done in princess attire. Now that’s a bad chick.

12. Samus Aran

133901 ArtStation video games Samus Aran Metroid video game girls digital art


Samus has quite possibly some of the illest costumes ever. From the metallic gold intergalactic to the baby blue bodysuit. Make no mistake, Samus is that chick.

11. Dante

devil may cry 3 dante feature

Devil May Cry

Dante aka Tony Redgrave. The main protagonist in Devil May Cry. The red leather jacket contrasted well with his all-silver hair, and the leather pants were sick too. Dante knows how to rock a fit, that’s for certain.

10. Bayonetta



Bayonetta is the Umbra Witch with a nerdy sexy side to her. A relatively newer video game character in the grand scheme of things (she made her debut in 2009), her costume/look continues to evolve with time.

9. Marcus Holloway

watch dogs 2 review main

Watch Dogs

Is it the bomber or the ball cap? Or is it the jeans? Perhaps the boots? Maybe it’s all of the above plus the shades and mask? What we’re trying to get at here, is Marcus Holloway has a very cool sense of style.

8. Cloud Strife

final fantasy 7 remake cloud
Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife is the literal definition of making your moment count. Considered to be the most iconic character of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife was a menace, but a stylish one.

7. Nathan Drake

6302945 0314445403 natha
Naughty Dog


Could we even put this list together without including Nathan Drake? No. Just no. Nathan Drake embodies Mariah Carey’s phrase “I’ll do the best with what I got,” and that includes his outfit.

6. Carl Johnson

16029618759269 screenshot 20160522 011405
Rockstar Games


Let’s get a little hood for a second. Carl Johnson is a legend. Not just a GTA legend, but a legend period. A guy that handles business. A walking meme and GIF. And he did it all in a white tank and jeans that sagged a little bit. My man (Denzel voice).

5. Kratos

Kratos facts featured
Santa Monica Studio

God of War

Doesn’t Kratos just look like he can whoop your butt? I mean we know he kicks butt obviously, but he just looks like he means business. Kratos is considered to be one of the hottest video game characters, and we can see why.

4. Princess Peach

pricess peach fun facts

Super Mario

Anybody that tries to dispute this is just looking for an argument. Princess Peach is a glamorous fashion icon. We will not hear anything otherwise.

3. Matt

download 7

Wii Sports

Matt doesn’t have a last name and doesn’t need one. Nobody on the face of this planet has beaten Matt in anything (and if you think you have it’s probably a figment of your imagination). That makes his Orange long sleeve turtleneck and black skinny jeans that much more legendary.

2. James Bond

from russia with love1

James Bond Video Game Series

Mr. 007 will have the distinct honor of being on our video game and movie all-time fashion list. Nobody has ever rocked a suit like James Bond. 

1. Lara Croft

Core Design

Tomb Raider

We had to save the best for last. Lara Croft will also have the honor of being on our video game movie character all-time fashion list. Lara Croft proves that simple does work, and that it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

This was a tough list to round out. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know via our socials, and make sure you keep up with us for more style content.

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