The 21 Best Converse Collabs, Ranked

We are revisiting some of the best Converse collaborations in recent years

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There are certain brands that will always be a tried and true classic. A timeless go-to staple that will never go out of style and will likely be in everyone’s closet at some point in their lives. Converse continues to remain one of those brands. Established in 1908, Converse shoes have become known for their simple yet eye-catching designs and have joined a select group of sneaker brands that have become a fan favorite amongst celebrities, influencers, and public figures. Naturally, their popularity has transcended over the decades, leading to many different groundbreaking partnerships and some of the best Converse collabs of all time. 

Today we will be revisiting these collaborations. Warning: some of these partnerships were highly sought after and are either no longer available for purchase, or much more expensive than their original price. On the flip side, you can still find some of these shoes via the retail market if you do your digging. Now we have that out of the way, let’s take a look back at 20 of Converse’s best collabs.

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21. Moncler x Fragment x Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 5.13.37 PM
Mr. Porter

With Moncler and Converse, you're getting the best of both worlds with luxury and street skate style. The Converse "Fraylor III" sneakers are a mixture of retro 70s basketball in slightly more modern/reimagined fashion, complete with a logo branding honoring each of the major brands involved in creating this beauty of a sneaker.


20. Comme Des Garçons Play x Converse

Screen Shot 2021 06 06 at 5.03.20 PM
Comme Des Garçons Play x Converse / Converse

Let’s start with one of Converse’s most popular collaborations to date. The Comme Des Garçons Play collab was a playful sneaker with a youthful element, but not to the point where it seemed too “kiddy.” The signature heart motif against the beige/black design made this shoe an instant classic, and it is still available today through different retail locations.


19. Off-White x Converse

Off-White x Converse / Stadium Goods

Anytime Off-White gets in the mix, you know something legendary is on the way. Virgil’s take on the traditional Converse design was interesting as usual but very cool. Virgil had a way of making his designs look “couture,” and this shoe was no exception.


18. Converse x Kurt Cobain

Converse x Kurt Cobain / Sneaker News

This is a throwback that not a lot of people remember. The legendary Kurt Cobain was a huge advocate of Converse (to the point where many believed a future collaboration was on the way), and Converse worked carefully to create a collection that embodied Cobain to the fullest. You can still find select colorways via the re-sell market if you are looking for a vintage shoe to add to your lineup.


17. Converse x Simpsons

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 4.40.28 PM
Converse x Simpsons / Walmart

Since we are on the topic of 1990s legends, let’s make our way over Converse’s iconic collaboration with The Simpsons. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single millennial that doesn’t like The Simpsons, and Converse took that obsession to the next level with different Simpsons-themed colorways highlighting the show’s main characters, and pivotal moments. 


16. Stussy x Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 4.43.08 PM
Stussy x Converse / FarFetch

Stussy and Converse have linked up a lot to drop a tons of cool collabs. The shoes, in particular were beyond sick, making them one of the most memorable Converse collaborations in recent history.


15. Brain Dead x Converse

brain dead
Brain Dead x Converse / FarFetch

Some people have a love/hate relationship with platform sneakers, but in this case, the design fits perfectly with the grunge and gothic theme that Converse shoes can have at times. The Brain Dead x Converse partnership was as expected from both brands with its daring, cutting edge, and true to originality features. The disruptive animal prints were a unique element, adding to the shoe’s originality.

BUY NOW, $110

14. Telfar x Converse

Telfar x Converse / FARFETCH

Telfar and Converse joined forces earlier this year to produce an entire apparel collection that included sneakers, t-shirts, joggers, and hoodies. Two exclusive colorways came from this drop including a black and grey Telfar branded shoe, and a red, white, blue shoe that also featured the Telfar branding, but in lighter colors. This collection was highly anticipated and sold out relatively quickly. However, you can still find the shoes in certain sizes via resellers.


13. Neighborhood x Converse

Neighborhood x Converse / Kickscrew

You knew it was only a matter of time before Neighborhood came together for a partnership, and the two have put forth some memorable efforts over the past few years. Our personal favorite is their first collaboration in 2017 because that era saw a shift in streetwear/motorcycle trends becoming prominent again in mainstream society. Neighborhood and Converse reunited in August 2019 for another collaboration that was equally as sick, and if history is any indication, these two should be back together soon.


12. Carhartt x Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 4.50.25 PM
Carhartt x Converse / Kickscrew

Recently dropping a new lineup for the Spring/Summer ‘21 campaign, Carhartt and Converse are back at it again, this time with the tropical island and camouflage vibes. Carhartt seems to love those warmer deep brown and olive colors, which has also been Converse’s forte at times as well. These two always collab well together, and many of the merchandise from their latest drop is still available via Carhartt’s official website.


11. Metallica x Converse

metallica converse
Metallica x Converse / Celebrity Clothing Line

Okay, this is a cop-out and very much an editor’s choice, but there is no way that we could leave the Metallica collaboration off this list. Similar to the Kurt Cobain release, this release was a Classic Rock fan's dream with its lightning Metallica logo and theme. Different iterations of this shoe were available, and just like with the Kobains, these were also released in 2009. Maybe Converse was going through the 80s and 90s rock phase during that time.


10. Golf Le Fleur x Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 4.53.48 PM
Golf Le Fleur x Converse / FarFetch

Golf Le Fleur and Tyler The Creator have been an integral part of the Converse brand for many years now, bringing creativity and artistry to each collection. There have been many iterations of the Golf Le Fleur shoes, and each release has been different from the previous as the two brands continue to experiment with pushing the boundaries on their collaborations. Most of these shoes are still available through resell markets such as Stock X, and they remain relatively affordable (with some being marked as low as $65).


9. JW Anderson x Converse

Screen Shot 2021 06 06 at 5.58.06 PM
JW Anderson x Converse / FarFetch

You had to know this one was coming. JW Anderson’s collaboration with Converse has a serious case for being among the most popular with their bold high fashion take on the standard Converse sneakers. Now, these are slighter harder to come by as opposed to some of the other collaborations. Many sizes are sold out completely, and many of the retail outlets that do have select sizes are literally down to their last pair. At this point, it seems safe to say that JW Anderson’s releases with Converse are in high demand.


8. Sacai x Fragment Design/ Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 4.56.45 PM
Sacai x Converse / StockX

This partnership also pulled in some numbers. Sacai has been recognized and respected for its influence on luxury fashion since the brand’s 1999 inception. Created by Chitose Abe, Sacai has also collaborated with Nike over the years experimenting a bit with Nike’s low-top and high-top sneakers (The Blazer 77s are similar to Converse’ in terms of design.) Sacai and Converse dropped a progressive silhouette that reflected Japanese luxury streetwear beautifully, while still staying true to Converse’s simple casual style. 


7. Undercover x Converse

Undercover x Converse / StockX

Since we’re on the topic of sneaker collabs that are hard to cop, Undercover drops are typically very hard to get, and their partnership with Nike has produced tons of versatile shoes that can fit just about anyone’s style. From the neutral black and tan colorways to the expressive neon yellow and red iterations, there is a wide range of sneakers available to choose from that you can find through resellers.


6. Feng Chen Wang x Converse

Feng Chen Wang x Converse / SSENSE

Feng Chen Wang’s partnership with Converse has been the definition of "runway meets the street." Wang’s deal with the brand has put forth some incredibly unique takes on Converse shoes with their “2-in-1” designs, expressive patchwork, and detail.


5. Ambush x Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 5.01.21 PM
Ambush x Converse / Converse

Ambush and Converse collaborations have been known to be extremely stylish whilst remaining comfortable. We’ve mostly chosen to wear our pairs during the winter months, but the shoes, in general, are designed for wear during any season. It’s up to you personally how you choose to rock them.


4. Chinatown Market x Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 5.06.27 PM
Chinatown Market x Converse / Cettire

These colorways have been a thing of beauty. Chinatown Market and Converse always deliver vibrant color patterns and designs with their impressive technology and rare features. Like the others, you can find some of these releases on the resell market, and to our surprise, many of the shoes are very reasonably priced.


3. Maison Margiela x Converse

Screen Shot 2023 05 14 at 5.08.58 PM
Maison Margiela x Converse / Yoox

By now, you should know that ONE37pm is a huge fan of Maison Margiela. Nobody does luxury quite like Maison Margiela, and the brand teamed up with Converse to release some of the most extravagant leather trainers that we have ever seen. These shoes look like they belong in a palace, and the design is so intricate that you almost forget they are still sneakers. This is another partnership that has been largely forgotten about due to the length of time it’s been since the two have collaborated (they last worked together in 2014), but these shoes were impactful (especially for the time period).


2. Midnight Studios x Converse

midnight 2
Midnight Studios x Converse / STOCKX

Midnight Studios has always blended punk and street culture nicely, so it was only right that they eventually collaborated with an iconic brand that has also heavily influenced punk and street culture. The shoes are simple, but as we have mentioned time and time again, simplicity works. This collab worked great with the neutral off-white design and custom features that stood out without taking away from the shoe's overall appearance. We haven’t seen a Midnight Studios collaboration with Converse since 2018, but it's not uncommon for brands to go years without working together. Maybe we’ll see the two reunite in the future.


1. Fear of God x Converse

Screen Shot 2021 06 06 at 6.47.59 PM
Fear of God x Converse / SSense

Last but not least, Fear of God. These are called “essentials” for a good reason, as every sneakerhead could benefit from having this shoe in their closets. There isn’t too much to say about these sneakers as by now, we all know what Fear of God and Converse bring to the table in terms of style and impact. Jerry Lorenzo is iconic, and so is Converse. Needless to say, when two legends work together, you know the result is going to be great.


That’s going to do it for this article. While this list isn’t a representation of all the collaborations Converse has had with various brands throughout the years, these selections were our personal favorites. We hope you came out of this article with a new pair of Converse’, and we have some more fun sneaker content lined up.

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