The 20 Best Gym Bags for Men, Reviewed by Editors and Customers

The best options at every price point, reviewed by gymgoers and editors.

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The end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 is all about finally getting the proper products we need for our various different activities and events. If you've been hitting the gym without a gym bag, today is your call to action to finally pick one up. After all, you do need a place to store your workout shirts, gym shorts, and performance/basketball shoes... right? If you're the type that brings your own workout equipment with you, you'll need a place to store those things as well. Best of all, gym bags aren't solely confined to being just "gym bags," sure you can opt for a duffle/weekender bag if you're traveling, but gym bags can work just as well for your short travels. In short, gym bags have become ten times more functional over the years with their sturdy construction, adjustable shoulder straps, and multiple compartments (including ones that are specifically for funky clothes). We've put together a guide of the best gym bags for men as reviewed by customers and our editors to help you out with your selections.

These bags check the boxes of being durable, functional, versatile, and even fun in terms of the colors/designs that are available to choose from. Scroll down to find out what the best bag is for you.

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The Best Gym Bags for Men, Period:

1. L.L. Bean Waxed Canvas Duffle Medium

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 10.59.38 AM
L.L. Bean

The Best Gym Bag for Men, Overall

  • Pros: Durable, spacious, weather-resistant
  • Cons: Can weigh a lot without having much in it according to some users
  • Material: Waxed cotton canvas
  • Size/Capacity: Approx. 2,112 cu. in., 40 L
  • Dimensions: 10.5"H x 22.5"W x 10.5"D
  • What gymgoers say: "The Bag is absolutely wonderful it is spacious durable and just the right size." - Pina, L.L. Bean Reviewer

L.L. Bean's Waxed Canvas Duffle is a bag that can handle and withstand a lot. Made with a waterproof waxed cotton canvas that works as something comparable to an umbrella in a gym bag form. The bag is a standout thanks to its reinforced bottom which L.L. Bean has built in for maximum durability, a large main compartment where you can store majority of your essentials and outfits, and the Sturdy YKK zippers that will assure there's no issue of broken zippers. The detachable shoulder straps means that you can wear it as you prefer, and there's also a smaller zipped pocket on the inside that you can use for storing smaller items while you workout such as your gym pass, keys, phone, and more. Not seeing how you can go wrong with this choice.


2. Nike Brasilia 9.5 Medium Training Duffle Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 11.16.07 AM

The Best Athletic Gym Bag

  • Pros: Affordable, has multiple compartments and pockets
  • Cons: Depth of the back is limited according to users
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 12"H x 25"L x 12"D
  • What gymgoers say: "Incredibly comfortable, the backpack is what I wanted, thank you Nike for giving me what is always in my greatest tastes and admirations. They are the best." - Jorge, Kohls Reviewer

Since we're talking about gym bags Nike should be a no-brainer right? Nike gym bags are well known for their tough build and durability, as they can last you for years on end without breaking or tearing in any capacity. Made with 100% polyester, the bag encompasses a main compartment for you to put your clean clothes, along with a separate compartment for sweaty/dirty clothes to make sure they aren't mixing with one another. A coated bottom that prevents any kind of scraping and scratching is also present which contributes to that bag strength we just mentioned, along with neatly placed outer pockets you can use for extra space and storage if need be. Add in the fact that is bag is currently under $40, and this is a major steal.


3. Alo Yoga Large Traverse Duffle Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 11.52.44 AM
Alo Yoga

Also Great

  • Pros: Lots of space, sturdy construction, multiple compartments, has a top handle connector
  • Cons: Runs on the pricier side
  • Material: Neoprene, polyester webbing
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 22" x 10.25" x 13"
  • What gymgoers say: "Love the look of my duffle and the size is perfect for several occasions." - Petra, Alo Yoga Reviewer

Again, we're talking about athletic gym bags here people, so Alo Yoga is yet another no-brainer for copping one of the best out there. The Large Traverse Bag is one of the most popular in their lineup, with multiple features that make your life a tad bit easier. Regarded for its neoprene and polyester webbing, once again a detachable handle is at the center of its convenience as it allows you to carry however you prefer (which we all admit can change from day-to-day). If you want to remove the straps all together and just rock it with the top handles, that's certainly an option that's available as well. Their's an exterior zip pocket present on the bag along with an interior zip pocket and plenty of room at your disposal for packing. Once again, Alo Yoga continues to never fail us.


4. Under Armour Unisex UA Undeniable 5.0 Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 1.57.04 PM
Under Armour

An Affordable Option

  • Pros: Has water-resistant storm technology, tough construction, affordable, multiple pockets
  • Cons: Limited interior space
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size/Capacity: 18 L
  • Dimensions: 8.2"W x 7.5"H x 15.6"L
  • What gymgoers say: "Wanted a gym bag for gym shoes and personal items. I couldn’t of picked anything any better the size & color is everything I wanted." - Jeannie, Under Armour Reviewer

Not everyone is willing to spend hundreds on something they are "only taking to the gym." Under Armour's Unisex UA Undeniable 5.0 Bag blends together functionality and affordability with their go-to features that have remained the same over the decades. The bag is made with 100% polyester, featuring Water-resistant UA Storm technology as it's main propellent. Inside the bag is a large pocket for laundry and shoe storage, and molle webbing attachment points that get the job done of holding together your items in a neat and organized manner. Add to that a TPU-coated and foam-lined bottom and side panels for that extra oomph in durability, and you're getting a quality gym back for $35. Not bad,


5. Calpak Compakt Duffle Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 2.14.37 PM

The Best Gym Bag for Traveling

  • Pros: Water-resistant, mobile, affordable, multiple colors to choose from
  • Cons: No interior pockets
  • Material: Nylon/polyester
  • Size/Capacity: 28 L
  • Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 8"
  • What gymgoers say: "This is by far my most favorite purchase from Cal Park. I purchased this on sale in both the pink and leopard. I use it for the gym and recently saved me during travel. I was coming back from Europe and I did a little too much shopping and needed space asap. I ended up converting my travel backpack into small cube and packed it into the compakt duffel bag along with the additional purchased items and this stuff will became my carry-on item. It saved me!" - Diana, CALPAK Reviewer

In need of a gym bag that just as easily doubles as an easy TSA carry-on? CALPAK has you covered with their Compakt Duffel Bag which is bag that can handle whatever you need it to whether that's housing your gym essentials for the day, or serving the need for your travel adventures. Made with a durable water-resistant ripstop fabric, this bag boosts tons of pockets (both interior and exterior), and has the ability to be flexible, foldable, and lightweight. There's the also the addition of the crossbody strap, which can be prove to be helpful if you feel you need it. All of this for under $50 at that. Another deal to write home about.


6. Ralph Lauren Men's Canvas Duffle

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 3.13.07 PM
Ralph Lauren

The Most Spacious Gym Bag

  • Pros: Made with durable canvas, has multiple pockets, holds up well over time
  • Cons: Has small pockets, no shoulder pad on the shoulder strap
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 9.25" H x 21.25" W x 9.25" D
  • What gymgoers say: "My boyfriend loved his Christmas gift!" - Ralph Lauren Reviewer

The durable canvas on this bad boy will assure that this is a bag that can last you years. A fan-favorite gym bag from Ralph Lauren, the Men's Canvas Duffle is simple and efficient that plenty of space for packing and storing, complimented by the removable shoulder strap and two webbed handles that allows you to decide how you want to carry for the day. Wear and tear is limited thanks to its construction, and there's two outside pockets to go along with one interior pocket. Three different colors are available on the Canvas Duffle, giving you options. Multiple options.


7. RAINS Men's Canvas Duffle

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 4.13.20 PM

The Best Waterproof Gym Bag

  • Pros: Sturdy construction, waterproof, high-quality, holds up over time
  • Cons: Runs smaller than other gym bags
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 19.1 x 8.7 x 9.8 inches
  • What gymgoers say: "I have been wanting to try products from the brand RAINS for awhile, and it was worth the wait! The quality is amazing -- this is such a cool bag. Soft rubber material feeling, perfect for travel and the gym. Love the short or long removable handle options." - Amazon Reviewer

If getting caught out in the rain is ever a concern of yours, you won't have any more worries with the RAINS Men's Canvas Duffle, which is a bag that can take you from the office to the gym (and vice versa), from the gym to the airport (and vice versa), and anywhere else you can think of. While the bag runs smaller than other gym backs, the space you get within its interior is still quite spacious. The bag is crafted with 100% polyester, has a rubber material feeling, adjustable handles, and is quite portable. Most important is its waterproof construction, as the bag features a water column pressure of 8000mm. In the words of New Edition, this is a gym bag that "can stand the rain," and that's one of the reasons why we love it.


8. Mark & Graham Commuter 2-in-1 Garment Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 4.24.27 PM
Mark & Graham

Best 2-In-1 Gym Bag

  • Pros: Has 2-in-1 functionality, boasts decent organization, more than color choice, has adjustable handles
  • Cons: Runs on the pricier side
  • Material: Twill-washed nylon with leather accents
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 22"w x 10"d x 10"h
  • What gymgoers say: "I purchased this bag last year, and was impressed with its ability to change back and forth between a garment and gym bag. This bag is extremely convenient for hitting the gym and other activities such as traveling. Plus it's also very well-built." - Jael, ONE37pm Style and Pop Culture Editor

Mark & Graham's Commuter 2-in-1 Garment Bag is a bag that brings the convenience with the ability to transform from a garment to a gym bag just by simply zipping the side. Made with a twill-washed nylon that acts something like a shield, this bag offers multiple compartments and pockets that can house your shoes, accessories, and workout equipment easily. You won't worry have to worry about your valuables shifting and toppling over one another as you're on the move. Plus, the bag also features handles to go along with the adjustable shoulder straps which is a bonus. If you want to take the cool factor up a notch, you can also add an embroidered monogram if you wish.


9. Lululemon Wunderlust Duffle Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 4.40.28 PM
  • Pros: Water-repellent, sleek design, great mobility, durable
  • Cons: Runs on the pricier side
  • Material: 100% Recycled polyester
  • Size/Capacity: 40 L
  • Dimensions: 55cm x 25cm x 27.5cm
  • What gymgoers say: "Love this bag! The quality is so nice as always. I got the green and I will say the color is not as dark as it appears online, but I still love it." - Bailey, Lululemon Reviewer

Some of us make the New Years Resolution of hitting the gym regularly only to find we need a little extra motivation. Let that motivation come in the form of Lululemon's Wunderlust Duffle Bag, which offers a sleek design and awesome durability. Ticking the sustainability box with its 100% recycled polyester makeup, there's no shortage of external pockets to keep your sweaty gear and accessories while also having plenty of interior room, which also includes slip pockets. The main compartment features an exterior padded pocket roomy enough to fit a 16" laptop, and also has a trolley-compatible sleeve if you need it. The sleek design and color choices give a "pretty colors" vibe that will get you up and running to the gym. You've got the motivation, now get in there!


10. Mack Weldon Atlas Duffle

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 4.52.25 PM
Mack Weldon
  • Pros: Durable, multiple compartments, versatile, sustainable
  • Cons: Limited color choices
  • Material: 100% Recycled reinforced canvas
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 19" x 11" w x 12.5" h
  • What gymgoers say: "This duffel is so versatile and has a lot of cool features: shoe compartment, insulated section, and water resistant. Ample space, smooth zipper, and tons of compartments for a sleek and modern design." - Mack Weldon Reviewer

If searching for a gym bag that can truly do it all and then some, look no further than the Atlas Canvas Duffle Bag, which gives you space, compartments, and the whole nine yards. Not only that, but one of the compartments is ventilated, with the other being insulated. That means there's a place to store food and drinks, as well as a place for you to put stinky/smelly clothing to allow it to air out. You can also choose to use some of the compartments as a place to store your workout equipment if you wish. The padded adjustable shoulder straps make for a comfortable carry, adding the final touch to a pretty much perfect gym bag when you also factor in how affordable it is. You won't be disappointed with the Atlas Canvas Duffle Bag. Not at all.


11. Puma Men’s Contender Duffel Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 5.59.01 PM
  • Pros: Space-friendly, boasts a separate compartment for shoes
  • Cons: Not as durable as other duffels according to some users
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 21 x 10.5 x 9.5
  • What gymgoers say: "The bag is made of good quality, love the fact as to how it's a medium sized bag- not too big nor small. It has a small compartment in the bag where you can perhaps small items like keys etc. The cleaning seem to he easy since the fabric doesn't absorb water , so it's an easy wipe. There is an adjustable strap where you easily determine how low or high you would like the bag. Lastly, feel side pockets are deep so maybe a pair of shoes can be easily sorted" - Amazon Reviewer

Behold another athletic brand with a gym bag equipped to get you through the toughest of training days. PUMA keeps it simple with their Contender Duffel Bag, which has a roomy interior is perfect for lugging gear to workouts and holding all of your necessities. What we love most is the functional (and separate) shoe compartment because not having a shoe compartment can be an inconvenience sometimes, and if you need to double up and use this bag for traveling, it also acts as a sturdy piece of transportable luggage. 100% polyester made, the PUMA Contender gives you everything a gym bag is supposed to with its adjustable shoulder strap, side pocket, and front zip pocket. To boot, there's also a padded bottom panel that prevents that icky scraping and scratching. Not too shabby for the $30 price tag.


12. adidas Defender 4 Medium Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 6.19.19 PM
  • Pros: Durable, affordable, roomy, lots of colors
  • Cons: Only one zipper for each compartment
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 11"H x 11.75"W x 20.5"D
  • What gymgoers say: "The bag is pretty small (you can check the exact dimensions, but in a way it reminds me of an oversized shoulder bag), but that's exactly what I need. I'll be using it when I head to the gym after work, or if I need to change after work. It seems roomy enough, and I love that it has the extra pockets so I can separate my wet/gross clothes/towels from everything else." - JcPenney Reviewer

Emphasizing functionality in the form of a water-resistant base, an interior that gets the job done, and multiple zip end pockets and compartments, the adidas Defender 4 gets you from point A to point B, and that's really all you can ask for when it comes to a gym bag. The extra pockets allow for separation when it comes to your dirty/smelly gym clothes and shoes, while also having another compartment available for your clean clothes. The padded shoulder straps provide comfort as you are carrying, and there's three outside zipper pockets in case you need a place for keys, wallet, or phone. An added bonus is the bag also being water-resistant as that means it won't be ruined if you happen to get caught out in the rain.


13. Y-3 Black Holdall Duffle Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 6.32.59 PM
Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Pros: Durable, spacious design
  • Cons: Runs on the pricier side
  • Material: Polyester/nylon
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 15.75''L x 23.62''W x 7.87''D
  • What gymgoers say: "We personally tested the Y-3 Black Holdall Duffle Bag and can attest to the quality and style that gets raved about with Y-3 as a whole. The bag is comfortable, has just enough space, and is stylish enough to carry into the office" - Jael Rucker, ONE37pm Style and Pop Culture Editor

Like we said in our review, the Y-3 Black Holdall Duffle Bag serves as a bag that you can see models walking the runway with, while also being an adequate gym bag that will hold all of your belongings just fine. Cut with a polyester/nylon blend, you get features such as a lined interior complete with a zipper pocket, water-repellent protection, and the nifty ability to transform this baby into a backpack if you wish. The water-repellant shell is what we're most fond of because, frankly, if you are going to investment in a gym bag this nice, then it needs to be protected on the outside while giving your clothes, shoes, and workout gear equal workout protection on the inside.


14. Herschel Novel Duffel

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 6.44.40 PM
  • Pros: Comes with leather straps, has plenty of room, offers versatility, affordable
  • Cons: Doesn't have internal pockets
  • Material: Polyester/nylon
  • Size/Capacity: 42.5 L
  • Dimensions: 11.75"(H) x 20.5"(W) x 11"(D)
  • What gymgoers say: "I’ve used this bag to go in and out the country and with the states. Herschel is by far the best for long term and short term travel. It’s a great addition to my collection of herschel supply items and bags. Yes I have Star Wars edition book bag and the classic passport holder also (please bring these back )" - Herschel Reviewer

If you are specifically looking for a gym bag that you can take from the office to the gym, then Herschel's Novel Duffel is an excellent choice as it's a heavy-duty bag that candle the gym, but has a nice enough exterior to look like it's an office bag. A representation of normcore to the fullest, the internal storage sleeve and reinforced handles gives you extra space and comfort, and there's a separate shoe compartment that can be used to store your workout shoes. The bag is designed for organization, so there's no excuse to not be, well, organized, and the main compartment comes with a waterproof zipper because we all know the zipper has got to be protected at all times. Additionally, the shoe compartment we just mentioned is made with mesh material, which will allow for your shoes to air out after a workout and make them less funky in the long run.


15. Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 6.58.22 PM
  • Pros: Plenty of space, water-resistant, has an interior zippered pocket
  • Cons: Doesn't have a bottom stiffener
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size/Capacity: 55L
  • Dimensions: 23" X 11" X 11.5"
  • What gymgoers say: "I purchased this for my husband for Christmas and he LOVED it!! Very sturdy as you would expect from Carhartt" - Amazon Reviewer

If you didn't think you could also use Carhart's Legacy Gear Bag for gym purposes, think again—it's quite literally what it's made for. Being tough and dependable is the ethos of the Carhartt brand, and tough/dependable is exactly what's needed for an adequate gym bag. While the Legacy Gear lacks a bottom stiffener, it's the bags only flaw as it has what the brand calls "Rain Defender durable water repellent," and a base that is abrasion-resistant. There's also a very roomy main compartment and multiple zippered pockets for extra organization. As if that wasn't enough on the toughness richter scale, the zippers are made with metal hardware. There's lots to love about the Legacy Gear Bag, and the love grows even stronger when you look at its affordability.


16. Troubadour Embark Compact Duffle

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 7.54.55 PM
  • Pros: Plenty of space, full of durability, mobile
  • Cons: On the pricier side
  • Material: Recycled polyester
  • Size/Capacity: 18 L
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • What gymgoers say: "The quality of this bag is just incredible, even better than I had imagined. It’s such a clean, thoughtfully designed bag that has just the right amount of pockets to keep your items organized while also maintaining a modern, sleek look and feel to it. The zippers are high quality and never get stuck." Troubador Reviewer

You don't have to get all fancy schmancy when it comes to gym bags, but if you do, we suggest the Troubadour Embark Compact Duffle. While it can't hold as much as other gym bags (18 L ) is the limit, it's enough to store one workout outfit and perhaps a pair of workout shoes if you don't pack anything else. You may also even be able to add a secondary outfit or some equipment if your wish. Small sizing aside, the bag is sustainably made with recycled polyester, is waterproof, and keeps the funk away with its antimicrobial lining. This is another bag that can also be taken to the office due to its sleek look and "office-like" appearance.


17. Matador On-Grid Packable Duffle

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 8.06.43 PM
Bespoke Post
  • Pros: Simple design, lightweight, waterproof
  • Cons: Lacks the space of other duffle bags
  • Material: Nylon with waterproof coating
  • Size/Capacity: 25 L
  • Dimensions: (L)18" x (W)11.5" x (H)11.5"
  • What gymgoers say: "This bag packs up perfectly into its own tiny pocket to stow away until it's needed, while still being plenty durable and weatherproof ." - Petro, Bespoke Reviewer

Once again you won't be getting tons of space with this one, but since we're talking about using for mostly gym purposes, the interior spacing isn't as important in that regard. What is important, however, is the overall construction of the bag as it's made with nylon material that has a thick waterproof coating. There's also hidden loops that you can use for clipping accessories in place, and the back is small/mobile enough to be able to easily store it in a gym locker. Sitting at pretty at $55, this is yet another affordable gym bag that will allow you to accomplish your gym mission.


18. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 8.16.28 PM
  • Pros: Very spacious, great for outdoors, foldable
  • Cons: Weight shifts when not full according to some users
  • Material: 100% Recycled polyester
  • Size/Capacity: 55 L
  • Dimensions: 26.7" x 15.7" x 11.8"
  • What gymgoers say: "This is a truly amazing duffel bag that I use for everything from weekend trips to my daily gym commute. One of the best bags I've ever owned. - Charlie Kolbrener, ONE37pm Managing Editor

With the ability to hold up to 55L, space isn't an issue with Patagonia's Black Hole bag as there's plenty of it available. Constructed with recycled polyester that has a PU coating, you'll be able to store majority of what you need in the main compartment which is more than roomy. If you happen to need even more space than that, there's a zippered side pocket at your disposal. This is Patagonia we're talking about here, so you already know the weather-resistant material is strong and sturdy enough for the harshest of conditions. A padded base adds to the technicality of the bag, while the padded adjustable shoulder straps allow you to create whatever type of bag you're feeling at the moment. A great bag for a great price.


19. Tumi Voyageur Duffel

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 8.27.20 PM
  • Pros: Lightweight, has the ability to fold flat, durable
  • Cons: Straps aren't removable
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 10.3" X 18.9" X 10.3"
  • What gymgoers say: "All the various straps are great for options, but add bulk where not needed and would be great if they were removable." - Tumi Reviewer

The straps not being removable is the only visible flaw in the Tumi Voyageur Duffel, which is loaded with technical features that include a main compartment that has a double zip entry, an open pocket, two side pockets, and a zip pouch that comes with straps. The interior is large, and the nylon material assures that there will be no ripping, tearing, or breaking with bag in the foreseeable future. You can use any one of the side to store your shoes or workout equipment, and we'd say you can get about two to three outfits included at minimum. The Tumi Voyager is a bag that delivers in every way shape or form.


20. Leolake Sports Gym Bag

Screen Shot 2023 10 13 at 8.37.52 PM
  • Pros: Affordable, water-resistant, has multiple pockets, multiple colors available
  • Cons: Small shoe compartment according to some users
  • Material: Oxford fabric
  • Size/Capacity: N/A
  • Dimensions: 20 * 10.2 * 10 inches
  • What gymgoers say: "This bag turned out to be super amazing for the price. My only gripes I have about it would be the fact that the shoe compartment is kind of short and my gym shoes don't fit in long ways I have to kind of turn them sideways but they do fit in" - Amazon Reviewer

If you want to keep the spending under $20, then the Leolake Sports Gym Bag is the route to go as gives you everything you need and then some. The bag hits the checkpoints of being well-crafted with oxford fabric and water-resistant, along with offering plenty of space and a separate shoe compartment. You'll easily be able to fit your workout clothes and still have room for smaller items such as deodorant, body spray, and a change of clothes. The Leolake can be used for any sport, and comes along with an adjustable strap that you can maneuver to your liking. Once again, the $20 price can't be beat.


What to consider when picking a gym bag:

Here are some things that should be kept top of mind when selecting a gym bag.

Size: The first thing to keep in mind is the size of the bag and how much capacity it can hold. If you are looking for a gym bag that can hold a lot, then an 18 L one might not work as it won't provide enough space. On the flip side, if you don't want a bag that's super bulky and can fit in a locker, then you might want to consider opting for a smaller bag. We've include a range of sizes and capacities on this list.

Material: From our research and individual testing, we've found that polyester and nylon (or a blend of the two) is the best material for gym bags as it gives the bag a certain sturdiness and loads of versatility. You'll also ideally want a bag that has a rubber bottom to prevent scratching and tearing as well. Majority of the bags we included on this meet the requirements of both.

Compartments: Compartments are just as important as space in gym bags as you definitely don't want your dirty/sweaty workout clothes to be in the same area as your clean ones. You also don't want your shoes touching your clothes as shoes are obviously very dirty at the bottom and carry workout sweat as well. Ideally your gym bag should have at three total compartments to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes, and shoes from clothes altogether. If there's more, that's even better.

How you'll use it: How you plan on using the bag is another important question. Do you want to also use your bag to carry workout equipment. Do you plan on putting non-gym items such as your phone, keys, and wallet in there? These are all questions to ask yourself before purchasing.

Other potential uses: You'll also need to ask yourself if you want your gym bag to be solely for the gym, or if you would like to use it for other purposes such as traveling or taking it work with you. If so, you might want to go with a more "upscale" gym bag that works well in multiple settings. We've included some of those on this list as well.

How we made our picks:

Our picks came by way of pouring through user reviews to see the most highly-rated and reviewed gym bags, along with editor testing of numerous bags. We specifically wanted bags focused on durability and enough space to carry all of your workout essentials at the bare minimum. The amount compartments and pockets the bags had were another factor in our selections. We also wanted to include a range of prices to work with different budgets, which is something that was important to us as well. All of these combined made up our selections.

Why trust ONE37pm:

ONE37pm has been covering all things style since its inception in 2018, which includes working with a range of brands and designers. To put together our product roundups, we rely on a combination of editor testing and customer reviews to get the best possible sense of what to recommend. We regularly test products and scour through loads of reviews before making our decisions.

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